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2002 Suicide Statistics

Filed under: Boys / Youth / Education,General,Men's Health — Downunder @ 3:25 pm Mon 3rd October 2005

2002 Suicide Statistics

The most recent statistics to be made available show the usual trends of high male suicide, both by gender comparison and international comparisons. Apart from the all male 85 and over age group, the highest suicide rates for men in NZ occur in the following age groups.

1st 25 -29
2nd 20 -24
3rd 35 -39
4th 30 — 34

Of all age groups for males 75 years and under with the exception of one, youth aged 15 — 19 have the lowest suicide rate, however female suicide is highest in the 15 — 19 and 20 — 24 age groups. On an international basis the most disproportionate statistic is female aged 15 — 19 where apart from Japan we are double any other country.

Also interesting in mortality statistics in 2000 men were marginally more likely to die from car accidents, than suicide, however in 2001 and 2002, they were more likely to die from suicide than car accidents.

The mortality (all deaths)rate for males has been double that of females through ages 15 — 45 years, over the last 5 years. If there is one glaring correlation here it is the similarity between the loss and males in population age groups and the loss of males by suicide.

If we were to gain an insight into NZ male suicide it might be easily gained by asking the same age group of men why the permanently left NZ ?


  1. It goes without saying that many of those vehicle accidents are really suicides in disguise?

    What else can we expect when we don’t listen to men, make them the scapegoat for all that is evil in society and treat them like second class citizens?

    Comment by Darryl — Tue 4th October 2005 @ 5:59 pm

  2. Dear Sir.

    It has been made patently clear to me that this society has no longer has a place for me. After forty years I’m tired of being it’s ‘beating boy’ and watching the same fate befall our sons.

    God bless you all.

    Comment by Peter — Tue 31st January 2006 @ 6:21 pm

  3. I don’t think I’d be in a position to do that. But seeing your blog post here makes me feel a bit like I should do it.

    Comment by health tea — Sun 7th February 2010 @ 2:50 pm

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