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Thu 28th April 2011

Surprise move cuts help to anti-violence groups

Filed under: General — Jono @ 7:05 am

And so the shake up begins. Im sure many people are going to be watching this closely.

The womans refuge are not happy and im sure others are going to come out of the woodwork.

Little concerning this is being rushed through.

Tue 26th April 2011

Please Recommend a Lawyer

Filed under: General — nzmale @ 1:32 pm

Greetings. I am in my second long term relationship, with grown up children from my first marriage, but thankfully no children from my second as my current partner and I are now going through the process of separating.

My partner has been to a lawyer, but I do not yet have one. I need to consult with a lawyer on the process I need to follow, and help me try and negotiate an out of court settlement, and fight for me in court if necessary.

Are there any suggestions anywhere of lawyers that others have found?

Mon 25th April 2011

Greg Meads and the Lacking-Sense Sentencing Trust

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General,Law & Courts — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 12:23 am

The Greg Meads murder case was previously discussed on MENZ. It became clear that anyone who attempted to discuss rationally issues around this case would be personally abused, including any discussion of the extent to which provocation should be taken into account at sentencing since it had been removed as a partial defence against a murder conviction. Neville Robertson, well known for supporting a domestic violence industry largely built on exaggerations, fabrications and myths, labelled my writing about the Greg Meads case “misogynist”. When challenged to point to anything I had written fitting that description, he was unable to do so but instead suggested that any mention of provocation in considering a man’s reactions to a disloyal wife plotting behind his back to ruin him and to take his child away is “misogynist”. Of course, women’s violent reactions to men’s behaviour they found similarly threatening would be seen as being understandable and justified.

No wonder then that the Greg Meads case has recently given rise to more nonsense. (more…)

Fri 22nd April 2011

Wananga system fails to vet social work students

Filed under: General,Sex Abuse / CYF — Bruce S @ 3:21 pm

April 22, 2011, 7:10 am (From the NZPA) – Full article posted here (in case it gets pulled from Yahoo later).

“Te Wananga o Aotearoa says a “human error” allowed a woman convicted of cruelty to a child to enrol in a social work degree.

Kylie TeKani was taking classes at the Porirua campus towards the first-year certificate in social service (biculturalism in practice) and follow-up bachelor of social work (biculturalism in practice), despite being sentenced to eight months’ home detention in 2008 after pleading guilty to three charges of cruelty to a child and assault with a weapon, Kapi-Mana News reported.

Children in her care, aged five, six and eight, were beaten with a broom handle, had to rummage in rubbish bins for food and were often locked outside of their Porirua home until dark.

Ms TeKani’s partner, Norman Makai, received five years in prison.

The paper quoted a source who said at least one other student that had withdrawn from the social work course, who had been “struggling to sit in the same room as her [Ms TeKani]”.

The 2010 social service certificate applicants were not given mandatory police checks by the tertiary provider as per procedure due to a “human error”, and some of them were now students of the bachelor course, a Te Wananga spokesman said.

“We have instigated a complete review around this blatant breach of policy … to ensure this cannot happen again. The staff member concerned has been reprimanded and will undergo intensive training around the importance of adhering to our policies.”

The spokesman said a new system mean here had been “disruption” of police vetting, but was confident a more efficient checking process was now in place.
Te Wananga would not say whether Ms TeKani was still studying at the campus.”

In my experiences with CYFS, one could argue that a woman convicted of cruelty to a child would already be suitably enough qualified to join the ranks of her fellow social workers at CYFS.

Wed 20th April 2011

Abuse victim ends years of silence to fight for others

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Law & Courts — Jono @ 10:03 am

I would personally like to thank Netta Christian for having the guts to speak out at the state service. Nothing has really changed even after 73 years and I would hope that other stories like hers finally come out of the woodwork. People are starting to have a voice and im surprised such a story was published.


Family Court shake-up ‘frightening’

Filed under: Law & Courts — Jono @ 9:50 am

There is so much in the news latterly about abuse on our kids and how the Government is meant to be helping with support. But then I read this morning in the online nzherald that The Family Court could be curtailed without compromising justice for vulnerable parties, such as children at risk of abuse or victims of domestic violence.


Sun 17th April 2011

When Women Kill Children

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 10:26 am

When women kill children, understanding galore
She was a brave victim of a cold, mean world
Struggling alone, a sole parent, abandoned
(Though actually, probably, she grew bored with the manhood
Ejected the father, erased his involvement
What can you expect? Men are useful for money,
Nothing else, they’re a hassle, not worth having honey
The government makes a good husband you see
Relief from a real man’s opinions and needs)
The odds were against her, she crumbled, poor thing
Insufficient free money, services, bling
How unreasonable to expect she could cope as a mother
People don’t realize how painful, the bother
She was seeking help for her nasty addictions
Blame the brew doctor, the husband, afflictions
A really nice person, so lovely, so kind
If she murdered she must have been out of her mind
No penis so let’s not get carried away
With punishment, admonishment, spoiling her day
It’s more money she needed, more life satisfaction
And men we can blame for her murderous action

Sat 16th April 2011

A Woman’s Victim Status Entitles Her to Break the Law?

Filed under: General,Sex Abuse / CYF — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 12:12 pm

The news story this week about ACC employee Dr Peter Jansen was fascinating. A disgruntled female ACC claimant (on the basis of alleged sexual abuse) wrote potentially defamatory things about Dr Jansen on a blog. Dr Jansen asked her to remove the comments and, when she refused to do so, commenced a defamation case against her claiming $250,000 in damages. He has made it clear that his aim was simply to have the comments removed, although more recent news articles reported he also demands an apology.

In wades Labour MP Ms Carmel Sepuloni who, in parliament, asked the ACC minister (more…)

Thu 14th April 2011

In Praise of Men – North & South

Filed under: Gender Politics,General — JohnPotter @ 3:09 pm

May 2011 North & South Cover
For the second time this year I recommend people buy a copy of North & South magazine.

Despite a number of comments from MENZ readers suggesting that the two writers displayed misandric tendencies, I reckon the latest issue confirms my view that North & South is by far the most effective publication in the country when it comes to serious investigative journalism about men’s issues.

In the May 2011 issue, the lead story by editor Virginia Larson is titled: In Praise of MEN – Forgotten male virtues: A woman’s view. (more…)

Wed 13th April 2011

Legal Aid Reform

Filed under: General — nzleagle @ 6:42 pm

YES!!! the government has listened to the people….

I say that because alot of what has been said about the legal aid reforms, is very similar to what I proposed in my submission to the Legal Aid Reforms.

As mentioned here: http://www.nbr.co.nz/article/govt-unveils-legal-aid-changes-set-save-138m-over-four-years-ne-90653

The changes seem to be very good for those who can not receive Legal aid currently, as the other party wont be able to receive as much, by the looks of it, there will be a cap of $650, unless they can prove its going to be an expensive case, hopefully, this will encourage more mutual agreements, rather than having to deal with the other parties lawyer all the time, and there will be no more “Ill have to check with my lawyer” replies when requesting something outside of an agreement or order. (more…)

Silence on abuse may mean 10 years’ jail

Filed under: General — Jono @ 6:55 am

Silence on abuse may mean 10 years’ jail

Tue 12th April 2011

ECPAT, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Filed under: General,Sex Abuse / CYF — blamemenforall @ 10:13 pm

ECPAT originally stood for “End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism” but the organization dropped that slogan and now ECPAT stands for “Preventing the Sexual Exploitation of Children”. It has grown from a New Zealand group to have support in many countries. Most of us would support the aim of protecting children, but the group is spreading what looks like false propaganda that will cause people to hate men even more. (more…)

Fri 8th April 2011

EU signs Hauge convention on Child Tax

Filed under: General — Scrap_The_CSA @ 9:00 pm

As predicted no where to escape to……

The European Union signed yesterday a new international convention making it harder for absentee parents to escape child support payments.

The Hague Maintenance Convention agreement sets up ‘a worldwide system for recovering child support and other family maintenance payments’, also providing for free legal aid in international child support cases, the EU said.

It extends beyond the external borders of its 27 states, home to half a billion people, the broad thrust of internal EU rules on recognising and enforcing maintenance decisions, which will apply from June 18 this year.
‘The EU’s signing of this international convention will ensure that children receive the same protection if a parent moves outside the EU,’ said justice commissioner Viviane Reding in a statement.

The decision has still to be ratified and will not acquire legal force until 2013.

The United States, Norway and Ukraine have already signed the convention. Others including Japan, China, Russia, Australia, Canada and Brazil are expected to do so, the EU said



Thu 7th April 2011

Domestic Violence Workshop Assumes Only Women Victims

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General — blamemenforall @ 10:17 pm

Ms Ricky Hunter is offering workshops for those working in the domestic violence industry. Her attached flyer starts out describing domestic violence and her workshop in gender neutral terms but goes on to
describe the “major workshop topics” as follows:

Intimate partner abuse/ intimate partner sexual violence”¦ what’s the difference?
Long term health outcomes for women who suffer domestic violence
Harmful traditional practices that affect women
Let’s get real about violence and abuse in Australia and globally
Learn how to be to be less judgmental with DV clients
Why doesn’t she just leave?
Labels of disempowerment verses empowering labels
Resistance, how, when and where?
Pregnancy coercion and sabotage, and its implications in violent relationships
Why don’t doctors ask and why don’t women tell?
Hindsight bias thinking and how it can affect the road to recovery
What is the answer to “The Big Why?’ Why me?
What is the established relationship between animal abuse and domestic abuse”¦ this knowledge can and does save lives
Unique challenges faced by rural battered women
Strategies to use to empower the women we work with

And her workshop goals include:

To assist delegates to intimately understand how a survivor feels, how we can nurture and companion her on her road to recovery


Wed 6th April 2011

Significant Support for Independent Watchdog for CYF

Filed under: General — Jono @ 7:16 am

29 March 2011
Significant Support for Independent Watchdog for CYF
A poll has found significant support for an independent watchdog for Child Youth and Family (CYF), and Family First
NZ believes that politicians will know from anecdotal evidence that a watchdog is warranted.
In the poll of 1,000 people undertaken by Curia Market Research this month, respondents were asked “Do you think
the Government should establish an independent Complaints Authority similar to the Independent Police Complaints
Authority to hear complaints about Child Youth and Family (CYF) from families who feel they have been unfairly
treated by Child Youth and Family?”
65% said yes, 20% said no, and the remainder (14%) were either unsure or refused to answer. Interestingly, younger
respondents were most supportive of an independent complaints authority – possibly because they were either young
parents or potential parents. Male and female support was evenly split.
“Family First is being regularly contacted by families who claim to have been unfairly treated by CYF social workers –
yet they have no independent body to appeal to,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “Their
only option is a costly court process where CYF have an unlimited pool of resources to defend its actions, courtesy of
the taxpayer. This is grossly unfair when families are being ripped apart, often based on the subjective judgment of a
social worker.”
“Social workers should not feel threatened by this poll. An independent watchdog is in the best interests of social
workers as it will provide an independent body to ensure that appropriate policy and procedures have been followed.
This will result in public confidence in their important work and accountability for actions and decisions.”
“There is a Health and Disability Commissioner, a Police Complaints Authority, even a Motor Vehicle Disputes
Tribunal. We desperately need an independent body to hear complaints about the highly sensitive nature of
intervening in families,” says Mr McCoskrie.
“The Advisory Panel adopted by the Ministry of Social Development in 2008 is not well known due to minimal public
awareness, and has the inherent flaw of not being independent.”
Family First is calling on politicians, the majority who will have received anecdotal evidence of claims of unfair
treatment by CYF, to support the urgent establishment of an independent CYF Complaint Authority.
The poll has a margin of error of +/- 3.2%
For More Information and Media Interviews, contact Family First:
Mob. 027 55 555 42


Sun 3rd April 2011

Recent Notable News Articles

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 3:38 pm

Not a week goes by without numerous examples of institutional sexism against men, misandrist beliefs expressed and/or demonstrated by powerful people and journalists, or chivalry and special treatment towards women. So what’s the problem? Should we complain? Some feminists, like Cate J who recently visited us with trickery and lies, genuinely believe that men have nothing to complain about because they are privileged compared to women. Other feminists acknowledge some unfairness but excuse this on the basis that “it’s men’s turn now to be disadvantaged”. Most feminists prefer to live in blissful denial of the social reality, believing that everything’s going in a good direction now that women’s wisdom is influential.

In my opinion equal opportunity and rights, equal treatment under the law and equal standards of interpersonal care are desirable aims. They were the demands of feminists in the past. They were the basis on which men agreed to massive social change. But now it seems those aims were fraudulent. Feminists now show zilch interest in addressing inequality when it advantages women. They ignore, ridicule, attack and/or destroy men who draw attention to gender inequalities. They screech for greater violence against men for behaving contrary to their preference, and laugh at the suffering of men damaged by the current regime.

So here’s a sample of this week’s evidence. It’s not much different from the evidence any other week, if only I could allow myself the time each week to expose it all from the perspective of aware men. (more…)

Sat 2nd April 2011

Male Heroes

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 5:25 pm

New Zealand Bravery Awards were announced yesterday, with media attention generally to individual stories behind the awards. What no journalist has thought worth mentioning, of course, is that 94% of those heroes were men. Two women out of 31 recipients received awards, both acting in conjunction with men. Thanks to our brave men! Here is a list of the award recipients, from Stuff (more…)

Fri 1st April 2011

Wanted – men to work with fathers

Filed under: General — Julie @ 2:04 pm

We have found a number of gaps in the community sector and we’ve got the opportunity to not only put these concerns forward, but put forward groups who can fill these areas to CYF and soon government for funding. We have been told if we can fill the gap (a number of groups) it will be implemented throughout NZ.

What we are looking for is groups/individuals able to work with fathers and their children. We would like to offer weeks where fathers are monitored + helped, + given confidence and SKIP is interested in funding this. We need fathers who have walked the walk as fathers to teach new fathers through workshops as role models – all expenses paid. We would love to have fathers who have been there/done that and can give a training.

If you can help in this area, we would love to hear from you and put your costs forward as well as camp plus, plus, plus costs.


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