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Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 2:38 pm Fri 22nd December 2006

Dateline: Atlanta, USA
By: Pitbull
From: The Honor Network

Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP)

With stats from both the UK and USA governments showing that Deadbeat Mothers are worse than Deadbeat Dads you would think that they could jail at least one such woman, yet what is in fact happening is the state is trampling over itself and other departments (and all traditional laws and rights in many countries) in an effort to put fathers only in jail. In this head long rush innocent men are having their reputations destroyed and are being jailed, bankrupted and I’m sure in some cases much worse, from possible suicide from their unjust situations in jail. Why? Well the establishment wants money from those who have it, and thinks it can get more from bleeding a stone.

Of course how these men are going to give support from behind bars seems above the heads of self-rightous highly educated judges ( often female judges who have watched too much Ophra not doubt).

Here is only the latest version of what is going on across the US as the state ignores Deadbeat Mothers and hammers innocent men. For those who think there are but a few they mustn’t be looking very hard, for there are somewhere between 100s and 1000s depending on whether you want to look (in just one country or all).

ATLANTA (From: Newswire): Emmanuel Coleman-Ruff, age 20, took a wrong left turn and entered a whole new world. That world is a child support enforcement system that many deem overzealous, where our precious American value of “innocent until proven guilty” is too frequently ignored.

“I accidentally took a wrong left turn and got stopped by College Park Police. The officer came back to my car and said I had a criminal warrant for child abandonment for a 7-year-old child, said Emmanuel. “I have never met the mother….I know for a fact that I don’t have a kid…I am 100 percent sure that I am not the father.”

Emmanuel says he was treated harshly, handcuffed, and taken to the College Park police station. He was later transferred to Atlanta’s Fulton County Jail and held for three days, including sitting in “solitary confinement” for 3 hours. He describes his experience as “mental torture”.

That’s a total of 4 days Emmanuel Coleman-Ruff spent in jail . He says no Miranda rights were ever read to him. Emmanuel must appear in Fulton County court on Dec. 11, 2006 or face more jail time.

Emmanuel’s mother, Della Coleman, was equally distraught over the situation. She said, “My son has no record of child support. It’s costing us to prove Emmanuel’s innocence. It’s not right.”

Florida ( From WKMG-TV) “Boy Mistakenly Threatened With Jail For Being Deadbeat Dad” A mother sought help when the child support agency mistakenly accused her son, age 16, of owing thousands of dollars in child support for several children, some older than he is.

“Although some people who receive erroneous child support orders, think the error is not serious, those oppressed by questionable practices, paternity fraud, or errors quickly find that this is no laughing matter. Too often we see people who think a 5 minute call to a child support enforcement agency would clear up an obvious mistake become hostages of the state. For some, it can take months, or years to correct these mistakes, if ever,” said Smith.

Carnell Smith says the potentially traumatizing experience may have lasting effects on the accused, their family, extended family, and children. All citizens should be concerned.

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