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News Release on Child Support.

Filed under: Child Support,Domestic Violence,General — Downunder @ 2:54 pm Thu 17th November 2005

Child Support Bill in the House before Xmas. Link to Stuff News with Comment from Peter Dunn and Katherine Rich.

They clearly still miss the point – Its all about money and not about fathers. What do you think ?


  1. Agree with you here. It’s just about the money. Plus the assumption that the money gets spent on the kids.
    I’d guess that most of the rugby boots and skateboards are bought by dads for the kids in addition to the child support they pay. Plus they are still taking in terms of ‘the custodial parent’.

    Comment by Ken Maclaren — Thu 17th November 2005 @ 3:23 pm

  2. Bevan,

    Concur completely. Given that Dunne has exhibited a stunning ability to bend whichever way Mrs Clark blows (I’ve heard him described as a straw in a hurricane), he will be hurrying to do whatever she asks so as to keep his pay cheque secure.

    That’s not to suggest that he is only in it for the money….

    Comment by Mark Shipman — Thu 17th November 2005 @ 4:42 pm

  3. It is a shame that they (politicians) always succumb to money and power albeit eventually. It must be soul shattering for them to (ultimately) lie to so many people just to keep that bank balance nice and fat.

    This may be off topic, but how can the government put so much effort into decimating families, where an outcome is Fatherless children, who are more prone to becoming criminals, and yet not provide more prisons for those criminals they effectively produce ?

    Comment by Moose — Sat 19th November 2005 @ 11:58 pm

  4. Moose,
    it still seems to me unnervingly easy for the DV act to be being badly abused to create fatherlessness. And that fatherless children are indeed at greater risk of falling into criminal lifestyles. Certain of these criminals would then be apprehended and imprisoned. We concur there.
    What many NZ folks don’t realise is that we’re currently building prison placements faster than university placements (see govt stats for this) and we already have one of the highest rates of imprisonment in the OECD. Many in the NZ police force will also say a reason this trend hasn’t accelerated more is lack of frontline police staff to catch more crims.
    Food for thought on the downstream effects of badly designed and easily abused DV law eh?

    Comment by Stephen — Mon 21st November 2005 @ 4:43 am

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