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War against Boys Paves Way for Islam

Filed under: General — JohnPotter @ 10:27 am Mon 11th September 2006

An article published recently on The Brussels Journal: How the Feminists’ “War against Boys” Paved the Way for Islam, blogger Fjordman discusses the impact of Muslim immigration to Scandinavia, including increasing violence against women. He quotes the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet as reporting that 65 percent of rapes of Norwegian women were performed by “non-Western” immigrants — a category that, in Norway, consists mostly of Muslims.

Fjordman argues that the increased feminisation of Scandinavian society has meant that the male instinct to protect woman has been eradicated along with other aspects of traditional masculinity. He points out that the anti-immigration right wing Progress Party receives over two thirds of the male vote, whereas the Socialist left party is supported by over two thirds of females.

Radical feminism has been one of the most important causes of the current weakness of Western civilization, both culturally and demographically. Feminists, often with a Marxist world view, have been a crucial component in establishing the suffocating public censorship of Political Correctness in Western nations. They have also severely weakened the Western family structure, and contributed to making the West too soft and self-loathing to deal with aggression from Muslims.

4 Responses to “War against Boys Paves Way for Islam”

  1. Intrepid says:

    Dear John P.,
    Yes, excellent work by The Brussels Journal. The Belgian Government has tried to shut them down in a host of ways. Freedom of speech is now under threat. I don’t need to tell you that at Menz , but to your readers they must understand how things really are. Last month the Brussel’s Journal was in the top position on our European ranking system and it seems they will be there again this month. We must get articles, like the one you pointed out, more attemtion.

    This article is very close to the message of my book, maybe you would have liked it after all?


  2. Stephen says:

    Hi John,
    I read this at the weekend and had casually dismissed it as reaction to 9/11because feeling is running high amongst many with the 5th anniversary.
    However there’s France and it’s rioting muslims, suicide bomb plots in UK and who can deny the damage feminism has done to the family unit……..?
    I think if nz [unlike Australia] didn’t have the luxury of physical distance from the great masses of Islam (e.g. Indonesia, with it’s numerous radicals, it wouldn’t be able to be the passive matriarchy it’s become. It would have to (and may yet still have to become) much more aggressive in it’s defence, hence relying on masculine values and traits much more.
    It’s telling what the expedential increase of mass transportation over the last few decades has done to facilitate the clash of cultures. With further advances in transportation touted (faster, further, cheaper) it makes sense this will continue.

  3. Stephen says:

    Came accross this at today.

    Why do you think the Muslim nations hate and fear us so deeply? Muslim men KNOW how easily corruptable women are, and are fighting for their very survival. They know what will happen to their nations if the feminist west wins this cultural war.

    Interesting food for thought.

  4. Intrepid says:

    Yes, it is interesting. Many more women are on the side of appeasement and at the same time extremely angry at those men in our own society that wish to fight back. The familiarity breeds contempt attitide leads them to actually bringing on a system they claim to fear from those they are familar with. It is insane if you think logically, but makes total sense if you are lead by emotionals.

    Some have argued, in related articles, that this is the underlining trait in some women to be dominated dispite all their calls for freedom.

    Myticism, found in Moslem ideas, and the foreigness of Molem culture both are deeply appealing to too many women who are in to the new fashions much more than their men. Also if you see the reaction to the Pope latest words you see that the Molems are big on following their emotions too. The Pope was quoting a former Pope in a theological discussion, yet Moslem emotional polical correctness (which funny enough is one sided yet again, as they are allowed to say anything about our principles) doesn’t allow any such impolite questions of ones emotional god. Again our own traditional churches are questioned on every front in the most emotional terms imaginable, while the same people ask us to be careful of the other religions and their sacred feminist cows with our simple logical comments that make them feel uncomfortable. It’s insane!!

    It is really cultural suicide with an effeminate touch. In 50 years Europe will be 50% Moslem, if everything merely stays at the same rate of child birth for our feminist Western European women (the rate is in fact getting progressivly worse by the year so it will probably worse).

    This kind of stuff has always made me think and feel what on earth will it take all those men on the sidelines to say, “These guys are rights, I now must get involved politically.”

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