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Virus savages the XY gene

Filed under: General — triassic @ 5:03 pm Tue 11th October 2005

A most fearsome virus has been released into society, in some ways even more lethal than the feared H5N1 strain of avian (bird) flu. The strain PRA (XY-XX) is already estimated to have infected nearly 70% of NZ couples with potential for financially and emotionally debilitating results. There have been cases of suicide.

At the time of writing, this virus has been circulating for the better part of three years. Most couples are not even aware they have contracted it. Perversely, couples that have vaccinated to avoid the virus can be the ones most at risk. Although XY genes are most at risk some XX can also be vulnerable.

Those that believed they were inoculated using “COA” (old batches were called “prenuptials”) inoculum (at $500-$1000 per dose) find that it can actually encourage the disease. One couple became vaccinated then 3 years later almost to the day he came down with a severe attack of the strain known as “section 21?.

He caught this off his partner whose health provider had only suggested he may have administered a bad dose of vaccine. This turned out not to be the case but in such cases the cost of testing the vaccine can be more burdensome than the disease it was designed to prevent. The cost falls not on the health provider but the victim.

One couple battled for more than 2 years with one partner taken into intensive care on 4 occasions. He survived at huge financial and emotional cost.

When asked why the vaccine was not as robust as designed and promised, Minister Dr Shields stated that when “Clarity and Certainty” was promised she had the health workers futures in mind.

Within the industry some agree with Ms Shields. Ms Lynda Kurse, a vaccine specialist, says that “whilst some members of our society may suffer from the virus due to bad health policies the fact remains that they probably deserve to do so.”

Wendy Davies another specialist states ” If the patient has XY genes then that’s their fault. The vaccination is working well with the XX patients and that’s what really matters.”

This virus proliferates in societies that encourage Misandry and is expected to continue to flourish due to a lack of interest in its destruction.

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