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Videos of Men’s Summit

Filed under: Gender Politics,General — JohnPotter @ 12:01 pm Mon 15th August 2005

Videos of Men's Issues Summit
The speakers at the New Zealand Men’s Issues Summit held in Auckland on 6th May 2005 were filmed by Murray Bacon and Bryan Norton. The videos have been formatted for the web by John Potter, and are available online thanks to


  1. Nice work JP getting this stuff online. Thankyou.
    I spent an afternoon watching the whole lot to get the fullest picture possible of how things are developing over there and come away with a mixed reaction.
    On the one hand I’m glad to see that the presenters patch together an elaborate mosaic of the marginalisation of men in NZ, and offer some ideas up for remedying what seems like a dire situation. I also enjoyed the passion of Stuart Birks, Jim Bagnall and Joseph Driessen.
    The others were dissapointingly flat and frankly boring to watch IMO. Uninspiring writ large.
    I nearly fell asleep several times watching, and I’m someone who’s passionate about the issues being discussed!
    Where’s the fire guys?

    Another scouring of online NZ media and still not even a tiny blip on the radar of national consciousness. How do you guys expect to rouse public sympathy with such a softly softly approach?
    I spent some time after watching the videos (and often cringing at pussyfooting academic jargon language) reflecting on what could have been – Some bright street banners, a helium ballon (as used by car sales yards) denouncing misandry. Guys in spiderman outfits giving out leaflets which stipulated demands men wanted to people passing in the streets outside, A sciffle band playing ‘When will our turn come?’ etc, etc.
    In brief anything within reason to gain media and public attention.
    Instead I mostly saw the same old tired PC dirge and it’s predictable aftermath – zero media attention given in an environment awash with other issues for media to cover – election, All Blacks, oil prices, demise of Paul Holmes, David Lange’s death, to mention but a few.
    So for what it’s worth 9/10 for joining the male health and wellbeing dots together guys and having your heart in the right place, but sadly 1/10 being bold enough to create public awareness.
    Too bad this great pre-election media-opportunity seemed to have got lost in the scrammble for ‘respectable’ representation of NZ blokes so desperately in need of bold OUTSTANDING leadership.

    Comment by Stephen — Mon 15th August 2005 @ 9:35 pm

  2. This was the “Uncle Tom’s Conference”.
    Did you expect the people who make money and glory out of the misery to speak boldly about vanquishing the Golden Goose?

    Comment by John Brett — Tue 16th August 2005 @ 5:43 pm

  3. A good question John Brett. I suppose not JB.
    After a long time of believing in many of these guys presenting at the ‘summit’ (sic) I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re spinning the same tired old wheels and getting no traction, just bogging down further. And that sadly as you point out they’re getting paid for thier trouble.
    My God. If this is the best the NZ Men’s movement can do then I’m afraid it’s pathetic. Most seem so politely entrenched within the system they actually seem to have become part of the problem. Seeing this it really is no wonder that so many good NZ men get shafted so badly.
    I’m disillusioned.
    And wondering where in NZ apart from the fighting spirit of Jim Bagnal, Joseph Driessen and Stuart Birks (plus a few other regulars on these threads and JP)there is the leadership needed to move men forward positively.
    No doubt some will say I’m too reactionary having been badly done over by the NZ family court blah, blah, blah.
    To those of you who think so – BOLLOCKS!
    Unashamedly I say that yet again you guys have failed me and many other good Kiwi blokes with your PC pussyfooting. I need much stronger, forthright, bold leadership and advocacy than you currently offer.

    Comment by Stephen — Tue 16th August 2005 @ 6:13 pm

  4. Is there any way these files can be made available on CDs ? I only have a dial up connection *sniff* which means a few days continous downloading!

    Comment by Moose — Tue 23rd August 2005 @ 10:18 pm

  5. Sorry Moose, the team who organised the videos did so completely voluntarily. We discussed the possibility of distribution on DVD or CD but concluded it is beyond our current capabilities.

    It is quite realistic to download 50 MB files on dial-up if you have a stable connection – start one each night just before you go to bed.

    If your link is a bit dodgy, an alternative is to use FTP software which supports resuming broken downloads – there is a link to FTP addresses on the left of the Archive details page.

    If it really isn’t practical to download them yourself, note that all these videos will fit on a single CD – you just need to find someone with broadband and a burner. Any competent secretarial service, printing & copying shop, or internet café should be able to burn you a CD – the videos are public domain so there are no copyright issues.

    Hope one of these suggestions works for you.

    Comment by JohnP — Thu 25th August 2005 @ 9:19 am

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