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International Men’s Rights Think Tank

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 1:46 pm Sun 19th February 2006

Dear Menz Members & Visitors,
I would like to thank John. P for this opportunity to place this on his notice board. I’m a Canadian that has, like countless other men, suffered under the unjust laws found in many western countries toward average men.

I’d like to have a call out for New Zealand & Australian men, who are part of a men’s organization or just committed to the cause, to take part in a very large men’s rights think tank that will be run over the Internet? This will begin later this year, and will involve as wide an element of men organizations from around the anglosphere as possible. Already word has gotten around and the list is going. This is not an exercise for some project at a university.

This effort has been undertaken in an effort to bring about a loose level of cooperation in the long term of all men’s rights organizations in English speaking nations, along with other elements like that of the anti-PC movement. All are welcome to apply, but one should be prepared to do a large element of emailing of one’s personal detailed positions to us, and also be prepared to do a lot of reading of other people’s positions.

You may put forth more than one person, but we are looking for a cross section of men from varying backgrounds and nationalities, so as to get a fair view of all men interested in conditional cooperation in this cause of our time. After contacting us you will receive a questionnaire asking questions that are not related to your income- only your views, so as to once again get a good cross section of men.

Once this questionnaire is filled out you will then be put in contact with the coordinator who will tell you the information you need to know. If you have a background that we need, to add balance to this very large discussion group and choose to join, you will be given a pseudonym so as to keep your views and the men’s website you may belong to under wraps from the other participating men. This isn’t a way to promote anyone’s website, for it will not be run on anyone’s website. At the end of the forum you are welcome to exchange information with other participants, if they wish to do so with you. These precautions are due in large part to the process of a think tank in keeping communication above the table, as much as giving participants the freedom to express themselves freely. Other aspects of the think tank will be made available to you far in advance of its start.

If you are interested please contact me at :
[email protected]

Thank you for your time and thank you also in your efforts in helping men, fathers and their kids,



  1. Intrepid,
    Best of luck with this, I hope it goes well!.

    Comment by Mike — Wed 22nd February 2006 @ 1:19 pm

  2. Probably not best place to put this.
    But this person does have rights.

    He has a right to a fair trial.

    His lawyer was not present at his trial.
    His interpreter was not present at his trial.
    He was not tried separately.
    He did not have a full jury, or at least 11.
    He had witnesses not presented.
    And a personal conflict with his lawyer.

    He has a right to equal justice.

    He got 25 years for what?

    Fung is linked with Fan.
    And I assume Fung with the masterminds.
    Where is the link with Deng in this.
    They have no link to him with the operation.
    Fan knew where the car keys were.
    4 years of knowing each other but no link?

    Deng wasn’t charged in relation to the Polymer importations, but he was for what police argued was a crucial role in the ‘Isaac Shipment’.

    What crucial role was that.
    I cannot see it.
    Fung and Fan did not need him.
    No evidence of importing or exporting.
    No evidence of knowledge of the operation.
    A link to a phone call to a mystery person.
    That may or may not have happened.

    This does not seem valid to me.
    That doesn’t mean he wasn’t.
    But I see no evidence.

    No evidence and a dodgy trial.
    But the police can celebrate victory.

    Better a thousand go free than one innocent found guilty.

    Comment by DJ Ward — Sun 17th January 2021 @ 12:04 pm

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