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The dingo pack

Filed under: General — JohnPotter @ 8:56 am Tue 7th December 2004

by James Hickey

Aspects of human behaviour, often has parallels within the animal world.

Individual members of a dingo pack when they are hunting down their prey work as a team, taking it in turns to chase the prey until it is finally cornered. Each individual member then takes it in turn nipping at the prey, slowly wearing it down until it is so exhausted it can nolonger defend itself, before one darts in for the kill. Even lions surrender to their kill to superior numbers of scavenging hyenas

“Sugar and spice and all things” well that’s what we’d like to think that little girls are made of. Until recently very little research had been conducted into the bullying techniques of schoolgirls. According to researchers, little girls today are not just horrid, they are the most sophisticated and manipulative bullies of all.

Bullying by schoolgirls was found to be often psychological, sometimes verbal. Verbal behaviors that were identified as bullying included teasing, hassling, name-calling, and criticizing others’ appearances. The girls perceived the following indirect aggressive behaviors as bullying behaviors: spreading rumors, writing nasty notes, telling bad/false stories, saying bad things behind others’ backs, gossiping, shutting others out of the group, and deliberately not inviting others to parties.


  1. Here are the links to the research about school girl bullying behaviours:

    Mean Girls

    Bad Girls start bullying early

    Comment by James — Tue 7th December 2004 @ 8:36 pm

  2. And two more in a separate comment to avoid getting trashed by the spam filter:

    Girls Cruelty can be deadly

    Girls Bullying Behaviours and Peer Relationships

    Comment by James — Tue 7th December 2004 @ 8:39 pm

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