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Bradford : No back down on Section 59!

Filed under: Domestic Violence,General,Law & Courts,Men's Health — Downunder @ 6:46 pm Wed 13th September 2006

Many people still regard this as the smacking debate. What
does the repeal of Section 59 really mean.

Firstly there is a conflict between section 59 of the Crimes
Act, and The Care of Children Bill. You try and lodge a
custody application based on discipline issues in the family
court and they will simply refuse to hear the application.

When we remove section 59 we give away the definition of
Parent within the crimes act, which is a Mother and a Father
and replace it with the broader definition in the care of
children bill.

This effectively removes a parents (mothers and fathers)
rights to their children and replaces those rights with
responsibilities that are determined by the state.

Why is this happening? This is another step in the transfer
of our current legal system which is based on British common
law to New Zealand’s own codified law, which is heard in
the Family Court.

The family court is effectively the State Court of NZ, and
if you wanted other visible historic failures you would only
need to look as far as Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia, to
name two.

What does this mean for Fathers? When section 59 is
repealed we will see the third allegation rise. Through the
history of the family court we have seen the first two
allegations that have been used very successfully against Fathers

1. He has sexually abused the children (refer Cosa)

2. He is domestically violent. (The current allegation)

The third allegation will be

3. He uses inappropriate discipline.

What is so different about the family court?

It works the opposite way to what most guys are familiar
with. First to lay the claim is right until the claim is
proven wrong. This is why women make the pre emptive strike
and why guys feel in this court it is guilty until proven

There is a huge leap for the average New Zealander to gain
an understanding and come to terms with what is happening
here. I want to leave you with this quote, from 1933, This
is Adolf Hitler 6 years before world war II, when pre war
Germany was in a similar legal and political transition to
what we are experiencing in New Zealand now.

‘When an opponent says “I will not come over to your
side”, I calmly say “Your child belongs to us
already…. You will pass on. Your descendants, however now
stand in the new camp In a short time they will know nothing
else but this new community.”

Bevan Berg
Republic of NZ Party.

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