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Newman – Fatherless Generation

Filed under: General,Law & Courts — JohnPotter @ 12:29 pm Sat 29th October 2005

Muriel Newman has just posted an article about ‘the fatherless generation‘ on her new NZ Centre for Political Debate website. She notes that despite recent concern over gangs and youth violence, little has been said about the underlying causes of the problem.

Any discussion with police or those who work with troubled youth will quickly identify that the largest proportion of them come from homes where their biological father is absent: children raised in families without a father, where there is inadequate supervision and a lack of socialisation, are far more likely to become involved in anti-social behaviour and crime, than those raised with a dad.

Unfortunately, feminist anti-father policies are something that most politicians are terrified to mention. Even National’s new ‘political-correctness eradicator’ has not yet mentioned anything about the fact that our courts are being misused for this misguided social engineering programme. Muriel has been one of the few consistent voices in Parliament advocating Shared Parenting and the removal of discrimination against fathers.

This is why I am so passionately opposed to public policy and practice that encourages family breakdown and excludes biological fathers. A biological father is a child’s traditional protector. Removing him from the lives of his children leaves them extremely vulnerable to abuse, neglect and failure.

That is not to say that every child being raised without a dad that ends up in trouble, or for that matter that every child raised in a loving two parent household by their biological parents, turn out to be little angels. But, on the balance of probability, children raised without their natural father, will face greater difficulties in life, than children brought up with their dad to love, guide and protect them.

The feminist theory that violence is the product of patriarchy couldn’t be more wrong, and we need women like Muriel to keep pointing this out. It is now clear that most dysfunctional and anti-social youths come from female headed families, and if current policies continue we should expect social breakdown to keep increasing.

Here in New Zealand… driven by a feminist agenda, which seeks to create equality for women by undermining men, society has now reached a sorry state: taxpayers are funding a hundred thousand women and girls to struggle to raise their children on their own, there is an epidemic of tens of thousands of abused children, and there is now an escalation in youth gangs and violence.


  1. Maybe a copy of this and Muriels original could be sent to the Political correctness spokesman!

    Comment by Alastair Laing — Sat 29th October 2005 @ 7:13 pm

  2. he would need to spend a bit of time re-educating nationals judith kirk to the realities of child support in nz before we could expect even the slightest movement in that regard. she misses the point so widely. its all the debt for her. the debt is out of control and must be sorted. well hello but have good hard look overall picture please. why might understand why some many people bail out!!

    Comment by Mark Lloyd — Sat 29th October 2005 @ 8:25 pm

  3. The social agenda of Labour is clear = destroy the family – divide & rule !!!! I hear from a IRD source that Labour plan to extort more child support from non – custodial parents partner’s & worse still hammer more child support from the small business. How the hell does anybody with half a brain can argue with the fact – that the hidden agenda of the PC Labour freaks is to permanently erdaicate the words Father & Dad from the dictionary !!!! I wish we had a beehive fill of caring people like Muriel, who share my irrational commitment to the Children of New Zealand .

    Comment by Peter Burns — Mon 31st October 2005 @ 10:09 pm

  4. Ooops. Wrong name. Sorry Ms Judith Collins about that but I still stand by my comments that you and National are clueless about Child Support in NZ.

    Comment by Mark Lloyd — Wed 2nd November 2005 @ 8:12 am

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