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Police appeal for baby’s return

Filed under: Law & Courts — JohnPotter @ 9:45 am Fri 14th January 2005

Police are appealing to a father who has gone into hiding with his five month old baby, to give her up immediately.

Baby Caitlin Jelicich was due to fly to Wales with her mother on Monday. But her father, Stephen Jelicich, 39, failed to return her as agreed after the weekend. The transfer of Caitlin was due to take place at Henderson Police station.

Caitlin’s mother was returning to live in Wales and left on the flight with another child but without her baby daughter. She is now trying to return to New Zealand.

Anyone who knows where Caitlin is should provide that information to police.

Inspector Hope added: “Under the Guardianship Act, the court has issued a warrant to enforce custody with the safety of the child being the paramount concern, so anyone who knows where the child is should come forward with the details. “


  1. Fact: the justice system is bias against fathers. This case is yet another example that shows New Zealands biggest failure to date, that is, the governments attempt to revise family law in order to benefit women! They couldn’t give a toss about the children or Dad.

    Comment by Peter Burns — Fri 14th January 2005 @ 10:10 am

  2. Here is part of my essay that relates to this bias:

    Rodney Area Commander Inspector Janet Hope prompted the public to come forward with information about Stephen Jelicich, stating that he had breached a court order, but lied about Caitlin Jelicich’s safety, not only for the public to take the case very serious but to express a bias to Diane Jelicich. On 13 January, Inspector Janet Hope said: “We are appealing to Mr Jelicich to respect and comply with a court order that gives custody of Caitlin to her mother. He should contact the nearest police station immediately, “and, “Under the Guardianship Act, the court has issued a warrant to enforce custody with the safety of the child being the paramount concern, so anyone who knows where the child is should come forward with the details” (The New Zealand Herald, 2005). On 14 January Inspector Janet Hope said “police had no specific concerns for Caitlin’s safety but were concerned that Mr Jelicich was acting against court orders” (The New Zealand Herald, 2005). This clearly contradicts her justification for using the Guardianship Act’s principal reason, knowing the public would have deemed Stephen Jelicich a ‘bad’ father and felt empathy for Diane Jelicich. In spite of this contradiction, Inspector Janet Hope also stated “Mrs Jelicich is very worried and upset this agreement has been broken, she is obviously concerned enough to raise this with authorities in Britain to make sure things are happening here.” This comment was premeditated, as she wanted to reinforce public empathy towards Diane Jelicich so her contradiction would not be noticed. A police spokesman stated on 13 January that Diane Jelicich left New Zealand knowing she was facing an assault charge on Stephen Jelicich. This charge was later withdrawn after their lawyers represented them in court later in the day (The New Zealand Herald, 2005). If the safety of the child was the primary concern of authorities, than public sympathy should not have been encouraged towards Diane Jelicich for the sake of enforcing a court order, as she assaulted Stephen Jelicich and she may assault her child.

    Comment by Athena Cotidis — Fri 28th January 2005 @ 8:04 pm

  3. ur over reactibg and why should abusive partner have guardinship over the children ir is dangerious so as a guy some guys are good but not all of us are good so there is something for you to think about. and if on the that note a bad dad gets guardinahip when he is abusive person
    what is to protet the mother and the children from the power trip he would be on

    Comment by jim blogs — Thu 17th February 2005 @ 12:43 pm

  4. would you like to write your comment clearly so it is understandable?

    Comment by Athena Cotidis — Mon 28th February 2005 @ 4:27 pm

  5. Terrific Blog you have. Peace Out.

    Comment by TreeFrog — Wed 22nd February 2006 @ 4:35 pm

  6. I am not an abuser!! any woman, having their baby taken away from them would be angry. Mr jelicich had planned this abduction b4 going to nz on holiday. He is the abuser and mentally abused me then and after. He is not a good parent as he has never put Caitlin first, u have to know the person before u make judgement. He has had no contact with her for a year and doesnt want any. I on the other hand am raising a happy well adjusted little girl. Get all the facts b4 u make judgement, fathers would condem the descision but do they realise that everything they fight for stephen has made a mockery of, he doesnt give them a good name. Stehen jelicich is the bad person here!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by diane jelicich — Sun 23rd April 2006 @ 6:13 pm

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