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$12 million for services for children witnessing Family Violence

Filed under: Domestic Violence — JohnPotter @ 9:50 pm Tue 26th April 2005

Press Release: Hon Ruth Dyson

A $12 million investment in services for children who witness family violence is a key part of the government’s commitment to eliminating violence within families, says Child Youth and Family Minister Ruth Dyson.

Speaking at the National Foster Care conference in Wellington, Ruth Dyson said the new service would ensure the needs and interests of children affected by family violence were appropriately addressed.

“The service will focus on ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children who witness violence within families,” Ruth Dyson said. “It is essential that children are safe, well supported and able to access child-focussed services.”

The service will see up to 45 child advocates placed in community NGOs around the country.

Child advocates will work with children who receive family violence services from both NGOs and government agencies. Their role will include:

– Education and awareness of the effects of family violence on children
– Ensuring all agencies respond to the needs of the child
– Advice and consultation with those working one-on-one with a child
– Specialist assessment and referral for individual children where necessary.

“Family violence is a very difficult and complex issue. To make a difference we need to affect changes at a very personal level within communities and families.”


  1. Hello all
    $12 million is chicken feed and a pathetic election year ploy – just like the satuarated TV advertisement of a inept families commission ( no doubt yet another failure for our children). Why did the New Zealand government delegation to last years UN Doho Declaration promoting equal parenting refuse for the second time not to sign it???? . The feminist fighting machine showed the world that only selfish – radical feminist fools refused to ratify the agreement. This clearly shows how out of step our insipid government is with the rest of the world. Its the sad truth Labour is the most male hating government to ever rule in our once family friendly country. dad4justice

    Comment by Peter Burns — Wed 27th April 2005 @ 12:22 pm

  2. The Anti-Clarke strikes again with another “nothing” for the children of New Zealand. When will our (fe)male prime minister realise that while she may hate men, children and families, our society is built upon the traditional family unit (Mum AND Dad, children, aunties, uncles, grand-parents, nieces and nephews).

    Here I agree with Peter, it is sad that a person with such an impoverished soul and so much hate as the Anti-Clarke is at the head of our country. Her funny-boys and funny-girls now hold all the positions of power and New Zealand is fast fast disappearing down the toilet that is the Anti-Clarke’s social re-engineering agenda.

    Bring back a family-friendly New Zealand. Get rid of the Anti-Clarke and her neo-facist, socio-communist funny-boys and funny-girls. Vote for a positive change this year!

    Comment by Sparx — Wed 27th April 2005 @ 3:10 pm

  3. Surely the “Hon” part of her title suggests a requirement to be ethical and honest? That the DVA only defines domestic violence as perpetrated by men against women is out and out discrimination based on gender.

    There are a number of recent examples in the public domain showing that women are more than capable of inflicting physical, mental and verbal violence towards men.

    That this situation is actively supported by the Anti-Clarke and her worshippers (apologies for the plagiarism) is, at the very least, negligent and even criminal (a breach of the Bill of Rights and the Human Rights act).

    So, Aunty Ruth, take your “Hon” and shove it! New Zealanders have had enough of successive governments that fail to govern “for and by” the people they are elected to represent.

    Grow a spine and be prepared to stand up for what is best for the whole of New Zealand not some namby-pamby 2% queer minority. Bring back balance and [as others have suggested] a “family friendly New Zealand”. If you and the Anti-Clarke are not prepared to do so, then get out because you are not wanted here.

    Election year is a great year, don’t you think?

    Comment by Ethos — Thu 5th May 2005 @ 9:08 am

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