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Boys should be more like girls

Filed under: General — JohnPotter @ 11:12 am Thu 3rd March 2005

There is some heated discussion regarding Celia Lashlie’s article about raising good men over on Trish Wilson’s blog (in the comments from March 1).

One contributor, NYMOM writes:

“Women in western society have finally, finally gotten to the point, over the last 30/40 years or so, where they can actually DO something on their own, be self-supporting if they wish, have careers or become professionals, doctors, lawyers, whatever they chose AND now we have a@@holes like this Lashlie trying to undo that and take away the self-confidence of young women who probably were FORCED into being both mother and father to their children because of the irresponsibility of men…

“Frankly I think Lashlie and her ilk should be thrown into the nearest lagoon populated with man-eating sharks and left there…”

I was particularly interested to read one of NYMOM’s earlier comments, which is the most concise summation of radical feminist ideology applying to child-rearing that I have come across:

“In a society where technology has given us the power to literally destroy the world if we continue starting wars all over the place, aggression in men, which at one point probably served some evolutionary useful purpose, has now become a menace to life itself on our planet…

“So we need to start raising little boys to behave more like little GIRLS to ensure that life itself on this planet isn’t threatened by continuing male aggression…

“The first step in this is to forbid the watching of sports events on TV for children younger then 18…and no participation in them either… no unsupervised contact with men, who haven’t been socialized properly which is about 99.9% of you, as there could be a tendency to pass along these aggressive mannerisms to the next generation…”


  1. Hello good caring parents, heartbroken dad4justice reckons these few words hit the nail right on the head : –
    “Regarding the role of a father ,forget the pendulum theory. It isn’t going to swing back because radical feminists have smashed the clock. All we hear about is misogyny but never misandry, which is the hatred or oppression of males.We cannot have equality and opportunity when gender preference is so prevalent in our courts.” CHCH Press, G.G.Vince MacDonald- 16/8/2004.

    Comment by Peter Burns — Thu 3rd March 2005 @ 12:29 pm

  2. “I think it a particularly unfortunate opinion – that apparently posted by NYMOM – clearly rising from some kind of elitism based on sex. This is exactly the kind of thing that has for so long plagued humans – that being absurd notions as to female inferiority.

    I think the social revolutions we have experienced, thanks to a few brave women, and a fewer brave men, are, simply, the best thing to have happened to western society ever. They promise much for our future and a far more healthy and fulfilling society for everyone.

    The way to go, however, is most certainly not to swing the pendulum the other – and swap persecution for persecution.

    They key may be for a more honest approach and consideration of the strengths and weakness of both sexes, and, as I see it, the very complimentary nature we can experience.

    The opinion as to male aggression is itself, ironically, aggressive, not to mention being in contrast to my experience – being the recipient of both physical and verbal abuse directed at me by a number of women, and not to mention the contrast in frequency of difficulty in work relationships – that being none in so many years of work with men, but many with women – even to being assaulted in the workplace.

    Instead, however, of using this as an excuse to advance a hateful agenda, I can use this better to question how better I may handle myself in such situations, and what my responsibility may be in them, and to consider male/female relationships in a more mature way.

    Again, the way to go is most certainly not to swing the pendulum the other – and swap persecution for persecution.”

    Comment by Kai O'Donnell — Thu 3rd March 2005 @ 12:37 pm

  3. NYMOM seems to have missed the increasingly popular theory that boys raised without fathers may well turn to crime later in life, committ suicide or die in road accidents.

    Comment by Morris Lindsay — Thu 3rd March 2005 @ 2:06 pm

  4. NYMOM’s comments are almost too ridiculous to waste any energy on. However, I can’t resist highlighting the incongruence of this person’s aggressive attitude TOWARDS men in the same breath as criticising aggression IN men. It reminds me of the biblical verse “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.” (Matthew 7:5)

    Comment by Mark — Sat 9th April 2005 @ 5:32 am

  5. NYMOM’s comments on war and men are true in that it IS a menace to life on earth. In every other respect of her argument she is both uneducated to historical facts and, simply put, biased against men. Her radicalism can explain away her bias but her ignorance of history and the present is another thing entirely. Women are in uniform all over the world now. In Iraq especially. It’s nothing new. Women of Israel fought equally with men for independence in 1948 and they kiled the enemy just as dead as men did. Women fly fighter bombers in Iraq and kill innocent women children and men just the same (not that I began with women and children as victims first in his instance). Equality is a two way street. Finger pointing, refrring to past “injustices” by men against women by changing historical perspectives achieve nothing beneficial to society. People in past historical contexts had different world views to the role of men and women in society. Applying present centred concepts to what was normal social pattern in the past does not make the men of the past sexist oppressors and does not make the women passive by-standers in that historical context. The sooner we stop looking for someone to BLAME and start working together the better we ALL will be. Unfortunately this whole thing in New Zealand centres around POWER. Now that women have it politically, socially and economically they not only do not want to share it – they want to use the “past” as justification for using that power to intimidate men out of key positions such as education and government and law AND to raise boys to be both passive and second class citizens without a decent enough education to take a place in the infra-structure of our nation. Time to build a NEW clock people and it is time we all pushed the pendulum together. Our different approaches as men and women won’t go away – they aren’t supposed to – it’s what helps us to survive and grow. Guilt on the other hand is poison and- right now- people like Ceila Lashlie and other radical feminists and politicians are sowing seeds of hate, distrust and discord. It is YOUR country – don’t LET them get away with it. And don’t let them use that old line that when a man stands up he is “aggressive” but when a women stands up she is “assertive”. Be both – assertive throughout negotiation and agressive when it comes to the pursuit of equality in every respect – because – right now men- you don’t have equality – you live in fear. You will continue to live in fear unless you stand up BUT do it the right way.

    Comment by G.G. Vince MacDonald — Sat 30th April 2005 @ 7:01 pm

  6. Maggie NYMOM is a typical of the Man Hating FemNags that have perpetuated the Gender War. She truly hates Males and considers them subhuman. She is as much a bigot as a member of the KKK, Aryan Nation, Christian Identity or any Militia Movements. She is an invective hate filled Woman.

    Her mindset sadly is shared by man US Women. They are so full of misandry it is like breathing to them. Another reason for Men to bail on US Women.

    Comment by khankrumthebulgar — Sat 10th December 2005 @ 10:31 am

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