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MENZ Issues July 1997: Volume 2 Issue 1


Men’s Hour on Access Radio

Help required

Men’s Centre website on the Internet

Monthly Membership Meetings


Second Annual General Meeting

Fathers Who Care – Partners in Parenting

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"Nothing is more terrible than ignorance in action." – Goethe


Well I guess you are all wondering what has become of MCNS. Due to lack of funding we no longer have the full-time services of a Co-ordinator. Martin has endeavoured to keep the office and administration ticking over. While the management team (Mark, Peter, Bob, Martin and John) and one or two others work on taking us into a new era in communications.

Access Community Radio

On Monday 14 July at 6:00pm the new Men’s Hour goes to air for the first time. This is a major coup. On the second Monday of every month we will have the opportunity to share our concerns and observations on the male condition in a way never before available to us. This month we will be interviewing Bill Hagan of MIT about their new Men’s Studies Programme and Alan Huggins about Men’s Health issues. This opportunity has been brought to us by John Parry-Jones.

Your Help

– Promotion

To take best advantage of it we need your assistance in promoting it so tell your friends, neighbours, workmates, etc … and make lots of copies of the enclosed poster to display everywhere that you can think of.

– Contributions

Each month we will have a couple of music spots. Any pieces of music you like which have a man theme or name, whatever the genre, drop us a note and we will try to use it. Indicate whether you do/don’t want your name mentioned when it is played. Examples are ‘Walk like a Man’ ‘The Man of La Mancha’ etc … Also, of course, any newsclips, contacts, etc which you feel would enhance the show will be appreciated.

– Feedback

This is our first time so your feedback will be highly valued too.

With your help we can make a difference.

On the InterNet

Some months ago David Gottschalk of Web InterNet generously donated us a Home Page and the services required to keep it alive. His sister, Jenny kindly set it up with some base information for us but we have not been able to take full advantage of this opportunity until now. David tells us that we may be able to have our monthly programme (or parts of it) available on call for the month following broadcast. Since Bob also has plans to have extracts printed in a major newspaper, these could also be added to our Home Page

So see us there!

Monthly Membership Meetings

Yes we are still having these despite small attendances. The attendance level probably reflects the level of communication we have been able to provide over the past few months. Again we apologise, c’est la vie.

We are changing the day of these meetings to fit in with our new broadcast schedule (sounds good, eh!) Future monthly meetings will be at the Men’s Centre next to the Northcote Library (as always) at 7:30pm on the third Monday of every month.

This will allow us to bring along new listeners and enrol them as members.

See you there.


Due to the lack of funds and our reduced use of the rooms we almost lost them. However by sharing them with a District Nursing team we have retained a major part of them. We feel that this symbiotic relationship has some positive spin off for us in that it emphasises our Health connection and reduces the anti-woman stereotype which is sometimes projected on us.

Second Annual General Meeting

Yes it is that time of year again. The meeting will be held at:

The Northcote War Memorial Hall, 2 Rodney Rd, Northcote Point on Monday August 18th at 7:30pm.

It will therefore replace the August Monthly Membership Meeting. All members who were financial as at June 30th will be eligible to vote. Everyone is welcome to attend and have their say and to raise agenda items however agenda items must be written and reach the Secretary by the evening of Monday August 11th.

Nominations for offices of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and five committee positions are called. Any financial member may be nominated.

Proxy voting is allowed but a letter showing who has placed their proxy with whom must be reach the Secretary by Monday August 11th.

This one week margin is essential for the smooth running of the proceedings.

If you have any questions, suggestions, etc please contact either Chairman, Mark Rowley, or Secretary, Martin Lewis.

You can also fax or telephone the office twenty-four hours per day.

Fathers Who Care – Partners in Parenting

SHORE FATHERS have become involved in a ‘Save the Children Fund’ and ‘Children’s Commission’ project called ‘Fathers who care – Partners in Parenting’ Aimed at identifying the issues affecting men and their children and supporting and encouraging men in being involved in parenting.

We hope they also recognise and address the barriers often placed in the paths of fathers who want to parent.

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