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CYFS Violence

Filed under: General — dpex @ 7:13 pm Fri 5th May 2006

As Al asserts, bullying is best described as one person forcing their opinion on another, irrespective of the others’ rights to hold an alternate opinion.

And further, that all bullies ‘are’ intrinsically’ cowards.

No better example can been seen in the actions of the CYFSterhood.

Bereft of any tangible evidence in support, the CYFSterhood have ‘decided’ that I am a ‘future’ threat to my teenage child. Despite the fact my child is a wonderfully intelligent, well-rounded, extremely capable (young woman…sorry Al) :–)) the CYFSterhood have decided that on the day I do present my otherwise unknown threats that she will be incapable of either resisting or reporting me.

Apparently I’m a regular Lothario able to manipulate and persuade all who come under my gaze…….Jeez. I wish. I’d be rich, or a politician.:–))

So trenchant are they. So determined they are to enforce their will, that they have asserted they may remove my girl from her own mother, place her in a soulless foster home, deprive her of all she holds dear (in other words all those things which comprise her extraordinarily rich life) to ‘save’ her from me!

This is systemic violence at a level I simply cannot comprehend. This is bullying at the worst level, yet these vile witches are doing so with my tax money, and yours.

More amazingly, the child’s mother has withdrawn her opposition (and thus support for the CYFSterhood and that miserable bully, de Luen….supposedly my girl’s solicitor) and so now, they are readying to threaten the mother with removal of all her children because she is clearly incapable of ‘protecting’ her eldest daughter, my girl, from me…..

Don’t forget, this ‘me’ has nothing to answer for as regards historical abuse. I am being tested to answer for what I might do in the future!

But do you see the level of bullying here? The CYFSterhood threaten the mother with dire consequence unless she reestablishes her testimony; a testimony she has now, in writing, told these folk, was a fiction driven by anger.

They are doing so because they know their own case won’t hold water without the mother’s false allegations.

And so, to get at me they need; nay demand the mother to perpetuate her false allegations!

Is that bullying, or what?

Is this not an extreme form of systemic violence, perpetrated by female bullies?

But even more amazing is the reaction of the mothers’ own solicitor. He is clearly working in concert with the bullies because even he has asserted that the mother has no right to withdraw her opposition and, better yet, if she does, CYFS ‘might’ take all her kids.

And this in New Zealand! A supposedly free and democratic society where the rule of Law prevails.

I wonder if these vile people ever wonder if, by their own acts of destroying families that it is ‘they’ who are creating the bully-society?

But of course they don’t, because they are, to a fault, pathetic bullies themselves.

To the Protest roup.

It seems to me Corban Revell need to taste a protest.



  1. Dear David,

    It would appear that you and the childs mother need to work together to overcome this CYFSituation.
    I would suggest that the childs mother removes her legal pariah.
    You both be self litigants with McKenzie Friends.
    Perhaps Jim Bagnall and Andrew Wooton.
    Both seek to have Shona removed as no CFC will be required.
    Work out a shared parenting plan to put before the court and inform the Court that the matter has been settled and litigation has ceased.
    Any attempt of CYFS involvement could then be a special focus of all resources available to the Fathers Coalition to force them to withdraw.
    Try a protection order against the assigned CYFS social worker and Department for your child on the grounds of psychological abuse,with you and the childs mother to also be included as protected people
    I don’t think this one has been attempted yet.
    Again I believe the Coalition would actively support you all against the CYFSterhood.
    Perhaps we could get a few heads on this for alternative strategies or implementation.


    Comment by paulc — Fri 5th May 2006 @ 10:20 pm

  2. About Bullies. I read this in a book by Gregory Roberts. “Cruelty is a kind of cowardice. Cruel laughter is the way coward cry when they’re not alone, and causing pain is how they grieve. I hope things work out for you David.

    Comment by Phoenix — Wed 10th May 2006 @ 4:36 pm

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