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Children Banned From Playing Tag in New England

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 5:50 pm Thu 26th October 2006

Dateline: US
From: Honor Network
Author: Pit Bull

That’s right, certain schools have now banned the Game of “Tag” by stopping it in its tracks in area schools in the New England region of the US. With all that’s wrong with the world, the PC types are after the little things in our kids’ lives (last month it was boys being forced to pee like girls in Norway).

The motivation to micromanaging kids must be because it leads to passive adults that don’t mind being micromanaged, I guess (hint, hint… get off your duffs momma’s boys or homeboys). As each new outrage becomes accepted most tune out and don’t wish to cause a stir, for it’s risky being called angry white male- or worse intolerant (ooow… scary).

The reason for no TAG? Well it seems there are losers in this old white male patriarchal game (my adjectives added), and we can’t have anyone thinking they are a loser (a warm fuzzy feminist agenda talking game is sure to follow in a few months).

Also, the PC enforcers have the usual 90s version of wrapping themselves in the child (2000 version of the flag: Intrepid’s point) and claim kids might fall down and get hurt in the playground area (“Well holy cow, really!”). As sports and testing continue to be assaulted they are being replaced with rankings that are accorded to vague effeminate systems, where notebook covers with flowers and nice writing get higher scores than say “math” and “undistorted history”(who needs these subjects if they mean little Susie losses her self-esteem!).

Complaints have rolled in with some newspapers reporting many fathers claiming this is the “sisification” of our world. Yes, but it has been going on for much longer, as any MRA will tell you. “Welcome to the party pal!!!” The effeminate habit of turning small things into big issues and big issues into small seems to be going forward full steam ahead. Those objecting to this sisification will be labeled any host of rhetorical BS (but we aren’t allow to label them back… remember). Such impolite brutes, who complain, will be force to provide proof they are concerned with children’s self-esteem and physical safety in no time- once they feel the heat of a woman’s fearful or angry stare! Maybe this is why some men end it all, for they see we are being nimble to death by ducks and seem incapable of a real male unity & response (more hints to unite).

Sperm counts down in the male population, hmm I wonder why? Tigers in small cages also can’t mate well, they all become tiger neurotics in need of some Freud tiger to talk about the cage only being a figment of its imagination. I await the next installment of such effeminate creep, and look forward to those men who rationalize the absurd in the name of their political agendas over that of men’s rights, social normality and common sense. In the 60s it was flower man, 70s disco man, 80s yuppie man, 90s androgynous man/women and now metrosexual man. If fashion is the way you define yourself, then you are more woman-like than man, despite the penis pal. Metrosexual men suck like disco and probably always lost at tag, peed sitting down and loved their spinster nanny more than their dad. The question is really why do you think you are a male?


  1. Erm… I do think that it is outragious that TAG is not allowed, and that boys gotta pee sitting down in Norway. However, Masculinity and Femininity are both outdated concepts. Most of the women I know would have been called “tomboys” in any eairlier age, and where I live the girls are the ones who usualy win at Tag.

    And equating Math and History to masculinity is dumb anyways. I’ve seen guys and gals doing equily well in all my math classes. Learning is genderless. I do agree that Elementary and Highschool level classes should be tougher though. Much tougher, and more advanced. Learning is also importent.

    Comment by Le Blue Dude — Sat 18th November 2006 @ 9:32 am

  2. Erm… To rephrase that last post; I agree with your desire to undo that, but not with your reason.

    Comment by Le Blue Dude — Sat 18th November 2006 @ 9:35 am

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