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Care of Children bill to be pushed through

Filed under: Law & Courts — JohnPotter @ 12:52 pm Tue 2nd November 2004

The Government intends passing its Care of Children Bill next week, and will put Parliament into urgency this Thursday so the legislation can complete its committee stage.

Associate Justice Minister David Benson-Pope, who is in charge of the bill, said today it was the most significant improvement to guardianship laws in almost 40 years.

The public have also asked for a more open Family Court. It is important that people have confidence in the court while recognising that issues being discussed may be intensely private and personal.

“Access to the court by accredited media, with clear guidelines to retain the anonymity of the parties and children involved, will remove misconceptions that the Family Court’s previously private hearings might have allowed for unfair processes and bias.”


  1. If you think this Government is serious about Fathers Rights you are fools.Judicial cenorship will ensure the Family Court is allowed to unlawfully discriminate against non-custodial fathers! This Government has no idea what evil hides within the secret hate organisations of Family Court , CYFS and police. This government enjoys creating destroyed DADs .I am yet another persecuted father only 4 years alienated from my daughters!God defend NZ children as nobody else gives a toss.Disgraceful mess = Family Court =gravy train for devious professionals and over zealous judges. Great combination to act in the childrens best interests.Wake up NZ .Peter Burns

    Comment by Peter Burns — Sat 6th November 2004 @ 5:39 pm

  2. Peter,
    I sympathise with your distress.
    I haven’t seen my son in over 10 years due to his being poisoned against me by false accusations, sabotaged visitation and a femily caught which couldn’t give a shit. So I can easily believe that what you’re saying about the family ‘court’ is sadly all too valid. I’m not so sure the police are culpable, but rather hamstrung by feminist inspired family law fromacting in a more father-friendly way.
    A case in point is that the new Care of Children bill will give mothers a legal right to veto DNA paternity testing! That seems shockingly feminazzi to me! This feminist Labour party sure is hurting allot of people. I’m so cynical about Labour’s politics these days that it’s no surprise to me that the only person I know of within Labour who was making any kind of pro-father noises – John Tamihere has just been effectively sidelined by Helen.
    Let’s hope then that National and Act can effectively put the heat on this father-hating regime.
    For some inspiration you may like to check out UKs channel four documentary by Bob Geldoff. Now there’s a passionate man who eloquently says it how it is. You can then send the program (or reference to it to others).
    I encourage you to keep expressing your pain as an alienated father to folks around you and to hell with those who try to silence you by calling you whimpish, unmanly or any other garbage they think will shame you into silence (for as Warren Farrel is fond of saying people don’t hear what men don’t say).
    You and your daughters are in my prayers.
    Stephen Gee.

    Comment by Stephen — Sun 7th November 2004 @ 6:00 pm

  3. I am a widower with three children. The grandmother, who has a narcissistic personality disorder, was treated by the Court and child’s counsel as primal caregiver and I was sidelined . MY children were exposed to abuse for years until I directly approached a judge about my children being abused. Even though I was the sole parent I was still treated as estranged and a women was elevated to mother status. The lawyer in her final letter refused to acknowledge a basis for abuse and then recommended the file by closed. Outrageous arrogance by Linda Kearns and the family court because my children suffered extremely .

    Comment by John Callahan — Sun 19th December 2004 @ 11:05 am

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