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Investigate: The Smoking Gun Issue.

Filed under: General,Men's Health — Downunder @ 11:30 am Fri 22nd September 2006

If you look past the Peter Davis editorial……

It certainly is The Smoking Gun Issue.

There is an interesting article by Miranda Devine, entitiled women pulling the plug.

“Some discussion at the forum revolved around a six year US study of 65 married couples that found that the secret to a lasting marriage was a husband that did what his wife says.”

The above extract highlighted in the article is out of context.

Professor William Dohertys other comments.

“Best, says Doherty, to base the “marriage movement” on common language of research which shows that children raised in an intact marriage do better in general in all scales than those who aren’t.
A new generation burnt by the experience of their parents’ failures, yet longing for love because of it, are on the threshold of embracing marriage or rejecting it. This makes more urgent the task of “selling” the institution as the foremost protector of children and ultimately the best vehicle for human fulfilment.”

Another article How the west was lost: questions the future of countries who simply give up breeding, perhaps something we should seriously consider ourselves.


  1. The PM s husband does not do what his lovely “Miss” wife says -say no more d4j say no more other than a smoking cannon is packing a big ready -lol ? Anyway good read this months investigate and regarding the Devine article – I did not hate reading my daughters a bed time story everynight , in fact I enjoyed it bigtime .For a mother to say she hated doing it and then to say it was “tedious” makes me think that Kids seem to have gone out of fashion with the feminazis these days ?? Take the childless pm for example….what a role model for women !!

    Comment by dad4justice — Fri 22nd September 2006 @ 12:04 pm

  2. Just do what my wife says? Pussy Whipped 101? Now I understand! My wife & I after 11 years should get a divorce immediately. We are doing it all wrong.

    Respect for what the other does well, ba hum bug. Never automatically following my wifes emotions in all issues she considers scary, dangerous to the tea party set. How on earth did a 1000 years of usual male rule of the family get us here? Plain old luck to Diva Devine I guess.

    I can get the same message on Oprah, “Mommy dearest knows best”. When I read such BS it just reminds me of the cause of the low birth rate, not anything of a solution. Or how about those who say a relationaship is built on the endless 50/50 modal, like having one on top for sex for 50% of the time, until the alarm buzzer goes off, and then switching( just to be fair & equal).

    The key to fixing this problem doesn’t rest in formulating some modals for good cooperation & communication, this has been done by many to good effect. It is getting all the people running on emotion to do more than say the communication rules are good at the sit down discussion with a consellor.

    It is getting both people in a relationship to act on these good methods when they come to the nasty impasses, and usually this is when people run on emotional instincts, which is glorified by movies, music etc. Both sexes suffer from this, but it is women who worship at this “follow my instincts mystic thing” much more than men, and have been the leaders of the family over the last few decades. They must answer for why they have failed so miserably in bringing on this Gender War than some kind of Gender Harmony.

    One final point. The men’s movment suffers too from this with many unable to cooperate with give & take. Many are infact running from being fenced in and the last thing they want to do is join any other fenced in area. This is understandable on an instinctal level (with so many wishing to fence in and use men’s work horse attributes), but it is better to be fenced in a little with some say in which fences than be used and have no say in the maze of fences the establishments continues to move around men when they bolt over each one set around them. It is time to find unity and start to kick down the fences together. It is means give & take and minimum fence construction.

    Comment by Intrepid — Fri 22nd September 2006 @ 12:22 pm

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