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Female Domestic violence in India

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 1:33 pm Mon 25th December 2006

Dateline: India
By: 498A Crusader
From: The Honor Network

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

For centuries, married men have been brutally nagged and have considered it as part and parcel of a married life. There will be not a single married man who has never been emotionally abused, threatened, brutally nagged, and even physically assaulted by his wife. However, looking at the present scenario, it seems that men are the architect of their own precarious condition in the present woman’s world. They failed to consider wife’s atrocities as domestic violence. They failed to protest against the Government for approving ridiculous biased women protective laws. They failed to raise issues when innocent men are victimized and convicted with a false complaint of a woman. They failed to foresee that living in a female-dominated society, they will always remain in constant threat of been falsely accused by a woman. Maybe because in the olden times, our parents had tackled mundane and trivial arguments with maturity and understanding, instead of going to the police station and filing an FIR.

The magnitude of the severity of Domestic violence Bill has been vastly underestimated. Lets have a look on how men’s life will become hell.

1) Doesn’t matter if you don’t argue with your wife, you can still be falsely accused of domestic violence.

2) Even when your wife abuses your parents, you will still be scared of getting falsely accused of domestic violence.

3) Your wife can demand any amount of money and you can be falsely accused of not complying with her demands.

4) Even if you come to know that your wife is cheating on you, you have reason to get scared of falsely accusing you of domestic violence before confronting her.

5) Not only your wife, any woman can now accuse you of any violence even if you are innocent whether on the streets, banks, offices, restaurants, buses, trains, planes, anywhere.

6) Even if you are into a live-in relationship, you are still exposed to the danger of being falsely accused of domestic violence and may even lose your personal property.

7) Since all the women have the license to complain now, prostitutes too can threaten you of violence if you do not pay her demands.

8) Male teachers and professors are also not safe. They could also be falsely accused of violence if a female student wants him to pass her in the examination.

In short, the danger a man will be facing after domestic violence bill is endless. Those already married will live a submissive life realizing that a sword is hanging over his hand and it is up to his wife to decide when to halal him. Women call this condition as gender equality. It is typical that not a single woman has criticized this sort of tyrannical law. And men are helpless saying that beyond criticizing this law within their friend circle, they can’t do anything.

The consequences of domestic violence bill will be disastrous. Here are few of the foreseeable repercussions of this law.

1) There will be sharp increase in divorce cases making men bankrupt, and children growing up without their fathers will be exposed to child sexual abuse.

2) Live-in relationships will increase if a man doesn’t know that he is still under constant legal threat.

3) There will be an unprecedented increase in male-foeticide because after this law, who would want a male child and get arrested when he gets married?

4) More and more men will visit prostitutes leading to a massive increase of condoms sales. And those who can’t go to prostitutes will turn homosexual.

5) Marriage will be non-existent and those getting married will be under constant risk of going bankrupt legally.

6) Those who can afford it will leave India for good because they will be safe in any country but India.

Women were madly waiting for this bill because they are certain that when it is introduced, then there will be no scope of amending it later. Not even the Government will be asking them to amend it sensing the danger of them getting politically boycotted by women organizations. However, they do try to deceive people saying that they will make sure that this law does not get misused. But the fact still remains that if at all they are motivated to stop misuse then why haven’t they done anything about IPC 498A (anti-dowry law), which is rampantly misused? For your information, Renuka Chowdhury, the executor of domestic violence bill, had once physically assaulted a police inspector with her chappal. If she is freely taking the laws into her hands, what to expect from other women?

It will be similar to the times for the country when Indira Gandhi has declared national emergency but this time only men will live like slaves. Dictatorship is here and legal extortionists — the women, will become all powerful calling it as gender equality. This is India. After a few years, if a survey is conducted on theworst country to live in, the answer will not be Iraq, Afghanistan, not even Brazil, it will undoubtedly be India.

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  1. My heart goes out to my Indian brothers. This is the most recent report I’ve come accross about India’s new domestic violence legislation. All reports I’ve seen seem draconian and misandric (anti-male).
    There’s a nz connection too. With many Indians who have close ties to India living in nz these days there are bound to be a few who’ll agitate for similar laws for nz society.
    Absolutely no room for complacency then in spreading the word that the world’s largest ‘democracy’ just became a feminist police state.

    Many nz men (and one or two women) will already be familiar with this.

    Demographically speaking there’s a case to be made that as women of votable age outnumber men by approximately 10% that ‘democracy’ is rigged in women’s favour and men are therefore always going to be prone to being the oppressed minority.
    That’s something which deserves it’s own blog IMO. So more on that later.

    Comment by Stephen — Mon 25th December 2006 @ 3:07 pm

  2. As I was waiting to pick up my son from school two eight year old girls walked by, hand in hand. They stopped outside the home of one of the girls, embraced, shared a lingering french kiss and one put her hand up the others dress.

    Regardless of ones opinion of lesbianism/homosexuality one should be concerned that our children are sexually active at such a young age.

    ‘The influence of environment on growing minds’

    ‘…particulary when we are dealing with those who are young and tender. That is the time when they are easily moulded and when any impression we choose to make leaves a permanent mark.’

    (Plato, The Republic)

    Given the intensity of lesbian pop culture in the media (and the denirgration of men and boys), the support given in schools, the state sponsored defathering of families and the manipulation of the legal, financial and social systems this is clearly the vision the current regime holds for New Zealand.

    While a pleflora of legislation and policies have been rightly introduced to improve the quality of life and status of women in New Zealand (for the betterment of all and with yet more that can be done). The introduction of legislation and policies to provide services and support to men and boys has been deliberately stymied for over forty years now with predictable and grievous effects.

    Globally, men in countries which haven’t succumbed must be made aware of the radical feminist agenda. So that, as the deserately needed legislation and policies to improve the lives of women and girls in those countries is introduced, so to are legislation and polices introduced protecting the rights of men and boys. Thereby preventing the process being hijacked by extremists.

    They can learn from our mistakes.

    Should women continue to support radidal feminist terrorism they ultimately risk losing all that they have so nobly gained.

    Comment by Peter — Mon 25th December 2006 @ 10:07 pm

  3. Anyone can accuse anyone of anything at any time. What you’ve failed to mention is whether or not she’d win. And so you’ve established nothing, just spread mindless sexist propaganda.
    You’ve got good cause but you’re hurting yourself with moronic articles like these.


    Comment by Chelsea — Wed 27th December 2006 @ 11:26 pm

  4. Gee… I thought you Canadians were multi-culturalists. This man is from another culture, and you aren’t respecting his culture or his facts & opinions. Hmm..I guess when feminists say they respect other cultures they mean when these cultures can undermine their own countries traditions, or when these cultures have been gutted by social enginnering! Your tolerance is gone in a puff of smoke it would seem.

    As for your straw women, since family courts are usually closed (at feminst & sophistcommand) how on earth are we to tally whose winning under what charges. All the courts are hiding their one-sided handing over of children to women. Men’s groups are slowly putting together the numbers dispite this state secret. A women can simply appear and if she doesn’t scream, or show drug tracks up her arm, than bingo she gets the child in about 90+ % of the cases. In many of the other 10% of the cases the women doesn’t want the child and the state then gives the child up for adoption whether the man knows what is going on or not.

    You are projecting your propangada on to us.

    Comment by Intrepid — Thu 28th December 2006 @ 2:52 pm

  5. Hello

    I am also victim of new DV law in india which came in force since Oct 06.My ex abducted my childern with all leagl papers from mumbai airport when we were transiting from NZ to UK.It was preplanned clearly and last week she filled fake DV claim and demanded hefty interim relif,custody of childern and stopping me seing or contacting her.Both childern are habitual resident in NZ and this is clearly a worst form of child abuse one can imagine!I am trying to get her extradited to NZ to be tried here and get punished. any suggestion welcome..
    HAPPY New Year 2007
    “Year of Abused Men”

    Comment by vaghela s v — Mon 1st January 2007 @ 7:45 am

  6. This article is disturbing. Not because I am not worried about the affliction of men’s rights, but because of the sick amount of ignorance that is being allowed to fester here. Take it from someone who has lived and studied cultural anthropology in India for several years and knows the truth. The marital system in India does need the new domestic violence bill. Considerably so.
    And before you post any more ignorant ravings in response to my post, I would like you to ask yourselves something:
    Do you always take things for granted when they are said by someone who has no evident crudentials to back up their staments?

    I would also like to add that such articles and comments are a severe disgrace to me, and other men,
    Who unlike the writer of the article, took time and thought to evaluate the actual circumstances of domestic violence in India.

    Comment by David Cane (Dr.) — Thu 3rd May 2007 @ 2:23 pm

  7. We can see lot of things in India which are related to war and violence but the thing is this that is their any solution of this

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    Comment by learning how to play blackjack — Wed 21st January 2009 @ 12:45 am

  8. Hehe, wirklich gut. Komme nun

    Comment by Pierre Cassetty — Sat 9th January 2010 @ 3:16 am

  9. @6 David Cane,
    You haven’t addressed a single issue posted in the original article.
    Merely come here and apparently sought to browbeat and bully with the weight of supposed credentials and insults targeting those who disagree with your view.
    I suggest a more constructive approach would be to outline issue by issue why you disagree so vehemently with Intrepids posting.
    For the record i disagree with some of the points made, but I’m not going to start disrespecting people by throwing my credentials (which are considerable) around and insulting people with labels like moronic.

    Comment by Skeptik — Tue 17th August 2010 @ 5:17 am

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