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Dear John, It’s Your Fault (Not John P.)

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Dateline: Alberta, Canada
From: The Honor Network
Author: Rob Fedders

October 23, 2006

New Provincial Law in Alberta Allows Police to Seize Automobiles of Men Soliciting Prostitutes

ALBERTA — A new law came into effect in Alberta today which snuck in through the Traffic and Safety Act. It gives police the power to seize the automobiles of men who solicit street prostitutes. The province of Saskatchewan has previously passed similar legislation against men in 1999, as well as Manitoba in 2002.

Brian Nowlan, of the Edmonton Police, believes that threatening men with the permanent loss of their vehicle will be effective and issued the following statement: “Johns are going to run the risk of losing their vehicle, not just having it seized and impounded temporarily.”

The law was passed as a private members bill almost three years ago and Cabinet gave it its final approval earlier this month after examining if the law would violate Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. While politicians, community groups and prostitution activists all support the new law, Stephen Jenuph, of the Alberta Civil Liberties Association is on record stating: “It’s a matter that tends to be a random application of the law depending not on a fair hearing, but on the feelings of a particular officer on a particular day.” Jenuph also stated, “I don’t think that in a free and democratic society, decisions regarding punishment should be left up to the police.”

How the government can rationalize that giving police the powers to dole out punishment before being convicted of a crime to not be a violation of the Charter of Rights can only indicate one of two things: That the Charter is in desperate need of re-examination to ensure the right of “innocent until proven guilty”, or that we have many people in the government who slipped through the cracks of the educational system as illiterates.

The police may now seize a citizen’s automobile upon their own discretion before he has been convicted and they will keep his car in their custody until the issue has been resolved in court. First time offenders will likely have to perform community service before they can reclaim their cars but repeat offenders could have their seized property auctioned off, with the proceeds going to the province.

The government, however, proves how altruistic they are by offering those who are charged with the opportunity to complete alternative programs that will allow them to get their vehicle back while avoiding criminal charges and possible prison time.

What alternative programs are they offering, you ask? The accused may attend a “John School.” These one day courses, which will include lectures from ex-prostitutes and which sounds ominously similar to the feminist’s hate inspired Duluth Model, will teach the men about the damage that soliciting prostitutes causes to families, neighbourhoods and to society. Also the men will learn from the “more righteous” about the cost of a divorce.

There is a word for this kind of behaviour… when one forces another to do something against their will; upon threat of doing something far worse to them… it’s on the tip of my tongue… Oh yes! It’s called blackmail! I believe that it’s also punishable by law, upon pain of imprisonment. For that’s what it really is, isn’t it? Attend this course or you will lose your $30,000 car… only a billionaire could afford to say no. But what do I know? I’m just one of the sheeple.

Now, one may ask how the government manages to impose police-state powers upon a population who willingly accepts it without complaint. It is very simple. It’s all very politically correct. Political correctness is the new religion in Canada, replacing Christianity long ago. And who are the vanguard warriors of the politically correct? Why, the feminists of course, and all the feminists have to do is gather at the temple of the matriarchy and chant their favourite slogan: “Men are to blame…Men are to blame…Men are to blame.” Apparently, if you say it a few times, you can pass any law that attacks men. If you throw in your final amen by saying “Women are victims and forever it shall be that women are victims,” then you can even manage to damn the Charter of Rights in regard to men.

Note the following statements made available to the public via the Canadian media, from JoAnn McCartney, a former policeperson, who now spends her days counselling prostitutes in an attempt to get them off the street. She refers to the passage of the law as a means to an end:

“It’s helping to reduce the anonymity,” she told The Canadian Press. “If they’ve lost their car, they have to explain that to their wife, they have to explain to the boss why the company car is gone.”

CTV News made this report about McCartney’s comments: McCartney says some prostitutes feel torn on the new law. While it may see a reduction in the number of people soliciting prostitutes, those johns are the same men that sex trader workers rely on for cash, McCartney pointed out.
However, McCartney said there is consensus in the hatred of sex trade workers for their customers.
“They are absolutely disgusted by johns,” says McCartney. “They hate what the johns do to them, so any time there’s some kind of penalty for a john, that’s good.”
Also to note, are the comments of Kate Quinn of the Prostitution Awareness and Action Foundation of Edmonton: “Children and women in the communities are leered at, they’re harassed by the men.”
Quinn further demonizes men by telling a tale of a woman “that she knows” who must walk 5 blocks out of her way to catch the bus, or else she will have to “endure” men in cars who look her up and down.
Well, if that just don’t beat all. It must be true! Bad men! Very, very bad men! Men are to blame, women are victims. Amen. Therefore, since men are so bad that even the prostitutes are disgusted by them, the “means to an end” of suspending a man’s rights as guaranteed to him by the Charter of Rights, and thereby granting police the absolute power to punish him without being convicted is perfectly justifiable, if not down right honourable. I mean, these poor hard done by prostitutes, forced to not look for a real job because disgusting men with easy money have consensual sex with them. I guess all that easy tax free money they get from these bad men also abuses them in some way that keeps them from applying for welfare, instead of selling their bodies. Hmmm… anyone want to bet that many of these prostitutes are also collecting welfare? That would make it a fraud, not to mention the additional fraud of tax evasion, as well as the usual criminality of prostitution. But of course, the man is far worse than the prostitute, right? Why blame anything on a woman when there’s a man easily within reach?

I know another means to an end that would work. Make mandatory 25 year prison sentences for women convicted of prostitution. That would put a dent in the problem, eh?

After all, prostitution has only been a problem in the past ten years or so… that’s why you never hear about it in old books like the Bible. You know the book, the one that says that only men are sinners. The same book that tells the story of how Eve was just the one who picked the apple…but Adam was the only one who ate from it. In fact, Eve was a victim because Adam didn’t share! Perhaps because prostitution is such a new problem, it makes perfectly good sense for our governments to suddenly come up with a solution by only blaming men. They are so smart, our fearless leaders. Sadly, they really are smart, because these laws have nothing to do with solving prostitution problems and everything to do with demonizing men and taking away their rights. They have won another battle against men and against the people.

Tune in next time to hear about the college students who get busted for possessing a joint. Learn how they will have all their loans and grants suspended before being convicted of a crime… unless they attend a seminar led by an ex drug dealer who will indoctrinate them with propaganda of how bad their actions are for forcing him to break the law and make gobs of tax free cash from them.

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Sources: CBC News
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