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Prostate testing advice to change

Filed under: Men's Health — JohnPotter @ 4:37 pm Sun 11th September 2005

By DONNA CHISHOLM – Sunday Star-Times

Advocates of prostate cancer testing believe the Health Ministry is about to change its controversial advice which discourages men from being screened unless they have symptoms.

Wellington pathologist Professor Brett Delahunt, president-elect of the International Society of Urologic Pathologists, says he is optimistic the recommendations will change after lobbying from the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

The foundation wants men to be told that if they want a test, they should ask their GP to explain the procedure a blood test to check levels of the prostate specific antigen and the implication of a positive result.

It wants to encourage men aged 50 or more to be tested every two years, although there were indications annual tests were appropriate.

The Health Ministry believes population-based screening such as the free mammograms offered women to check for breast cancers is not cost-effective. But the prostate lobby groups say their stance may make men believe individual PSA tests are not useful, when they they can save lives.

The Sunday Star-Times understands Health Minister Annette King has been receptive to a change in the recommendations, but until now the ministry has been “dragging the chain”.


  1. Holy BeJesus. So the Health Ministry says mass screening like NZ’s state funded mammograms and cervical smears aren’t cost effective! Yet here’s the rub – no suggestion from the healthocrats that these programs exclusively for women be axed.
    The ‘not cost effective’ argument is simply held up only as a pathetic excuse to hold back men from ALSO GETTING getting FREE PREVENTATIVE HEALTHCARE. Talk about a misandrist sexist double standard!

    AND GET THIS TOO……………..
    Whilst women are getting FREE taxpayer funded (that’s your money bros) screening from the now well paid nurses (mainly women) they get to check over thier sistas for other ailments at teh same time – everything from dandruff to hepatitis to depression can be picked up by simply visually inspecting the woman being scanned. So the scan thing is also a trojan horse for free annual checkups for the girls and NADA for the boys.

    Feeling scammed not scanned? You should guys!

    Meanwhile many wonder why NZ men don’t live as long as the shielas amongst them. Duh!

    Yet another reason why I’m safely ex-pat these days.

    Comment by Stephen — Sun 11th September 2005 @ 9:58 pm

  2. And about time too!

    Comment by MarkS — Mon 12th September 2005 @ 11:56 am

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