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The real “Great Satan”

Filed under: Domestic Violence,Law & Courts — triassic @ 9:02 pm Wed 19th October 2005

Us Senate Reauthorizes Feminist Man Hating Bill
by David R. Usher

Last week, the U.S. Senate approved reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act (led by Senator Joe Biden of Delaware), amidst a hail of public criticism of the program. A substantial collection of mainstream organizations and scientists oppose VAWA for one basic reason: it funds sexism, not prevention of domestic violence.

VAWA is at best an extremely dubious program. Certainly, we all agree it does help women living in abuse. But we also know that it fails to help or protect men living in abuse. In fact, the program holds male victims of domestic violence responsible for women’s violence, even where the man is a saint.

VAWA: The WMD of divorce

The problems do not stop there. VAWA is the preferred “weapon of mass destruction” used by women’s attorneys in planning and execution of divorces. VAWA is written such that one fax containing a mere statement of fear is all that is necessary to seize full control of family, home, assets, and bank accounts.

Advocates of VAWA point out that courts are overwhelmed and need laws such as VAWA to protect women.

This is the self-fulfilling prophesy of VAWA — judges only have time to hear about 5% of divorce cases. But courts are overwhelmed particularly because spouse abuse allegations are filed in the majority of divorce cases — and judges simply do not have the docket time to hear them. A short hearing, absent of all due process standards required for stripping a citizen of home, property, and family are discarded.

The standard of proof is, in essence, “free-floating fear”. Dr. Stephen Baskerville describes the abject constitutional error of VAWA, in his latest article, “Violence Against the Constitution”, We can no longer allow feminists to steal by overwhelming the court system. Half the husbands in America have been thrown out of their families. No one can possibly believe that most of these guys are violent wife abusers.

From false child abuse, to false spouse abuse allegations.

For the truth, read the full article:
Us Senate Reauthorizes Feminist Man Hating Bill

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  1. If the USA “home of the free” is going down this track we should be afraid….very afraid.

    Comment by triassic — Wed 19th October 2005 @ 9:25 pm

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