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Surprise move cuts help to anti-violence groups

Filed under: General — Jono @ 7:05 am Thu 28th April 2011

And so the shake up begins. Im sure many people are going to be watching this closely.

The womans refuge are not happy and im sure others are going to come out of the woodwork.

Little concerning this is being rushed through.

17 Responses to “Surprise move cuts help to anti-violence groups”

  1. Jono says:

    Sorry I forgot to put the link in.

    link to story here

  2. tren (Christchurch) says:

    In my opinion, and certainly, woo-menz refuge, ‘anti-violence groups’ are the principal violence catalysts. So for me these ‘forced’ cuts are only going to reduce the influence of the Catalysts. But do not worry, woo-menz refuge R so powerful that these cuts are not going to affect them directly because the state is very ‘serious’ about domestic violence and because ‘we are worth it’. Incompetenz is rough…

  3. Vman says:

    The article doesn’t really explain the policy or what is going to be encouraged. It sounds like it may be an improvement but it is hard to decipher.

  4. Skeptik says:

    Thank you for the posting Jono.
    Interesting development.
    I agree with Vman it’s difficult to assess as you say.
    It will be interesting to see the roll out and reaction.

    The NZ Herald has such an appalling recent history of feminist journalism that I have trouble trusting their reporting anyway.

  5. karan jiharr says:

    i can see a rush to increase PO’s inorder become a priority area and to get the money.
    Brace for more false accusations etc folks.. its coming… there will be more underhandedness as well..and u can guess which group will be right behind all this…all for the money..

  6. Skeptik says:

    karan jiharr,
    Thank you for the comment.
    I expect there will be feminists who react with another wave of misinformation trying to woo public sympathy with exaggerated figures of victimhood.
    It will be interesting to see which male politicians get sucked in going into white knight mode.

  7. Scott B says:

    Of course it will increase, look at the legal aid shake up, you have to pay 100 dollars unless there is violence involved…hmmm I don’t wanna pay $100 so what to do? What to do?

  8. Mits says:

    which once again brings us to the point that Femily caught is not equipped to handle violence or abuse cases. These should be deferred to the criminal court and then hopefully (and I do mean hopefully, as Im not totally convinced the lawyers there are any better) the spectre of perjury can be at least put forward to some of the “victims” with their tales of woe and misery.
    I represented myself in Femily caught earlier this year and its a farce. The ex lied repeatedly and I was able to get her to admit to this, repeatedly. The snout on the bench as well as her lawyer had no problem with it and I was like some gung-ho hotshot from an american lawyer drama saying things like “in light of your earlier statement do you still contend that…………and I remind you that you are under oath”
    Didnt matter, the snout at the trough even tried to ask me was I calling my ex a liar and I said “well when she admits that she hasnt been truthful, what term would you prefer?”
    Anyway through the sheer incompetence of the exs shrill banshee of a lawyer, I actually won my point and case even though at times I was caught in a crossfire of the judge, her and her lawyer all most displeased that I kept my calm and refused to be baited.
    In the end my inexperience triumphed over the exs lawyers incompetence and even though the judge seemed to have difficulty he threw out her application
    I then asked if in light of her obvious untruthfulness when giving sworn evidence, which even she finally admitted to, would the snout be taking any further action?
    That is not the purpose of this caught Im told.
    So back to the original point, nothing will improve unless accountability is brought to peoples actions. In fact I see things worsening.

  9. Darryl X says:

    The purpose of the court is to enslave or kill you. Seriously. These people are malignant narcissists. To them, you are a farm animal. The Central Banks and the feminists and the courts are there to exploit you as much as they can and then when they are done with you, they will do what they can to eliminate you. Many people do not understand what kind of mental pathology we’re dealing with. It’s pretty serious stuff. Trying to reason with someone from these institutions is impossible.

  10. Paul says:


    Just for the record DONT E-Mail me again. GOT IT!!! If you want to accuse someone say it directly like a man. Don’t pussy foot around.Why you think I would post in your name is beyond me. Dont flatter yourself bud

  11. Skeptic says:

    I didn’t email you.
    I don’t even know who you are, let alone know what you have been accused of.
    I suggest you look more carefully into the email you mention.

  12. Hans Laven says:

    Is it Skeptik or Skeptic? Would the real Scepick please stand up?

  13. Skeptic says:

    Hi Hans,
    It’s the real Skeptic here. The one who’s been posting for several years under that name at MENZ.
    Someone is obviously playing silly buggers with Paul – whoever that is and trying to discredit me making me look like some e-mail stalker.
    Previously someone very obviously posted under the name of Skeptic, in an all too obvious attempt to try and make me look like some misogynist wonk.

    In the instances I mention above it’s obvious that things I’m saying on this website are getting a reaction and somebody or other feels so threatened they react by breaking site rules and attempting to misrepresent me.
    I had thought about changing my pen name to something else. But there seems no point as this meddling twit could still continue playing daft and underhand.
    All of this leads me to wonder about how this site can have increased identity security to avoid this kind of bullshit..

  14. Vman says:

    I have had the same problem. I had to recreate myself as Vman but as Skeptic points out this is hardly a solution. I can’t find any option to force user names to be unique. This seems strange so perhaps there is some option only John Potter can control…

  15. JohnPotter says:

    Of course usernames have to be unique.

    But there’s nothing to stop someone emailing Paul claiming to be “Skeptic” or “Vman” or even “John Potter”- that’s nothing to do with the software running this website.

    If Paul looks at the headers of the email, he will see the IP address it was originally sent from.

    I can then see if it was a regular user of the site.

  16. Hans Laven says:

    I’m very pleased it’s really you Skeptik! Various posts and comments have also been fraudulently attributed to my name through the years. Especially some comments under my name that might be judged incorrect, offensive or defamatory.

  17. Paul says:

    Hey Sceptik.

    I may owe you an apology . It’s clear now that someone is employing the ‘white ant’ strategy.

    The e-mail had your name as the sender and where the hell did someone get my e-mail. I have posted on MENZ before though.

    Again, sorry.


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