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Info Please

Filed under: General — dpex @ 6:21 pm Fri 14th July 2006

Hi all.

Is anyone able to provide me with accurate details regarding the way the proportion of income a non-custodial partner is required to pay in child/custodial maintenance is calculated?

Further, is any or all of the amount paid additive to the sum the
custodial parent gets from DPB?

Does anyone know ‘exactly’ how this process is calculated?


10 Responses to “Info Please”

  1. starr says:

    julie’s got a better handle on this but from what i understand its your income take away living allowance (approx. 17,000 i think) then 18% of the remainder goes to your ex.
    answer to question 2… yes it adds on the DPB.

  2. triassic says:

    First % if care not shared. Second % if shared

    One child 18% 12%
    Two children 24% 18%
    Three children 27% 21%
    Four children 30% 24%
    Five children 30% 25.5%
    Six children 30% 27%
    Seven children 30% 28.5%
    Eight or more children 30% 30%

    Living allowance deducted from your gross income…

    Single and no children living with you $12,784
    Married or de facto and no children living with you $17,286
    Single, married or de facto and one child living with you $24,233
    Single, married or de facto and two children living with you $26,677
    Single, married or de facto and three children living with you $29,121
    Single, married or de facto and four or more children living with you $31,565

  3. SNMP says:

    One thing to also take into account is you may not be entitled to anything above a single living allowance it your married/ de facto partner is earning anything above the Dole.
    As for DPB, the money paid in child support goes to the state unless the amount paid is above the DPB being received. If the amount in child support is greater than the DPB being paid then that extra amount will be paid to the custodial parent.
    This does not happen in many cases as DPB is around $270 per week + (1 child) and the liable parent would need to be earning $91,000 per annum to be required to pay more than the amount being revived on DPB.
    This is of course unless there is either an admin review in place or a court order requiring this level of support on some one earning less than this.

  4. Paul Catton says:

    Does anyone know ‘exactly’ how this process is calculated?

    No, these are figures that have been formulated by feminazi’s, and have no bearing to the figures paid out by other agencies.
    i.e foster care payments a child depending upon circumstances.
    Should this not then be used as a “base figure” realising that it only costs marginally more to house and provide sustenance to more than one unit for plurals sake as evinced by superannuation recipients when they are “cluster like”, man & wife!!!!

  5. Paul Catton says:

    Dave’s question I believe is “How exactly is the formila calulated?” not “What is the formula for calculation?”.
    Or it should be!!!!!!!!!!

  6. julie says:

    Child support payments % sounds right by what triassic says. However the living allowances are as follows. (2007)

    Living allowance (single) $13,149.00
    (with partner) $17,772.00
    (partner and 1 chid) $24,919.00
    (partner and 2 children) $27,441.00
    (partner and 3 children) $29,963.00
    (partner and 4 children) $32,485.00

  7. Scrap_The_CSA says:

    The formula is (a-b)x C

    a = Paying parent income before tax

    b= The living allowance

    C = the percentage.

    If the ammount paid is greater than the DPB the remainder is paid to the reciving parent.



  8. triassic says:

    All courts have a uniform formula for seperating couples. Remember this if you intend to enter one….


    = xx+$


  9. Al D Rado says:

    My Womanifesto stipulates the formula is calculated as:
    – Total Annual Income of non-custodial father
    – Less Total Tax payable
    – Less 80% of the balance payable as child support
    – Less 120% of the balance just to rub salt in the wound.

    or the odd non-custodial mother, child support is calculated at
    – whatever you feel like contributing
    – less whatever you would like to keep for yourself


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