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Sat 16th April 2016

Successful Court Cases For Fathers Winning Custody

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On May 11th I have the final custody hearing for my children. My ex-Japanese wife has interim custody as I work. In over 3 years of custody struggle I have presented 58 offers of peace and sharing. All have been rejected by her and her Japanese boyfriend.

17 times this year she has blocked access in violation of the Court Order. The Police are not interested.The Courts are so busy it is near impossible to get time with a Judge.

I have no money and am representing myself.

Can someone please provide some Case Precedents where :

Custody has been given to the father because the mother refused to share and abide by Orders of the Court.

Yours faithfully,

Thu 14th April 2016

International Child Abduction

Filed under: General — allan harvey @ 2:00 pm

The issue of Child Abduction across borders is in the news again.

I also see that the story of Dr Elizabeth Morgan and her now adult daughter was discussed by Murray well known axe murderer this morning as well. The daughter Elena Mitrano is deeply scarred by her childhood experiences and the alienation of her father.

In NZ we also have the Kay Skelton saga which the Family Court in the end released significant information about after 7 years of effective support for the wrong side of righteouness. The NZ court also got it right in the Bianca Ormsby v Adam Thomas matter as well. Take care believing what Bianca and her supporters spin about this story. The ability for mum to have contact in a similar way to Kay Skelton exists because Dad is prepared to allow that to happen.

The Hague Convention is a good tool and the idea of dragging children across borders to remove their right to contact with both parents needs to be identified as madness and wrong.

Mon 11th April 2016

Public trust in NZ’s judical system

Filed under: General — allan harvey @ 12:06 pm

Colmar Brunton have done a survey of 1000 NZers, Who Do We Trust.
27% of respondents said their level of trust in judges and the courts had fallen cf 10% who said their levels had risen.
35% had complete or lots of trust in judges and the courts. 17% had little (14%) or no trust (3%). The majority had some trust 48%.
Younger people (45% of 18-29 year olds) had more trust 45% whereas those aged over 30 were more distrusting with only 31% having complete or a lot of trust. in the court process. Is that the voice of experience?
However the most startling result is based on household income. Those with $100,000 or more coming in were more assured 49% having complete or a lot of trust cf just 27% for those of us with incomes of $70,000 or less. I was somewhat surprised that the results for those on incomes of $30,000 or less was no different than those of us with average household incomes.
Does this reflect that those reliant on legal aid have found judges and the courts fail them? It seems to show higher satisfaction for those with an ability to pay for legal workers to successfully lead them through the maize of bureaucracy. Is this a concern? Maybe “blind justice” is peeking behind her blindfold?

Sun 10th April 2016

Unsupported child benefit – impact on child support

Filed under: General — BF1972 @ 11:39 am

Hi all

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of the impact of a child going onto an unsupported child benefit and how it then impacts on your child support liability? Does it reduce (as the child is no longer in the other parents care) or do IRD look to recover the benefit from either or both of the parents?



Fri 8th April 2016

CYF Changes are Mainly Privatization

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Gender Politics,Sex Abuse / CYF — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 8:32 am

While it may seem satisfying to see CYF clobbered for failing our children and families, there seems little in the proposed changes that will improve matters. The changes are in line with the National government’s privatization agenda that it has already applied significantly to prisons and schools and is seeping by stealth into health and most other government services. (more…)

Sun 3rd April 2016

Remembering Jim Bagnall

Filed under: Gender Politics,General,Law & Courts — JohnPotter @ 7:33 pm

A farewell will be held at Morrison’s Funeral Home, 220 Universal Drive, Henderson, at 3.00pm this Thursday, 7 April 2016. This will be an opportunity to pay a tribute and share anecdotes with a cup of tea. Jim was always adamant he didn’t want a religious funeral, but I’m sure he’ll cope with a few of us getting together to celebrate his life. After all, he tolerated a dinner to honor his achievements back in 2013.

There will also be an (unofficial) Dedication of the Bagnall Knoll Opposite Waitakere Court on Friday 29th April at 1pm followed by a meal at the local Valentine’s Restaurant.

For those of you who can’t make it to either of these events, or perhaps don’t know much about Jim’s contribution to the New Zealand Fathers’ Rights movement, I’ve gathered together a few photos and videos of him in action.

Jim Bagnall in Albany - November 2015

Jim Bagnall in Albany – November 2015


Sat 2nd April 2016

Jim Bagnall Died This Morning

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 2:42 pm

Jim Bagnall passed away this morning after a long illness. He will be sadly missed by the many people he helped and those he campaigned with. There will be no public funeral but a dedication will be held on 29th April. FYI, Ministry of Men’s Affairs news release today:

The Pussy Pass is an Old-Fashioned Thing

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 1:49 pm

This story in today’s NZ Herald shows how the pussy pass was the norm 50 years ago. Marjorie Ellingham poisoned food that she served to guests and this was later assumed to be a way of covering up her own suicide. She gave herself much more arsenic than she put in the others’ food, presumably so her death would look like food poisoning that had not killed the others. Apparently, she had been experimenting for some time feeding others doses of arsenic. A young son of her guests ended up dying after eating her arsenic-laced food. (more…)

Fri 1st April 2016

Is the police force politicised and out of control?

Filed under: General — triassic @ 11:03 am

The answer to that lies within the Opotiki courts case regarding young men and under aged girls indulging in sex acts. Judge Louis Bidois shows great wisdom in the handling of the case and is to be commended for such. The girls in this case have ended up being collateral damage due to Police policy that holds a belief (communists and other totalitarian regimes do so) that the ‘ends justifies the means’. Before Helen Clark politicised the force wisdom would be used in police investigations of this nature. Now there is zero wisdom and hence we see bigotry and ignorance operating at a high level. The only way to climb the ladder in the Police Force is to be female or a eunuch. The NZ police force is just a tool of feminist bull shit and has lost its credibility as a servant of the whole community.

So.. Women Should Not Be Punished For Breaking The Law?

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 8:50 am

In our opinion NZ media spend far too much time on the US ‘primaries’ (that many media incorrectly refer to as ‘the presidential race’). We guess it’s cheap and NZ media have lucked in when it comes to Donald Trump because he can be quite entertaining.

The Trump issue that arose yesterday highlighted some frightening trends. Trump expressed his opinion that if abortion were to be made illegal then women who procure abortions should be punished. This apparently was so unacceptable to women that he soon recanted and decided that only the abortionist should be punished. That is the first frightening thing, that feminism can stifle reasoning and opinion so readily that even the chest-beating Donald Trump is humbled. (Probably not a good move for Trump either, to be seen as so spineless and unauthentic…)

Women make up 53% of US voters so politicians can’t afford to say too much that would turn them off. But really, if most women would be turned off by the idea that women should be punished for breaking the law, we see how unequal and dangerous feminism truly is. (more…)

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