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The Rising Hysteria of The Domestic Violence Industry.

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General — Downunder @ 2:32 pm Thu 6th October 2005

Anti Domestic Violence Campaigns take on a new meaning while sensible people step up the fight against the rising hysteria of the Domestic Violence Industry which pales the religious frenzy of the middle ages. This burgeoning billion dollar business is home to the lazy and incompetent — the hyenas of family destruction and social meltdown. An ideology of subjective truth has left a festering train of vagrant minds, unable to distinguish right from wrong, fact from fantasy, and reality from fallacy. These people are more dangerous than the few pedophiles that escape the incompetence or failure of our social administration. In a parade of self righteous antagonism their trail of destruction will diminish the legacy of great wars.

The 2005 annual conference of
The National Network of Stopping Violence Services

2.12 Fathers’ Rights Groups and Their Impact on the Effectiveness of Domestic Violence Laws in New Zealand

This workshop will present on the impact of fathers’ rights campaigns on the laws about domestic violence and care of children and the approach of the New Zealand Family Court; and also about how gender bias and a parental rights focus makes it harder to get effective legal protection for victims of family violence. This will be followed by discussion about strategies to increase the effectiveness of our DV laws.
– Wendy Davis is a Wellington family lawyer and much of her work involves family violence. Wendy’s workshop will address many of the issues raised in her paper Gender bias, fathers’ rights, domestic violence and the Family Court, published in Butterworth’s Family Law Journal in December 2004.
Extract: Gender bias can prejudice both women and men, but it is not symmetrical. Unlike gender bias against men, gender bias against women occurs in the context of women’s generally disadvantaged position in society and, historically, under the law.

The National Network of Stopping Violence Services is a network of 33 Community based organisations working to prevent violence and abuse in families in Aotearoa New Zealand. Services provided by member agencies include stopping violence and support/education programmes for men, women and children under the Domestic Violence Act, advocacy and support for victims of domestic violence, domestic violence training for organizations and professionals, and interagency coordination.

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  1. After a quick search on The National Network of Stopping Violence Services, I see that this is just a subsidiary of wimmins refuge. The post says ‘…stopping violence and support/education programmes for men, women and children…’

    I am getting sick of seeing the word Men included in these lists of people who these organisations say they will help. Yeah, right as if a male victim of DV would recieve help at any one of these places. They are the people putting forward the idea that Men are the cause of all bad things that can happen to wimmin and children.

    Comment by Moose — Sat 8th October 2005 @ 8:40 pm

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