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Child Support Fact Sheet No 1

Filed under: Child Support — Scrap_The_CSA @ 10:14 pm Tue 16th May 2006

Child Support Fact Sheet Number One

Family Law Review Editorial Slams Current Child Support Regime.

Brief extracts from Shaky Support editorial by John Caldwell, Senior Lecturer in Law, Canterbury University writing in the New Zealand Family Law Review 2005-3

“It would certainly now be timely for a newly elected New Zealand Government to consider some wholesale changes to our own much criticised child support scheme..”

“In this legislation problems are quite simply endemic.”

“……an Australian Institute of Family Studies survey in 2005 showed strong support for both parents income to be taken into account. The Taskforce proposed a new “income shares” approach. New Zealand is now lagging far, far behind.”

“… an administrative review the rules of natural justice are virtually at vanishing point. For instance, telephone hearings can be conducted, there is no power to compel a party to appear in the presence of another, no legal representation, and no published decisions. Given the impact a Commissioner’s review decision has on the financial rights of the respective parties this blatant legislative exclusion of basic procedural protections is quite extraordinary.”

“However the Australian reassessment suggests a more thoroughgoing root and branch re-evaluation is now needed in this country as well.”

Mark Shipman, National President, Parents for Children comments:

“Peter Dunne really has been given a hospital pass from the Labour Government with the revival of the proposed changes to the Child Support Act 1991. Mums, dads, lawyers, economists, social commentators, child advocates… are all saying a real review of the current approach to Child Support is required, but politicians continue to ignore pleas for a fair and reasonable Child Support System that works for our kids,”

Don’t forget that the Social Services Select Committee is deliberating on the current amendments to the Child Support Act 1991. Please take the time to phone, email or write to the Committee MP’s. Let them know what your experiences of the IRD and Child Support have been. These MP’s need to hear your voice they are due to report back 5 June 2006. Join the growing chorus who are calling for a real review of the Child Support System and its administration in New Zealand

The sleeping giant is awakening.


  1. New Zealand Men need to get over their prostrate cancer. If they can’t stand up for themselves now, they needn’t bother standing up at all.

    Comment by Bevan Berg — Tue 16th May 2006 @ 11:13 pm

  2. All,

    To forge ahead in any debate re Men and Women, their Kids, their Health, their Wealth, their Biological-FAMILY is pointless without first establishing “Presumptive-HandsOnEqualParenting”

    The GOD-Given value of MUM and DAD toward their Kids must become the central pivot for the foundation of ALL legislation or one Gender will continue to be the BIAS of ALL Law and Social Policy, World-Wide.

    Gender-BIAS-Starves-FAMILY and gives power to Social-Manipulation.

    Odd-BALLS- starve-FAMILY and gives power to Social-Manipulation

    This is not to suggest that ALL other work should stop.

    My grand FAMILY-Orientated-Coleagues of BOTH genders are acheiving much World-Wide, but it does mean a re-look at getting our foundations right.

    As Bevan-B so clearly put it NOW-is-the-TIME

    If we can’t get the foundations right while we have the Lime-Light when will we?

    If we can’t STAND and be counted while we have the Lime-Light when will we.

    Onward to fireing up the Lime-Light, staying in the Lime-Light, getting over our petty differences which blur the Lime-Light.

    Support the BOTHERING Protests, NOW Nation-Wide and gaining World-Wide interest, see HandsOnEqualParent-NEWS.

    Get in the HandsOnEqualParent – Address-BOOK

    We need to see ALL-FAMILY-Orientated-FOLK, taking the PRESS, the MEDIA by storm.

    From; the Man in the PARK pushing a wheel chair to the rabid activist.

    To; the MUM and DAD with their Kids in the HOT-POOLS Playing, to the GrandMA and PA bathing in their FAMILY on Christmas day.

    Anti-Biological-FAMILY-OddBALLS must be hounded out of NZ Parliament and banded forever.

    Onward – JimBWarrior

    Comment by Jim Bailey — Wed 17th May 2006 @ 7:32 am

  3. Yes to Parents for Children, Yes to Bevan and Yes to Jim.

    It is the time to act and to take advantage of the support available.

    Act in such a way that the foundation is strong and build brick after brick after brick and so on.

    There is no one or two or three leaders, there is no politition who is going to do something with the sad stories, there is no human or God that is going to change things for you.

    There is no set changes of the law to petition with, there are no pamplets describing men’s issues. There is no right nor wrong way of doing things. Females are glad they are not males but won’t talk or walk for them alone, the majority of people are aware of the hardships for fathers but are just the audience at present.

    A group of judges and/or lawyers have set up counselling prior family court but it is not good enough because they are responsible for the hardship. At least they have acted. Instead of destroying their work, build on it. Support groups could be set up to help these parents to sort things out when they disagree, are emotional and misunderstanding each other. If you don’t do something then the so called sisterhood will.

    There are heaps of groups that have more similarities than differences. Build with them.

    Family being the foundation is the strongest choice you can make. Part of the family is the dad and the son. These 2 family members need help. There is your mens issues.

    What changes need to be made to help them. There is your law changes. What are their issues, there are your pamplets. And every group that focuses on family, parenting, every church built on religious values and the rest will be a part.

    The police are spending most of their time dealing with domestics and there is an open door.How can we help officer? Your in.

    If it is an apology or money back you are after then vote the republic when election comes around. If it is change then put your hand up and offer to do something. What can you do? What are your strengths? Do you write well, do you speak well, do you have knowledge to share, can you organise events, can you read the law, can you make pamplets, can you print, can you mail them to groups, churches etc. Do you have business skills, computer skills etc. Can you visit and talk to grey power and other organisational groups?

    The ball is in your court. And not meaning to threat but if you don’t do something now then the people will stop caring. They have seen this before. Consistancy and persistancy is what creates change in behaviour.

    Comment by julie — Wed 17th May 2006 @ 9:41 am

  4. What is required is simple – Ive stated it before on numerous ocassions.(See Awakening the Sleeping Giant post)

    “Bothering” is one way, there are other ways.

    Once again if I urge all parents to lobby the Social Services Select Committee for a total review of the CS Act and Administration.


    Comment by Scrap_The_CSA — Wed 17th May 2006 @ 10:16 am

  5. submissions closed in feb

    Comment by Mark Lloyd — Wed 17th May 2006 @ 11:14 am

  6. Mark,

    The Social Services Select Committee is currently preparing a report to Parliamenton the Bill.

    These members can still be lobbied.



    Comment by Scrap_The_CSA — Wed 17th May 2006 @ 12:18 pm

  7. have you noticed the social select committee is baising men in numbers by almost 2 women to 1 man….

    have we already lost before we have even started

    Comment by starr — Wed 17th May 2006 @ 12:33 pm

  8. I didn’t get what you mean starr. Are you saying there’s two women MP’s to every male on the select committee?

    Comment by PaulM — Wed 17th May 2006 @ 1:32 pm

  9. Committee is:
    Paula Bennett, Georgina Beyer (Chairperson), Sue Bradford, Steve Chadwick, Judith Collins (Deputy Chairperson), Hon Harry Duynhoven, Taito Phillip Field, Dr Paul Hutchison, Heather Roy, Anne Tolley, and Judy Turner.

    Note from Memory Steve Chadwick is a woman.

    Dont give up keep lobbying!


    Comment by Scrap_The_CSA — Wed 17th May 2006 @ 2:01 pm

  10. sent an email to the select committee today requestung fairer dealings with all.

    and yes paul…
    Scrap has posted the names above… at that time i was taking Steve C to be a guy… but it still does not change the offset.

    Comment by starr — Wed 17th May 2006 @ 3:13 pm

  11. Well I’ve never lobbied a select committee before but I feel like telling the labour MPs that their party has had my vote for the last 24 years, but unless there is serious reform of the CSA, that won’t be continuing.

    That while the state zealously takes money from me in the name of my child but does absolutely nothing to ensure my child has a relationship with his father, I will feel used, abused and unrepresented.

    That the lack of balance in the CSA and family law to me represents a total collapse of the social contract that I used to believe in.

    Okay, just warming up. I’m ready to lobby now. Thanks for the committee members names, by the way.

    Comment by PaulM — Wed 17th May 2006 @ 3:51 pm

  12. Comments, 7,8,9,10 are further reasons to Keep BOTHERING those who damage our FAMILYs directly or Indirectly and thus stay in the Lime-Light so some hear our voices.

    Select committee’e have never heard my voice and I have done my share.

    Onward – JimBWarrior

    Comment by Jim Bailey — Wed 17th May 2006 @ 3:52 pm

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