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Monday July 17, 2006
By Sophie Goodchild and Jonathan Owen

Teenage girls who get pregnant deliberately plan to become mothers in the belief that a baby will improve the quality of their lives, a study has found.

The research reveals that girls as young as 13 are making a “career choice” by deciding to have children, since they see parenting as preferable to working in a dead-end job.

The findings from the Trust for the Study of Adolescence challenges the assumption that schoolgirl mothers are all irresponsible adolescents who are ignorant about using contraception.

The revelation that girls are actively choosing motherhood is backed by official figures, which show that nearly a quarter of pregnancies to under-18s are second children.

Britain has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe, with an estimated cost to the Government of at least £63 million ($186 million) a year.

The parts of the country with the most teenage births are areas of poverty and high unemployment; girls from low-income families are 10 times more likely to become teenage mothers than those from affluent backgrounds.

The research was based on interviews with 13- to 22-year-old mothers living in six deprived parts of Britain who had either taken a fatalistic attitude to getting pregnant by stopping using contraception or who had actively planned to have a child with the support of their partners. All those interviewed were aware how to protect against pregnancy and were strongly anti-abortion.

Nearly three-quarters were in steady relationships with the father of their child.

The vast majority of the girls said their lives had improved after having children, that having a baby had turned them away from destructive behaviour such as drink and drug abuse.

The study’s authors want ministers to use sex education classes to highlight the fact that fertility is at its highest in adolescence.

They hope to target girls who leave pregnancy to chance by offering them alternatives and to use those who have had negative experiences to educate others about the downsides.

But they also pose the question whether teenage pregnancy should always be avoided, given the positive experiences of the girls surveyed.



  1. Hi David,

    That is a good argument for the male pill. Can you please tell us where you found that information.

    Comment by julie — Mon 17th July 2006 @ 7:37 am

  2. Hi Julie. The article is in this morning’s Herald, in the Ineternational News, section.

    But it was the very last sentence which blew me away.


    Comment by dpex — Mon 17th July 2006 @ 7:40 am

  3. But they also pose the question whether teenage pregnancy should always be avoided, given the positive experiences of the girls surveyed.

    Do you mean this one? Why?

    Comment by julie — Mon 17th July 2006 @ 7:48 am

  4. Hi David,
    read the article and I understand what you are saying. Yes, that is a bit worrying to consider a baby as a saviour to a young teenage girl’s behaviour.
    They need to look further down the track than just the young teenage girl having a doll to play with instead of taking drugs or alcohol.

    Comment by julie — Mon 17th July 2006 @ 2:55 pm

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    Comment by Jim Bailey — Mon 17th July 2006 @ 5:48 pm

  6. Jim,

    Do you get on with the mother now?

    I would think she would give you money to help take care of him as she gets the full benefit while you are on a single benefit.

    I think, the reason WINZ don’t want to pay 2 parents the full benefits (for one child) is because many people will take advantage and use it to rip off the system. Many do rip off the system by both being on the DPB with one having one child and the other having the other child. Your need will probably effect many, many other parents.

    But none the less, you need for the government to help you out at present.
    It will be interesting how the Government deals with 50/50 equal parenting and benefits if and WHEN it becomes law.

    Comment by julie — Mon 17th July 2006 @ 7:04 pm

  7. Hi Jim,

    Can you tell me how you get on regarding child support payments. In my case, my fiance pays child support, her ex pays child support, but winz take’s it all including the amount which would otherwise come to her as he is on the DPB.

    Net result is, I have to pay child support and provide for her children when we get married, and WINZ gets both his and hers due to him being on the benefit.


    Comment by Scott W — Wed 11th March 2009 @ 2:04 pm

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