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Filed under: General — dpex @ 6:40 pm Sun 30th April 2006

Hi all,

I hope the protest went well today.

I wish to create a data-base of terms and phrases the CYFSterhood have trotted out in the past.

Such phrases as ‘Codependent’, ‘passive-aggressive abuser’, ‘potentially violent,’ ‘socio-path’, ‘pornofile’, ‘alcohol dependent’, ‘alcohol abuser’, ‘feotal alcohol syndrome,’ ’emotional dependence syndrome,’ ‘can’t accept he’s a scum-sucking male syndrome’, and so on.

It would be useful if you could also include the context in which the CYFSterhood used the phrase(s) to damn you in Court. It would be doubly useful if you could include any (or the probable lack of…) any evidence substantiating the claims of the CYFSterhood.

The object of the exercise is to gather sufficient profiles which I will keep on firing at various in authority, and the media, till the last straw arrives to break the camel’s back.

And with each ‘firing’ I will be including my one simple request. Ergo, that the Family Court operates at a level of proof at least in accord with the Civil Court (about 80% of the tests used by the Criminal Court).

Thus an accusative spouse must have ‘an amount’ of proof before he/she can assert danger to a child in a way which will be acceptable to the Court, can not have a spouse removed from a home by Police until satisfactory proof is offered, and can have the FC indulge him/her with primary care-giver status until he/she has proven the other party is demonstrably unfit.

Our judicial system has worked well since the 13th Century and the institution of the Magna Carter. I see no reason why the FC should be free to operate outside the law of proof which has proven so effective for the previous 700 years.

Innocent till PROVEN guilty must be the test returned to the FC.

For these vile people to assert that it is better to hurt/destroy ten men and dozens of children, sundry grand-parents and care-givers, just in case the system misses one child who is actually in danger, is an affront to civilisation.

This is ducking-stool justice and simply must be stopped.

Only we can stop it. But we have to have the will and courage to be counted.

Please, send the data to [email protected]

Lastly, one correspondent asserted that ‘many’ ex-CFYS workers are ‘ex’ because of the vileness they witnessed.

Anyone got any ideas about how we can contact a few of these abviously decent folk and get them to state what they know about the CYFSterhood?



  1. Hi dpex.

    You know my phrases.
    Various descriptors about me were actual words used.

    Comment by Al D Rado — Sun 30th April 2006 @ 7:41 pm

  2. dpex sorry cant help you with any phrases yet hopefully I Wont come to that point,but who knows with this bloody system in place ah.So Ill take the opportunity to reply to your point about todays protest, yes it did go very well. Our seasoned campaigners were giving their all along with with us not so seasoned.If this does not have the desired effect on these lawers what the hell will.Tell you what its great to get invovled it gives you a sense of release and a feeling that there is something you can do for all NZ kids.After The protest there was much enjoyment and happy banter as we talked over the events of the six visits to bad lawers homes,and the shared company with other dads and their children.So I must say to all you folk dont miss out join in next time you will be pleased you did see you there.Dave.L.

    Comment by DAVE L — Sun 30th April 2006 @ 9:54 pm

  3. Dpex,

    I was talking kids with a few ladies and one of them commented on her 8 year old being overweight. (Obesity is the latest thing)

    It saddens me that we name every imperfection our children have as a condition of some sort and that the parents made it happen. If CYFS were involved with her case the child would be suffering from some sort of abuse from the mother. It is that simple. Everything a child does is for a reason and CYFS analyse these reasons through books some student whether in school or out side school has written with ideas they have come up with back with so caled research.
    Your child doesn’t have average grades, you abuse them. Your children don’t sleep well, you abuse them. Your children cry after they see you, you are abusing them. This idea that bullies come from homes where they are bullied means you abuse them.

    The reason CYFS look under a microscope at your present life style and your past is to find an excuse for your children not being perfect.

    Dave L
    I can imagine the protests having a personal positive effect. Glad you shared that and glad you went. For me anyhow, just thinking of joining in is a start. Just haven’t got the courage yet.

    Comment by julie — Sun 30th April 2006 @ 10:47 pm

  4. Even though I am hard on CYFS in my previous comment, I am aware that not all social workers behave as I have described. And I am also aware that it is a high pressure job. And that CYFS does save some children from very unhealthy homes.

    Comment by julie — Mon 1st May 2006 @ 2:44 pm

  5. If Youre having issues with cyfs, then contact:

    Comment by Mens Movement — Wed 12th February 2014 @ 11:38 pm

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