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Domestic Violence is going too far

Filed under: General — Julie @ 10:56 am Sat 25th November 2006

I think it is wonderful that everyone is doing something whether it be making a political party to influence from the inside, here posting to open eyes of others or protesting or writing to polititions or speaking amongst friends or pamplet drops and especaiily giving their support to others. (walking them through child support issues and the FC)

But the reality is that family life has also deteriorated over the years because women fought for rights to get out of DV and the state stepped in to provide for them. There is so much history about the good femenism has done in NZ for women and for children. And not just for women who were victims of DV but also for those whose husbands died and other situations.

But before these things came into play women did find ways to deal with it and they mostly helped each other out.

Now we won’t do much without some sort of Government assistance (funding) and the Government has become the power to fix all our problems. Not only that but it provides us with free education if we are single mothers and everything else from free books to almost free (or Government assisted) massages. Soon we will have cheap nail care. LOL.

But many of these women are not happy. It is really tough work raising families and even tougher on your own. All the counselling that is government funded is not really helping.

The young mother’s groups that are Government funded are not filled with mother’s getting advice for their children or making friends to support each other but becoming a gossip centre to see who is getting more sex and what else is free and so on.

Then there are the mothers who are a bit older and are trying to get off benefits and have lives but they are now chained to benefits and are unhappy because all their life is about is raising a child on their own and schooling part-time or full-time or working part-time or full-time.

Women are doing all sorts of strange and wonderful things to get their inner needs met and as our young men they don’t see anything really worthwhile in their futures.

Of course you have the women who are trying to balance big careers with children but they are finding it reallly tough and exhausting.

The happiest women of all seem (generalising) to be the one’s that are married and have been through their ups and downs with a partner they trust and appreciate.

But many, many women and men are coming from single parent families and have no knowledge of relationships ups and downs and how they become as solid and as trusting as their family was when they were children. We are already in our third generation for this.

But as NZ people leave the country so do these stats and then immigrants who are 2 parent families come in and lift the stats so from the outside we look pretty good (balanced).

Femenism will also break these families up and they will become unhappy and their chances of real success or retiring comfortably will decrease. It will sweep the world into devastation and it will become hard work to bring it out and even many generations.

Funny enough is that there are heaps of groups and individuals that already know all this. It is about everyone speaking up because we can stop alot of devastation. Is that not what people are also doing about our environment? And we should have sorted that out 2 decades ago but as femenism there are players making money who do not want the truth revealed. People run countries, not Governments.

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