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Duct tape more effective than Cryotherapy for Warts.

Filed under: Men's Health — Julie @ 9:05 am Sat 3rd June 2006

This is just useful information given to me by a specialist and can save you money in Doctor’s bills and wart treatment.

Without writing all the rest I will tell you that from Focht and associates comparing duct tape to the other, they found duct tape to work on 80% percent of cases with the other treatment being 60%. They also say that duct tape is cheaper and has fewer adverse effects.

Common warts (verruca vulgaris) are a common problem among patients who present in family physicians’ offices. Although a significant number of warts will spontaneously resolve over 2 years, patients frequently request threatment to clear their skin of the lesions. Treatments such as cryotherapy, acid preperations, laser therapy, heat, and tape occlusion have been used in management of warts, with a cure rate ranging from 32 to 93 percent. However, most of these therapies are expensive, painful, or labour intensive. A few small, nonrandomised thrials have studied the use of tape occlusion in wart treatment, with one study reporting cure rates of approximately 80 percent. Focht and associates compared the effectiveness of cryotherapy with duct tape and applied to common warts.

Karl E. Miller, M.D.

If you have ever dealt to warts you will know it takes a while to get rid of. If you freeze them you have to go back many times to receive treatment and it costs at least $10 per visit. If you buy the latest wart liquid, you pay around $40 per bottle and that may not even work.

Simply, sand the wart (with fine sandpaper) and cover the wart with duct tape, which costs around $8 a roll. You will be amazed. In only a day or 2 you will see the wart shrink and it will disappear around 28 days.

Magic. It really works. And you will still have alot of duct tape left.


  1. I am not sure how this subject is relevant here.
    I do have a good answer for warts, and for many other things.
    I had warts from age 7 for over 7 years. My parents tried dozens of treatments ALL GUARANTEED TO WORK
    Eventually, my dad took me to a hypnotist, who convinced me that the warts were a product of my nervous system, and that I no longer needed them and that they would be gone in 7 days.
    They disappeared on schedule!
    I discovered that the principle is simply THE BELIEF
    If I’d have believed in the other ‘cures’ they might have worked too.
    In dealing with the family court, and the devastation of my life-
    I sucessfully made myself BELIEVE in the outcome I expected-
    and observed with amazement how it happened!
    I now believe that the Feminazi juggernaut has fallen off the rails, that the future leaders of Social Policy in this country are on this site, and on Pauls News, and I wait for the right ones to step up to the plate.
    We need that BELIEF IN OURSELVES

    Comment by John Brett — Sat 3rd June 2006 @ 9:27 am

  2. Hi John Brett,

    I thought mens issues may also cover boy’s issues as we often have warts early on in years of life. And it is a health issue. So I hope it can stay as it is useful.

    Yes, I totally agree with your stand on believing in oneself. I believe we create our own destiny and leave little faith in fate itself to work things out. And the power of expecting things to be a certain way does work from my experiences.

    Comment by julie — Sat 3rd June 2006 @ 9:39 am

  3. Dear Julie,

    The site is titled Masculinist Evolution.
    To start putting off beat posts will end up turning this valuable resource into a Womens Weekly type medium.
    I respect a great deal of what you comment about although sometimes I feel it looses thread.
    We should be using this resource for report and dealing with the hard issues that face us as parents and our children.
    I would not want to start sifting through tomes of laxative endorsements etc.. to find pertinent material that would be considered a must read for troubled parents encountering crisis.
    Keep up with the other good material you supply.
    I apologise if my comment provides any offence, none intended, only a reminder of focus.
    Hope you have a great long weekend and hope to see you on the next protest, we can always put you onto self restraint if you feel you would lose it confronting the State endoresd abusers.
    Kind Regards

    Comment by Paul Catton — Sat 3rd June 2006 @ 9:41 am

  4. Paul,

    I will take this off tonite. As for protest, well I have never been on one but I know what I am like. I am not easily controlled or constrained.

    Comment by julie — Sat 3rd June 2006 @ 12:15 pm

  5. Dear Julie,

    Hands behind back, restrained by a cable tie.
    One of Jims placards hung around your neck.
    An assistant to hold the megaphone to your mouth and quickly remove it if expletives start to emerge.
    Herald Headline “Angry parent has to restrain herself against injustices”

    Kindest Regards

    Comment by Paul Catton — Sat 3rd June 2006 @ 12:41 pm

  6. Julie,
    Does duct tape remove other cancerous growths like the family court and DV industry too?

    Comment by Stephen — Sat 3rd June 2006 @ 2:23 pm

  7. Please don’t take it off Julie – it is only marginaly on-topic, but I would actually like to see more health-related items. You should have put it in the “Men’s Health” category BTW.

    Any information that might be particularly useful to primary-caregiver dads, or discussion about the problems they face, would be very on-topic.

    And that left-over roll of duct tape will come in useful for all sorsts of things!

    Comment by JohnP — Sat 3rd June 2006 @ 2:36 pm

  8. Hey guys,
    I am glad you can joke about this.

    Duct tape has many uses. One would be suprised.


    My friends say to tell you to talk to them.
    But seriously, I get angry just watching you on the TV. I like the guy who had that women in his face and told her to go home. I am not kidding, that sort of behaviour makes me feel angry and I would confront them back.

    I know what I can and can’t do.

    But, give me time. I am questioning myself to stand with you almost every time Jim e-mails me. I WILL get my head around it.

    Comment by julie — Sat 3rd June 2006 @ 2:48 pm

  9. John P,

    Cool. I am glad you see the funny side and the serious side. It really will save money and is a great health tip.

    By the way cool is not cool anymore. And I don’t know the up-to-date word. Is it BAD or FAT or SICK? Or maybe it’s CRACKED?

    Comment by julie — Sat 3rd June 2006 @ 2:55 pm

  10. Check out this introduction article on Cryotherapy:

    Comment by Cryotherapy — Wed 12th July 2006 @ 10:07 pm

  11. Dear Cryotherapy,

    Thanx for that.Particularly like the plant extract.

    Sadly, they are destroying the trees faster than we can check out their medicinal qualities.

    Comment by julie — Thu 13th July 2006 @ 8:45 am

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