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Family Violence Courts.

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 12:10 am Thu 19th October 2006

Link to Bad News.

Hit the link, scroll down to legal issues, listen, pray, then imagine the goal posts fading into the distance.

Yes they have done it again, the girls have changed the rules.

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  1. Thanks Bevan.

    This is horribly scary.
    The new supadoopa trial program whereby that Kremlin like secretive star chamber the ‘family’ ‘court’ not only doesn’t get morphed into something reasonable it get’s EXPANDED POWERS.
    Factor in that the feminazzi at Dept of Wimminz affairs will be chomping at the bit to ‘research’ it and validate it as a ‘great success’ so that it can be rolled out nation wide.
    The misandric gravy train will be fed yet more men as fodder to keep the sistas mortgages paid.
    More family break-up so the Sistahood nanny state can have even more power over the family. Yes folks, the Socialist dream of family subsumed under the bootheel of the state is in full swing.

    Watch out guys.
    Brothers she can now goad you to the point where you loose it and lash out, then your totally screwed.
    Your life’s over mate.
    Dog tucker.
    You’ve only got to raise your voice and shout piss off once in self defense, the neighbours call it in as DV, you get dragged off by the fuzz and end up another sorry-arsed loser with a story to tell about how the ex screwed you over.

    It was scary last time I was there being in a house alone with a woman and knowing they could falsely accuse me of DV and mess up my life big-time then. And that was before this nefareous piece of misandry.

    Thank God I don’t reside in nz now, especially in Upper Hutt.

    Best wishes

    Comment by Stephen — Thu 19th October 2006 @ 1:50 am

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