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Santa comes to Family Court

Filed under: Law & Courts — JohnPotter @ 5:06 pm Fri 24th December 2004

Santa Clause visited the Waitakere Family Court on Christmas Eve to deliver a present for the Judges and court staff. In some European traditions, children who are very badly behaved are said to get a lump of coal instead of presents – this Family Court received a whole bag!

Santa Clause

Afterwards, Santa joined Union of Fathers protesters across the road from the court. He said that he was very upset that so many children would not see their fathers this Christmas because of the court’s unjust rulings. “I have met up with the Ghost of Christmas Future, and he tells me the future for the NZ Family Court is not looking good”, he told MENZ Issues.

“Next year I might have to encourage more Santas to come down from the North Pole and let the court know how unhappy we are with their performance.”

Union of Fathers chairman Jim Bagnall said: “we’re here today to ensure that children become the source of co-operation, not conflict.” He is very critical of organisations and individuals who make their money from encouraging disputes when relationships split.

Also protesting outside the court was Sonia Robinson (holding the purple banner in the photo below), who is active with Fathers 4 Justice in the UK. She said has been delighted to find so many like-minded activists on the far side of the world. She said that next year after she returns to England, she and some friends are planning to get arrested at one of the many protests orchestrated by F4J.

Kerry Bevin
Sonia - Fathers4Justice UK
Union of Fathers outside Waitakere Court
Ben Easton

16 Responses to “Santa comes to Family Court”

  1. Peter Burns says:

    Don’t Quit
    When things go wrong as they sometimes will,
    When the road you’re trudging seems all up hill,
    When the funds are low and the debts are high
    And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
    When care is pressing you down a bit,
    Rest if you must,but you don’t quit.
    Life is queer with its twists and turns,
    As everyone sometimes learns,
    And many a failure turns about
    When he might have won had he stuck it out;
    Don’t give up though the pace seems slow –
    You may succeed with another blow –
    Success is failure turned inside out –
    The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
    And you never can tell how close you are,
    It may be near when it seems so far;
    So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit –
    It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit.

    VC 216 Lith in Italy

  2. DJ Ward says:

    I got some presents today.
    Unfortunately my daughter let out her secret.
    But it’s purchased anyway.
    I think I got the last one in town.
    A foot bath, machine.

    I also have a party 3 days after Christmas for my partner.
    So I get to see family and friends.
    Have dinner, and a few drinks.
    Got some fireworks as well.

    I went to see a friend.
    In my darkest moment he was all I had.
    All my hope was gone.
    Only he was left to cheer me up.
    So I fled my persecution.
    Into the night, across the land to get to him.
    To sit next to him.
    To cry.
    Got lost unfortunately.
    And slept where I fell.
    In the night I found the tree in the dark.
    It was the dark where there is no light.
    Electric fences, are not easy to see in the dark.
    I found a few.
    Today I went to sit next to him.
    At his grave.
    But I didn’t find him.
    He is there, but went the wrong way.
    I found many others instead.
    And a view.
    The land and the river.
    People driving by beeping there horns.
    Paying there respects to the dead.
    Families tending to graves.
    Graves with no names.
    And graves time has forgotten.
    I found a dream I once had.
    I had sat at the same place before.
    There hiding.
    A small wooden cross.
    The weeds growing, concealed.
    But words in bold.
    John bro.

  3. DJ Ward says:

    I shall write something profound.
    For tomorrow.

    It can only be like Jack Black.
    A tribute, of an explanation.

  4. DJ Ward says:

    Not what I intended to write.
    Apologies for mistakes.

    There is physics.
    Laws that sit above physics.
    And the point.

    The universal theorem.

    The point.
    1: There is only one.
    2: Nothing cannot be nothing, unless it cannot exist.
    3: Anything that exists is an emotion.
    4: All emotions exist as equal and opposite emotions.

    So this is digital (1,2) and analog (3,4).

    1: Numbers do not exist.
    Only one.
    Humans measure but it cannot be measured.
    Be certain of this.
    No matter how hard you look you will find nothing the same.
    No matter how identical you make things.
    Even to the atom perfect.
    Try then, make the electrons, perfect to the atom.
    2 apples plus 1 apple = 3 apples.
    True but only in context.
    For no apple be the same apple as another.
    There is only this apple and that apple.
    6=6 just as 1=1.
    The number 6 has no context. Rule 2 and 3.
    6=6 just as 0=0.
    You can write 6 meters.
    But you cannot measure it.
    It must be 6 plus, or minus, as argument to rule 2.
    So is one thing 6 long.
    Your unit of measure can be 6, IE one.

    2: This is zero.
    Be certain of this.
    Think of the sine wave.
    No matter how hard you look you can’t find zero.
    Zoom in as much as you like.
    The line crossing the line.
    You can never zoom in enough to find where it crosses.

    3: This be Mass, and Energy.
    This be Time and Distance.
    And all things created by them.

    4: I have taught you this, as best I can.

    So this.

    E=MC, ignore the squared as it’s numbers.
    Energy and Mass, are equal and opposite emotions to Distance and Time.
    Rule 1
    E/M= one and D/T= one
    E= one, and M= one, and D= one, and T= one.
    So Humans measure and find the speed of light.
    A limit to Distance to Time.
    So then this must be true.
    The limit of Time to Distance.
    300,000,000 T/D squared. (A)

    It is possible that all these exist.

    So this. “the distance of 2.66 billion light-years between GN-z11 and the Milky Way at the time when the light was emitted increased by a factor of (z+1)=12.1 to a distance of 32.2 billion light-years during the 13.4 billion years it has taken the light to reach us.”

    So A/ year equals 2.85 billion years.
    The limit of distance for light.
    Light cannot travel further.
    Gravity cannot travel further.

    There is resultants to this. Observation.
    My assumption is it will appear bigger, but trend to showing no energy.

    I apologise for my math skills. I have looked at that assumption and got numbers similar to observation. But brighter minds are needed for the equations.

    The most important sentence on this subject.

    “And other seeds fell into good soil and produced grain, growing up and increasing and yielding thirtyfold and sixtyfold and a hundredfold.”

    Indicating while he had great arguments, he couldn’t do numbers naturally. Rule 1.

    The point.

    I my dreams, in the deepest of depths.
    I found the point.
    It be the atom.
    It be the sun.
    It be the galaxy.
    It be the universe.

    I am not certain of that but it is what I saw in trying to define the Big Bang.
    I found the point, and everything was relative to it.
    But I saw many points.
    My original output was.
    Nothing is something, and something cannot be nothing.
    At 16 or 17 years old.
    The voice mocked me.
    “Tell them, Tell them.”
    No way was I telling anyone, nothing.
    I knew I didn’t have the answer.
    It was a dead end.
    I could feel it.

    Assumption is all things exist in the observable universe.
    And they are all things created by the Big Bang.
    But that object (example) has moved outside of the distance limit.
    Logic dictates it no longer exists, but exists. Rule 2 and 3.
    Kinda like a photon.

    We are the observer, the point.
    We look left and see an object at the limit.
    We look right and see an object at the limit.
    But the object at the left cannot see the object at the right.
    If you went to the limit, and took another step.
    Earth would disappear.
    You would know not only that Earth existed.
    But the other object at the opposite limit as well.
    Just kidding.
    Look at a moon ring.
    Like the rainbow.
    Isn’t the moon the point, and you observe it.
    Just as it observes you.

    I don’t therefore see a Big Bang.
    But recycling in supernova.
    Creating large atoms, from small.
    And detonation of black holes.
    Turning energy back into mass.
    Fission, and fusion of the atom.
    I don’t see a beginning or an end.
    But many beginnings.
    And many ends.

    My perception of the photon.
    I have imagined being the photon.
    I searched for where I would arrive.
    I experienced no time to get there.
    But it took forever.
    It shakes Distance and Time.
    Rippling through space at the speed of light.
    The stronger it shakes, the more energy it has.
    So, guessing.
    My instinct is telling me it’s a dead end.
    So more thinking, to find out.

    Distance and time are opposed to mass and energy.
    It can bend light.
    In my mind Mass rejects Distance and Time.
    But Time and Distance, are constants. Rule 1.
    Time and Distance become compressed. Rule 1 arguments.
    Mass is not attracted to mass. Rule 4.
    Mass rejects Time and Distance.
    Time and Distance rejects Mass.
    Moving towards the most compressed space.
    The big object creates the most compressed space.
    While in proportion it also moves towards the small object.

    Distance and Time is the vacuum of space.
    It is nothing.
    It is a solid that is distorted by Mass.
    It wants to be the solid that is not distorted.
    One could assume at the point it is most compressed.
    At the distance of eternity it is the least compressed.
    Hence like the solid glass lens, curved.
    It can bend light.
    I came to the decision it was a solid at the age of 32.
    But also saw it as a dead end.
    So more thinking.
    It was in a moment of trauma that I suffered so much for.
    The first time that I went to get help.
    I came home, after going to 3 places.
    I asked myself the hardest question.
    For my mind to escape, knowing it was trapped.
    What is the vacuum of space.

    I get a little bit confused with energy in the relationship pertaining to gravity. Most likely I have not read something. Or it’s not involved as it’s also the opposite to mass.

    What then of the Atom.
    The question for me is.
    It is viewed as positive and negative. Rule 4.
    Obviously, Distance and Time are involved.
    Obviously, Mass and Energy are involved.
    I will zoom in.
    It does have remarkable similarity to a galaxy.
    Can humans pass my ruler please.

    Hey look.
    Elements have flavours of emotion.

    An object absorbs its colour.
    Emitting the opposite colour.
    Absorb no colours it is white.
    Absorb all colours it is black.
    You see it, but do not see it.
    You see what is not it.

    Assumption becomes an object emitting energy.
    Is hot but wants to be cold.
    Absorbing energy.
    Is cold but wants to be hot.

    Is south but wants to be north.

    Is positive but wants to be negative.

    These is obviously maths.
    I need to think more about some things.
    Natures curves for example.

    They are just fantastic.
    For personal reasons.


    Did you see the moment of clarity Satan.
    “Yes my sons cup is nearly full”
    Fool did you not see Satan.
    That when he saw you, he saw me.
    That I was hiding in the darkness.
    That he is my Son.
    His cup spills.
    I be heaven, and you are hell.
    I be peace, and you be wrath.
    I be the truth, and you be dishonest.
    “No it is my love that has no bounds.”
    Hypocrite I say.
    You love to hate.
    I love to love.
    You are suffering.
    I am paradise.


    Damn fate just intervened.
    My Son opened his present.
    The mother conspired against me.
    And I underestimated his memory.
    He was still happy.
    But I missed joy.

    A some point I will write more.

  5. DJ Ward says:

    Left my alarm clock out in the shed, this.
    My partner heard it, I did not.
    I am thankful.
    For her keeping watch over me.

  6. DJ Ward says:

    I wrote Trump2024 because Trump2020 was already taken.
    Sorry for all involved. Done elsewhere.
    Well before the election as well.
    I like WOT.
    Takes my mind off things.
    I’m just fractionally better than average.

    I have found myself deleting what I’m writing.
    I’m tired, so don’t want to make mistakes.

    I am pleased.
    I have had my say.

    During writing this stuff I made a mistake.
    My mother told me she would visit.
    And I hardly see her.
    But I was elsewhere because I put this stuff first.
    And my family lost so much of my time.
    I am so sorry for my family.
    They think I love this machine.
    And do not know me.
    What my work is.
    The have seen but not heard.
    Endless, what are you doing with your life.
    To be honest.
    Right now.
    I don’t know.

    I will make a point of seeing my mother.
    I will be seeing my father.
    And having a nice Christmas.
    I will get my partner something.
    She thinks she has all her presents.

    She does not believe me.
    Despite what she has seen.
    She will struggle this Christmas.

    I very rarely pray.
    But when I do.
    I mean it.
    I will pray for her.

  7. DJ Ward says:

    I have experienced the most amazing things in the last few days.
    There is so much to explain.
    But I will leave that for another day.

    The sun is rising.
    On a new day.
    I feel ready to face the world.
    My fears are gone.
    And I shall be strong and good.
    I know I will make mistakes.
    But I know that I will try my best.
    I know my future is what I make.
    That my intent is good.
    So it shall reward me.
    With good things.

    I have met my mother.
    And seen my father.
    I got a wow from my son.
    And the look of shock from my daughter.
    And my partner watched over me.
    When I needed her most.

  8. tony says:

    Nice , positive attitude . Good on you

  9. DJ Ward says:

    Interesting subject as I have thought about how to speed up rotation of planets.
    The obvious, like a large asteroid would be to attach a rocket to it to make it spin.
    Creating artificial gravity at the surface.
    Most likely a method used to slow the spin rate down, for capture etc.

    You could force the moon to spin.
    The problem with the moon is its day length is too long.
    That’s a huge task but possible.
    The realistic option is a railway, solar panels, and electricity network 180 deg plus around it.
    Then you have free power continuously.

    How you land on objects is an influence.
    If you always take off in one direction.
    But land in the other.
    You speed up the rotation speed of the object.
    Or slow it down.

    Venus if it was significantly increased in rotation speed is interesting to me.
    All it needs is bugs to create high temperature solids.
    Not gases at high temperature.
    It will still take a long time until liveable habitats exist on the surface.
    But possible with time.

    I have also come to the conclusion that you cannot get to another star without taking small asteroids for resources.
    Including as resource for propulsion.
    And deceleration.
    You could go without an asteroid.
    But I struggle to see survival like that.
    Unless it arrives to established things.

  10. DJ Ward says:

    I am doing well with my argument and it’s more in depth.
    So nearly finished.
    Was looking for answers, so looked at my physical writing.
    There is quite a few poem type arguments.
    Where the argument in the background.
    Is slightly dirty, describing sex etc.
    So good to read for the argument.

    When I spoke the argument for the existence of the universe it to was poem like.
    But but more blatant equal and opposite words.
    Luckily this ones about two atoms, clearly not sex.
    Or suns, galaxy’s, universes colliding.
    They crash onto each other, but carry on into space.
    Eventually they would lose velocity.
    Going back and forth until they become one.
    One can assume as a possible resultant.
    That small bits may fly off, as a result of the collision.
    So a good science argument.
    The word coaked was the emotion of to unite.
    The poem includes the moment two points become one.


    Awkward moments in the dark.
    Not knowing where to start.
    Cold feet a funny start.
    Shiver in the dark.

    Chance meeting don’t suppose.
    Coaked from a distance.
    Cant offer no resistance.
    Cares disposed.

    Never met before.
    A primitive charm, I can’t explain.
    Causing actions, I can’t refrain.
    Personality we both explore.

    Cant seperate us apart.
    But together we both depart.
    To awkward moments in the dark.
    Not knowing where to start.

  11. DJ Ward says:

    I have had good thoughts today.

    When I wrote #4 I did not know what I was supposed to write.
    #5 was written, randomly.
    Trying to download, my conclusions.
    About the distance limit, and Universal Theorem.
    Defining in effect Gravity.

    I see far more now.
    Of possibility of unknown, misinterpreted things.

    I spent about a decade, looking at energy creation.
    Stirling engines, and other energy/mass experiments.
    To keep my mind occupied, rather than thinking about life.

    While I can describe a system that creates free energy, it does have a high capital cost. Essentially manipulating, heat pumps, and Stirling engines.

    But I see a new possibility now. #5 leads me to the conclusion that in the same way that heat pumps work, that an electrical pump is possible. For to long I have been a bit aimless in my personal life. With renewed hope, I shall start again.

  12. DJ Ward says:

    At some point, I will need to explain 5 better.
    So something I wrote in my 20s.
    When I wrote it, it was a science argument.
    Of a lost planet, independent.
    Trapped in eternity, in the universe.

    Broken down and old.
    My spare parts can’t be sold.
    Things are getting cold.
    And death is taking hold.

    Time is but a fold.
    In a life that’s not so bold.
    Of a story that’s never told.
    Good memories growing mold.


    To me the question becomes.
    When it is absolutely cold.
    Can the electron remain with the proton.
    Would it not self destruct.


    Churchill’s black dog has visited.
    A cruel companion, at the best of times.
    Yesterday was a harsh day.
    But to me, although it’s suffering.
    I can think out complex ideas.
    So today I stared making a new magnetics experiment.
    Highly likely to fail, investigating nothing.
    But thanks to my visitor.
    Only the black dog.
    Both the worst, and best of company.

  13. DJ Ward says:

    Number 5 can also be called God Theorem.
    In that God is all things.
    The Law governing all Laws.
    Also in effect, the Universal Theorem.

    So in effect.
    Someone like Jesus, new what compliant arguments were.
    So could explain nature, with the term God.
    And be correctly as his arguments were compliant.

    I personally have experiences I can’t explain.
    But to me logic dictates, no supernatural God.
    But an absolute one, as a Law of science.
    Governing all things, even the supernatural.

    There remains, only one.

  14. DJ Ward says:

    Some arguments for #5

    If the universe exists. Rule 1
    It must also not exist. Rule 2 and 4
    But exists. Rule 1 and 3

    The physical evidence.
    The distance limit defines, the visible universe.
    But you have placed yourself at its centre.
    Logic dictates there must be many centres of the universe.
    Mass that exists in my universe may not exist in yours.
    Existing and not existing at the same time.

    The argument becomes.
    Is every centre of the universe of identical mass.
    Therefore one could predict gravity acting on a distant body.
    By mass that to you, does not exist.

  15. DJ Ward says:

    The argument has become complex so I will write it down.

    You have a sphere of influence.
    The other object, has its own sphere of influence.
    So two intersecting spheres of distance and time.
    It has a volume of space known to both.
    A volume known to one but not the other.
    And a volume known to the other but not the one.
    Beyond that is unknown.
    But could be considered uniform.
    The more defined, knowledge of things around you.
    Obviously the distortion of that uniform space.
    Created by mass, becomes more accurate.
    With more knowledge of it.

    Certainly however.
    You the centre of your own universe.
    Seem to ignore it.
    Are you not, still.

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