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How Low Will the State Let Women Blow? ( It Seems There is No Limit)

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 9:37 pm Fri 21st April 2006

CHICAGO (AP) – An appeals court said a man can press a claim for emotional distress after learning a former lover had used his sperm to have a baby. But he can’t claim theft, the ruling said, because the sperm were hers to keep.

The ruling Wednesday by the Illinois Appellate Court sends Dr. Richard O. Phillips’ distress case back to trial court.

Phillips accuses Dr. Sharon Irons of a “calculated, profound personal betrayal” after their affair six years ago, saying she secretly kept semen after they had oral sex, then used it to get pregnant.

He said he didn’t find out about the child for nearly two years, when Irons filed a paternity lawsuit. DNA tests confirmed Phillips was the father, the court papers state.

Phillips was ordered to pay about $800 a month in child support, said Irons’ attorney, Enrico Mirabelli.

Phillips sued Irons, claiming he has had trouble sleeping and eating and has been haunted by “feelings of being trapped in a nightmare,” court papers state.

Irons responded that her alleged actions weren’t “truly extreme and outrageous” and that Phillips’ pain wasn’t bad enough to merit a lawsuit. The circuit court agreed and dismissed Phillips’ lawsuit in 2003.

But the higher court ruled that, if Phillips’ story is true, Irons “deceitfully engaged in sexual acts, which no reasonable person would expect could result in pregnancy, to use plaintiff’s sperm in an unorthodox, unanticipated manner yielding extreme consequences.”

The judges backed the lower court decision to dismiss the fraud and theft claims, agreeing with Irons that she didn’t steal the sperm.

“She asserts that when plaintiff ‘delivered’ his sperm, it was a gift — an absolute and irrevocable transfer of title to property from a donor to a donee,” the decision said. “There was no agreement that the original deposit would be returned upon request.”

Phillips is representing himself in the case. He could not be reached for comment Thursday.

“There’s a 5-year-old child here,” Mirabelli said. “Imagine how a child feels when your father says he feels emotionally damaged by your birth.”


  1. The modern women appears before us. This women in the US planned it all using every indirect skill she has, and then used the indirect state to defend her. No one cares that this women is honourless to the core, for what is honor anymore in this world of women who can do no wrong.
    Make sure you don’t have any wet dreams lads, for there may be a smart Amazonian with a cup and a lawyer at your bedside. I just don’t understand why every man isn’t knocking down the door to organize to put an end this once and for all. Unless they are all pussy-whipped. Just because you have a nice wife(as I) doesn’t mean you need to find a way to never be angry. There should be more Peters, but alas calmness in the face of evil is called strong in todays world. Please one of you soft blokes find a way to paint this one with some calm way to deal with it. Should we go to the big biased media, who ignore this, or find some other reason not to cooperate due to “ego”.

    Comment by Intrepid — Fri 21st April 2006 @ 10:04 pm

  2. Intrepid,
    Wow. unbelievable. Are you, “knocking down the door to organize to put an end this once and for all?”

    Comment by julie — Sat 22nd April 2006 @ 12:24 am

  3. Julie,
    Anything to say about Chicago! I will always discuss the big picture, but avoid the personal picture, unless it has something in relation to a big picture.
    I’m a househusband of sorts and take care of my son more than my wife, and he, or any of the other poorly treated kids in the West, having nothing to do with what is wrong with the present situation. They are simply the result of the world others have created or the genes they have been given.
    To discuss them is, in a way, a endless digression. Many wrap themselves in a kind of flag, by preaching about the kids, the kids and more kids. I have seen only a lot of women do this all my life.
    I don’t care about your daily life, or how you feel. Yet if you have something logical to add to the issues, above the personal, I’d be very interested in it. If not, you can expect no replies to heart-on-the-sleeve stuff. There are lots of people into that kind of stuff. I’m only interested in that kind of stuff found in my circle, for it relates to my life.
    I look forward to you providing some logical solutions to the problems you’ve gone over at length, for you seem serious committed to feeling sorry for others.

    Comment by Intrepid — Sat 22nd April 2006 @ 1:50 am

  4. You might be surprised to know I am doing similar things as you and in the same area. But I try hard to not give sympathy. I said “try” for I still get emotionally involved. I have mentors to hepl me. If I gave sympathy then I would be telling young people that they have the right to give up.
    Honestly, I sometimes would like to knock people’s heads together and get aggressive. But I know that will only put me behind bars and that doesn’t rolemodel well.
    The other thing is that I was not aware of most of the issues on this site. And I am doing what I can about it. I only asked you so I can get a picture of what people are doing.

    Comment by julie — Sat 22nd April 2006 @ 10:30 am

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