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Child Victims of Delinquent Parents.

Filed under: Child Support,General — Downunder @ 11:45 am Wed 11th October 2006

The Just Cause, of Judith Collins. Hold your breath, lean forward, can you smell the campaign.


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Whats happening overseas…..

The Bobby Brown Case.

Is this where we are headed.


  1. In summary then the ordinary Kiwi bloke who’se trying to be a decent hubby and father faces the following –

    No fault divorce law means he can be deserted and divorced on the slightest of whims.

    Once esconced within the star chamber laughingly know as the family court all sorts of nasties can be alleged against him. Her real evidence itself isn’t needed to brings sanctions to bear against him – supervised ‘access’ or no visitation from his kid/s at all for weeks/months/years.

    To get this through that unethical quagmire may cost him all he owns in legal fees, whilst he has by now in effect been evicted from his own home because it now the children’s abode and Mom’s been awarded custody.

    He’s still left then living in a country with one of the highest rates of taxation anywhere.
    Adding up personal income tax, GST, fuel tax, rates and all other forms of taxation he’s lucky to see 50% of what he is paid in wages/salary.

    Out of that he is expected to forfeit 18% of his GROSS income which for the first child, 24% if he has two kiddies and so on upwards. Bear in mind those percentages are of GROSS income not NET income. So in effect it’s more than 18% and 24% of net income that gets taken away.

    Then due to the outcomes of most cases in the femily caught meaning that he’s most likely to be the one who has to set up a new home, he then has to travel to visit his kids so he suffers another further cost because it’s not factored into child ‘support’.

    Then there’s the other side of the equation.
    If I were a wife I could flick off my hubby on a whim, then easily embroil him in months or even years of accusations,legal expense and assasinate his character at the taxpayer’s expense.
    I can spend the tax free ‘child support’ I recieve however I like, UNSUPERVISED. There no-one requiring I’m accountable for how it’s spent.
    I can continue like this until the child/ren are ten years old watching daytime TV and sunbathing whilst they go to state schools.

    I can throw in false accusations of Domestic Violence to deter my ex-husband further from contact with the kids. Even if I’m caught committing perjury doing so there’s NO prescedent under nz law of a woman caught doing being heavily fined, imprisoned or even for that matter being on probation. So I’m virtually assured free reighn to acccuse the ex of anything with impunity.

    Ugly picture right?

    Yeah, I know I’m preaching to many of the converted here.
    However I’ve written this because there’s the chance that 2 kinds of people may in fact drop in and come accross this post.

    One kind of person is a politician or other citizen of nz who’s fallen into believing that there are all these immoral deadbeat Dads shirking thier responsibilities, when as you can see the reality is far different – there’s many a man escaping a veritable shitty hellhole and just trying to srape together some kind of life. Jeeze Wayne he’s often even had to fly off to Oz and bear the pain of distancing himself totally from his kid/s whilst knowing certain misguided folks will be painting him out to be a right bastard to his kid/s and othe folks in nz. What a drop kick in the goolies!

    The second kind of person I hope reads this is my son (sadly a femily-caught fecilitated Parental Alenation Syndrome victim) and all the other young men of nz.
    To you I say don’t go near marriage under current nz law with a long bargepole.
    For the chances are way too high you’ll get shafted and rue the day you got betrothed.
    I know your full of testosterone and may let your balls rule your brains. That’s just part of being a young man. However I hope and pray that you’ll follow my advice here and not sucker punch yourself with ideas like ‘oh, but she’s never take advantage of me like that’. I wish I had a dollar for every guy who got himself in the shit that way of thinking. Just remember we’re talking about women who want the kid/s here. You know what a woman will do to secure her attachment to a kid? Want to find out the hard way?
    If, after reading this you don’t follow my advice and you come unstuck as outlined above too bad.

    You were warned.

    Alas no-ne gave me such sage advice.
    And in case you think I’m simply some bitter and twisted loser, who’s got it all cockeyed and jaundiced from missing the boat so to speak, then just ask the older divorced men in your community what they think of this posting of mine.
    I’ll wager my right arm many will tell you pretty much what I’ve said here.

    Incidentally this means nz’s supposed Family Commission is like that other
    F C naught but a sick joke.

    You go Bevan.
    Child ‘support’ is a femmy scam.

    Comment by Stephen — Thu 12th October 2006 @ 3:01 am

  2. Her real evidence itself isn’t needed to brings sanctions to bear against

    Sorry folks, my typo error.

    I should have said


    real evidience, not her real evidence.
    ‘Her real evidence’ would be something of an oxymoron in this context after all. LOL!

    Comment by Stephen — Thu 12th October 2006 @ 3:19 am

  3. Thanks Stephen.

    If visitors to your comment could take something away with them, I think that should be, not so much what you said, but what you have clearly illustrated. It is not because you haven’t identified the problem, but because this is where our answer lies. When social policy invades a society, that social experiment, is not always so obvious because we deal with issues like child support in isolation. It’s a bit like the sodium and water experiment. Separately they are okay, but throw the sodium into the water and you get an explosion. We all know we have got a diaster down under, but I think what a lot of people have yet to realise is that we need to examine the matrix of social law as a whole, examine how the ingredients mix and what sort of cake they bake. For most politicians apart from one or two individuals it has been a convenient issue to avoid. It is time for us to face up to our realities.

    Comment by Bevan Berg — Thu 12th October 2006 @ 8:59 am

  4. I’m an Australian citizen living in NZ. Now there’s a thing!!! Not for much longer if the sorry..National Socialist Party was it? get their way.

    The Ozzie C$A moved my childs date of birth forward to fit their legislation, only a couple of months, but it fitted..numerical engineering…clever that!!!(this would be out and out fraud in normal language) and now I discover after much wailing and gnashing of teeth trying to obtain documents under FOI, most of which they won’t forward anyway..evidence of fraud.. that low and behold, another breach of the Act, I was not in the country when the C$A case was applied for. Child Support case ILLEGAL on 2 counts. Do they listen. No. None so deaf as those that don’t want to hear!!!

    After numerous letters to both Sheriffs of Nottingham and the Minister supposedly in charge of these cretins, the demands for ever increasing amounts of money continue to arrive in the mailbox. I don’t owe a cent, have always supported my child by agreement with her other parent..doesn’t seem to matter much though..

    My ex is trying to coin it through private agreement and the C$A. Fraud again. I guess some chartered accountants do that…

    Of course, Government officials don’t commit fraud or breach a duty of care and never make mistakes. Only the public do that…And oh, by the way, my rights are protected by legislation…As the Tui add says…Yeah, Right….

    Think I will go and have a beer…Cheers all and good luck.

    Comment by Steve — Thu 12th October 2006 @ 8:12 pm

  5. I really liked your perspective! look forward to more insightful info.

    Comment by alex smith — Tue 22nd September 2009 @ 4:22 pm

  6. so you are saying that it is illegal for your partner to apply for child support if you are not in the country??

    Comment by karan jiahrr — Tue 22nd September 2009 @ 9:03 pm

  7. Bevan, the Bobby Brown link didn’t work.


    Comment by Benjamin Easton — Wed 23rd September 2009 @ 10:10 am

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