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The Evils of Child support.

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 4:18 pm Sun 12th June 2005

“The Test of Parenthood Editorial” The Press – Friday, 10 June 2005

This goes beyond a load of tripe — it’s the offal of journalism. Such unbalanced articles should be offensive to any self respecting journalist, and a discredit to the Editor who allows publication.

This article concludes by saying “ the need for parents to accept their responsibilities in an adult fashion, and to realize their first priority must be the welfare of the child they helped create.”, yet started by suggesting that the 21 year case of Gordon Dowler was a fault of the system and not of the integrity of the women involved.

The lines in between however are the usual unwelcome diatribe of feminist propaganda that demonize the father and promote child support.
The media should not shoulder the blame alone — a repugnant state of politics that worships the incontestable occupation of the moral high ground could not represent our people and guide the state but only represent the state and guile our people.

A distinction needs to be drawn between the fatherless child and the de-fathered child. It is the state that must be called to account for the welfare of the child. If it should place but one obstacle in the way of the Father, then the state has assumed his role. The suggestion that the remedy is solely financial comes with the assumption that a father’s contribution can be quantified in a dollar value, and his absence compensated for by the ruthless and relentless application of a financial formula.

The state admits to its own negligence by describing fathers through the social consequence of their absence. If there is something unsavory in this country, it is not masculinity; it is arrogance of the law that has exceeded its purpose in the pursuit of power, and the butchers that have promulgated it.

To be as polite as possible about the states attitude toward fathers, one might say it is unfortunate that those in this country, who have assumed a greater responsibility than parenting, are perfectly inadequate and inadequately perfect.

Child Support has no integrity as it purports to be something it is not, and for that reason it will continue to be the case that some will challenge its deceit, some blindly comply and some wander off and wonder why.


  1. In Christchurch everyone hates a father who is the victim of a callous family court. The misandrist government will hound a man for child support until the grave. My child support has gone up 200% even though I am on the invalids benefit, have no assets and have no contact whatsoever with my state stolen daughters. Justice – and fairness – not in this insidious country – God help the children as Queen Helengrad is destroying all the Dads and loving every minute of it!!!!!!!

    Comment by Peter Burns — Sun 12th June 2005 @ 5:05 pm

  2. I spent six weeks living in a mates damp garage rent free in Hamilton to catch up with child support payments. Not seeing a jot of my alienated son then mind you. He was busy being brainwashed in his new blended ‘family’ in a luxury hamilton lakeside villa, jetting overseas and being bought off in other ways beyond the wildest dreams of the impovershed student I was back then.
    I was within 3 months of comleting a Batchelors Degree in Hamilton and so desperate to complete. Luckily I manged to do so.
    No thanks to the bloodsucking vampires at Child Support Services who met every despareate request I made for deferrment/review with a cold blank “No”.
    All the while I had stupid feminazzis on campus telling me and all other men on a daily basis what a terrible time women had in a ‘patriarchal’ society.
    Had it not been for a men’s support group I was lucky to find I can’t say if I’d be alive today.
    Throwing myself off Claudelands bridge was looking increasingly attractive as time wore on!It was without doubt one of the utmost lows of my life – on a par with living in UK at the hieght of the cold war tensions in Europe. Terrifying and disgustingly humiliating.
    Shame on New Zealand for promulgating such despicable misandry!

    Comment by Stephen Gee — Sun 12th June 2005 @ 11:11 pm

  3. I read the above comments with great interest and I hear of horror stories regarding Child Support every day.

    I have three questions.

    Is the so called man hater Queen Helengrad aware of the unfairness of the CS system?

    Is there any hope in the near future that the men who find themselves paying unjustified exorbitant amounts in Child Support can expect any degree of fairness from the Labour or National Governments.

    Lastly, there must be some honest MP’s in the Country who have some integrity left. Does anyone know who they are, and maybe we can approach them. Write me at [email protected] if you know the answers.

    Comment by Morris Lindsay — Mon 13th June 2005 @ 10:13 am

  4. I was the product of an affair. My father employed my mother who was a teenager at the time, seduced her and when she fell pregnant with me, turned his back on us. He was married with children at the time, and his secret has remained so for the past 33 years. He runs a succesful company, as was the case when he employed my mother (he was 27 at the time), owns a lovely home in Dunedin and a second holiday home in Wanaka where property prices have soared by 93% over the past 3 years. His other children were well educated, their university fees paid for and taken on family holidays to the home in Wanaka each year. My mother on the other hand was left to raise two children on her own without any support from my father whatsoever. He never paid any child support, despite the fact that he acknowledged that I was his son and to this day has never attempted to make any connection with me whatsoever. I’ve tried writing to him but he ignores both my emails and my letters. For the past 33 years he has lived a more than comfortable lifestyle while I was raised in crappy state houses and had to make to do with what my mother was able to afford. Usually it wasn’t very much. Growing up without a father had a huge impact on my life as it it did my mothers. I believe he should make ammends for all those years that he failed to support my mother and I and my mother agrees but if he refuses to communicate with me what options do I have? Can anyone lend me some advice. I would be extremely grateful.

    Comment by Terry McCann — Thu 16th June 2005 @ 12:00 am

  5. My dad knocked my mother up 35 years ago and took off without a trace. Back in those days with morman parents all she could do was hide the pregancy and adopt me out. There was no such thing as DPB or Child Support back then. Thankfully I was raised in a loving family and was given everything a kid needs in life (except for that Chopper bike with the flag on the back). So as part of my own upbringing I formed my own moral belief that if I ever fathered a child I would stick by the child and support the child. And so far I have stuck to my guns even though it nearly breaks me financially. Unfortunatly the government has decided how and when I will support that child and gives me no effective rights for doing so. The freak she has for a mum is laughing all the way to the bank in the meantime and squandering my hard earned income on crap. Looks like no one wins in this game.

    Comment by Mark Lloyd — Mon 27th June 2005 @ 7:00 pm

  6. Terry, as you ask for it – for what it’s worth I can offer some advice.

    The other side of the coin not mentioned in your story –
    Your mum is responsible for getting herself pregnant. She wasn’t raped. SHE CHOSE to have sex with your Dad – or perhaps someone else.
    Has a DNA paternity test been carried out to actaully prove your mom’s been impregnated by this guy? I bet it hasn’t.
    Whatever way it cuts, it was still her choice.

    And if the guy you call ‘Dad’ doesn’t believe he’s your Dad there’s no reason to expect him to act like one is there?

    That’s the trouble living in a world where women have sole control over fertility and DNA fatherhood testing is vetoable by women. Too bad.

    Comment by Stephen — Wed 13th July 2005 @ 5:56 am

  7. My stepson has been systematically de-fathered.

    When assessed by IRD at the highest level of child support while he was earning only 1500 p/month, he told the feminazi that this would force him to close his company down, her response was go ahead, prove it, liquidate your company.

    We have no direct contact with this defathered 12 year old, his mother has offered conditional contact based on financial payments for the past 10 years. Unfortunately for her, my husband lost hope after being dragged through family court and continued harrassment by her due to her disappointments. We dont know who he lives with, anything. Only the information she filters once or twice a year.

    We moved to the states, voluntarily pay child support, and we are waiting until he is old enough to be able to form his own relationship with his father. Just another 4 or 5 years to go now.

    Comment by his best friend — Thu 21st July 2005 @ 2:49 pm

  8. Well, the man also knows he has sex.

    Comment by bouik bouik — Thu 14th August 2008 @ 6:24 pm

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