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Police warn of increase in Xmas domestic violence

Filed under: Domestic Violence — JohnPotter @ 2:57 pm Wed 22nd December 2004

Potential for family violence increases over the festive season, police warned today.

While the number of murders in New Zealand has been falling since the late 1980s, family violence homicides have not followed this trend. National Violence Reduction manager Inspector Rob Veale said over half of all murders countrywide in 2001 were family or domestic violence related.
He urged people who had concerns over Christmas to speak to local police about it.

Police have introduced a 12-point check list to help police assess if family violence victims are likely to be seriously harmed or even killed.

The list includes whether:

  • The offender has threatened to commit suicide or to kill the victim, children or other family members.
  • There is a history of alcohol or drug problems.
  • The suspect is stalking or obsessed with the victim.
  • Children are in the home when violence has occurred, or have been hurt or threatened.
  • The offender has access to weapons and has a history of violent behaviour against family members.


  1. Funny how these checklists always seem to have one item eg:

    “Children are in the home when violence has occurred”

    which means they apply to the majority of the population.

    Comment by JohnP — Wed 22nd December 2004 @ 3:02 pm

  2. A copy of a letter to the police minister today will give sfficient warning to all men, who think the Family Court is fair om fathers and children.

    Merry Christmas George
    17th July 2001- My ex-partner abducts the children and makes malicious & false allegations to family court.
    18th July 2001- Police arrest,charge & take firearms, and serve me six without notice protection orders.
    Christmas day 2001 – police arrest me on domestic violence charges that were later found to be incorrect due to a computer glitch.
    Christmas day 2002- I am forced to take psychotropic medication in a maximum security forensic ward as a Court Compulsory Treatment order Mental Health inpatient ( Suunyside hospital) My crime was I had tried to ring my two young estanged daughters.
    22 December 2003. Police execute unsigned search warrent at my premises after more false allegations of domestic violence from the ex -wife. Four brave police officers assault my partner in front of her two terrified teenage daughters.
    18 December 2004- My estranged daughters aged 12 & 10 years old, tell me that they want to live with me, as mum is too busy with the new baby and work to look after them properly!
    Have a good Christmas George , make sure you enjoy your Family and Children.
    P J BURNS – Heartbroken Father ( Heart 32% Efficiency) who is anxiously awaiting for police to deliver their 4th consecutive cruel Christmas present! But take care George and don’t worry, as I well used to the crack over the head with the police baton!

    December 25- 2001 -police arrest me on

    Comment by Peter Burns — Wed 22nd December 2004 @ 3:43 pm

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