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Tue 29th January 2013

Prenatal testing for Paternity

Filed under: Child Support,General — Karl M McDonald @ 1:35 am

Most paternity DNA tests are carried out after the birth of a child. This is often because doubts regarding paternity often arise after a child is several years old. When there are doubts or issues during the time of pregnancy some people may opt for a prenatal DNA test. A prenatal paternity test is an option but doing any test before the child is born needs some further thought as there are certain implications that are both moral/ ethical as well as medical. (more…)

Sat 19th January 2013

It is important that people complain

For us to make NZ into a better environment, for men, women and children, it is important that people complain vigorously and constructively.

I have suggested that NZ has a serious mafia problem, in terms of secret caughts, that pillage families and fail to do what Parliament allocates money to achieve. (more…)

Tue 15th January 2013

NZ workplace safety a ‘national disgrace’ -consultant

Filed under: General — Bruce S @ 4:13 pm

Workplace safety gets a token mention in the press again; a few nuggets from the article –

“The health and safety sector and industry in New Zealand has suffered from too much talk and no action,”

“The need for change and for the various bodies to start “doing, not just talking” is urgent, she says.”

“Labour Minister Kate Wilkinson said in June that New Zealand’s workplace death and injury rates are not improving.”

“In a submission to the Taskforce, Robyn Levinge says New Zealand has never prioritised health and safety like it has with road safety, domestic violence and drink driving.”

Sat 5th January 2013

Feminist Myopia Concerning Indian Violence

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 12:21 pm

This horrible case in India has led to worldwide campaigns demanding greater protection for women. A female student was tricked into boarding a bus that was actually being taken for a joy ride by a group of drunk men who then beat her with an iron bar, stripped her, gang raped her and threw her out of the moving vehicle naked on to the street then tried to run her over presumably to ensure her death. The woman died in hospital some days later from her injuries. (more…)

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