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National Party has a new leader. What does that mean?

Filed under: General — Julie @ 8:48 am Tue 28th November 2006

Political correspondent John Armstrong outlines the main priorities for National’s new leadership.
Tuesday November 28, 2006

Top ten Keys to success

3 Reach out to the country’s women voters.

National desperately needs to address the imbalance which has the party drawing far more support among males. The party needs to move beyond relying on tax cuts as its major branding device. Women voters want reassurance that tax cuts do not entail pillaging Government services. Labour will anyway try to neutralise National on tax cuts by putting forward its own package. Up for review will be whether National continues to pitch its message around Don Brash’s five core priorities – tax cuts, welfare reform, one law for all, law and order, and choice in education.

Now we have both main parties for women. Labor and National. What does that mean for men?

It might be a good idea to either get out of New Zealand ASAP (before they stop you from being able to) or put all assets into Trusts, visit Mental health for depression, sit on a benefit and go fishing or bush until it all comes crumbling down.

$14 a week in Child Support, no interest added, no stress.


  1. Key should be savvy enough to know that if you provide incentives for women to lounge at the taxpayer’s expense they’ll do so. Likewise if you provide disincentives for men to earn more (they percieve themselves to be paying high taxes and being used by bludgers) then they’ll stop striving to achieve.
    So the political reality is if Key wants to buy female votes he’ll switch off his huge male voter base.
    You’re right in your assessment Julie.
    If Key also turns a blind eye to male aspirations they’ll alienate Kiwi blokes, many who’ll be bright enough to leave for greener pastures.
    Given the significant amount of consciousness raising currently happening amongst western men about their lot that it may prove more politically prudent to get women off their arses and more self sustaining instead of continually treating them as state dependents (something Labour seems to do)- which is a very demeaning way to treat women.
    Clinton did a get tough, get off the benefit act with American women and it led to a hugely decreased drain on taxpayers with falling ‘welfare’ numbers.
    Will Key have similar guts?
    Time will tell.

    Comment by Stephen — Tue 28th November 2006 @ 9:21 am

  2. With the femenists plan of equal gender pay which is united among countries I would think that from 2007
    in the UK would be similar to Australia and NZ (as they work together to implement)

    I think women are going to feel alot of pressure and alot of bad things will start happening to the children.

    Here is a poem an 18 year old male gave to me.


    My life was so brutal
    My childhood sad
    Why did my mother beat me so bad
    What can a 4 year old do
    To make my mother’s anger come through
    Was it my fault, Yes: I say yes
    It was my fault!

    My life was so brutal
    My childhood so sad
    My thoughts always clouded
    By violence unfounded
    The hand of punishment
    That mean’t so much to one person
    Made my life an emmersion
    Of anger, violence and desertion

    My life was so brutal
    My childhood so sad
    Why did my mother beat me so bad
    You tried to break me
    I always resisted
    But day in and day out
    The beatings persisted
    I could not see
    What eventually would be
    Until I did to others
    What you did to me.

    And we lock this young man up while we consider that his mother has issues.
    Go, figure.

    Comment by julie — Tue 28th November 2006 @ 1:53 pm

  3. Sad indeed. Political parties in all countries know more women voters + bureaucrats wanting to control their jobs/funds + manginas > than divided and men.

    Comment by Intrepid — Tue 28th November 2006 @ 2:30 pm

  4. To be fair to John Boy Keys, he has only just been in a job for a very short time, and is the new kid on the block. However, it is rather refreshing to be able to watch a new leader develop the necessary skills to succeed in the present political cuckoo —spit, that is, currently saturating the integrity of kiwi politics. It will be interesting to see what his “ values “ are? Just imagine, him being a father would address all the problems associated with fatherlessness? Just maybe we could get some political paternal balance, so we had a equal playing field for all ?Just think of equal parenting being made law . I just finished the tough minded optimist so that must explain my delusions.

    Comment by dad4justice — Tue 28th November 2006 @ 10:24 pm

  5. I’m wondering if someone would be prepared to pin John Keys down and ask if he agreed with Don Brash’s “from the cradle to the jail” speach delivered a few weeks ago.
    If he does not support Don Brash’s speach, then he is ignoring the popular voice of front line police who say that boys who grow up without fathers are likely to adopt criminal behaviour. He would also be ignoring two recently reported long term studies done here in NZ support that fact.
    If he does support Don Brash’s speech, he should not only be supporting, but pushing for a Ministry of Men’s Affairs or a Men’s Commissioner, and given that women “just want to be treated equal”, then the implimentation of a government department to look after Men’s affairs should be paletable to the female vote. After all, we have government departments specifically for Women, Children, Elderly, those with disabilities, immigrants, animals, Rugby etc, etc, yet unbelieveably, no government department to look after the affairs of men, who are statiscally worse off in almost every aspect of life.
    I would like to see John Keys pinned down on these issues while he is still green. If the right person is able to coax his ansers out publicly, we may actually have a Political party that can champion for men while also drawing the female vote.
    Perhaps you Julie would be able to convince one of the currant affairs shows to put the questions to John Keys.

    Comment by xsryder — Wed 29th November 2006 @ 9:26 am

  6. Lational or Nabour when, oh when, are men going to realise that there is no real difference between their core ideologies?



    Comment by Scrap_The_CSA — Wed 29th November 2006 @ 11:33 am

  7. Scrap,

    I don’t know what you mean by core ideologies? Would you mind explaining, please?

    But I do hear that Peter Shapples is a very clever man and I do hear him saying, “We need to talk about it” when it comes to Violence. I get the impression he means, “Let’s talk about women and men being victims and perpertrators. Pacific islander women (not all) do slap their kids around (they have been my best support with my eldest son and they are full of love also) and many Moari women are violent. He won’t say it but he is asking others to “Be brave” and I know he and Maori women’s refuges and the like know what is going on for it is in their own families. But as ‘Once were warriors’ is very real in their past he knows he needs to be cautious. They want to SAVE thier families just like UF and other parties including the Republic. Some of these people got into politics just for families. Your family at the end of the day is the most valuable thing (besides your own health and wellbeing). It is not just your foundation but is the one thing you can count on as support for your whole life. When you become a parent, you are a parent for life. Through thick and thin.

    All the most basic needs of people are not being met because of radical feminist greed for power and money.

    I think that if they all get together as they are planning to then we will be saved. If the votes come down to the sexes then we will stay going downhill as human beings and families.
    He wants to unite and the others want to unite. If they unite they get both male and female voters.

    Somethings up!!!

    Hi xsryder,

    I have been talking about ‘what us women can do’ over the past few days with a few women. We figured that men don’t have much of a hope to stand in the face of these feminsits and hold them accountable. For they will say, “You must be a rapist or a women basher” and they will tear shreds from you. Only women can confront these women.

    I am waiting for replies on something to go live on TV.

    Comment by julie — Wed 29th November 2006 @ 2:42 pm

  8. My question is the new National Party leader is simple;

    Are they prepared to support the concept of equal parenting ?

    Comment by dad4justice — Wed 29th November 2006 @ 5:43 pm

  9. Dad4justice,

    That’s where the republic party can come in. If they can gain a seat or seats then we will get that through.

    They will be LOUD. They are not out there to make money from politics but for CHANGE. ASAP.

    Hey, I just got warned that my phone is tapped. “We are listening to your conversations” it says among a bit more.

    Wow, this brings me back to the old days.

    Stay optimistic my brother, she (radical feminism) will fall but not on our terms. We are just one grain of sand. Please believe, good always conquers bad in the long run.

    Comment by julie — Wed 29th November 2006 @ 7:18 pm

  10. Dear Julie

    All lines of communication from my Rolleston dugout are bugged (I have proof) and have been since March 2003 ! Welcome to kiwiland where you get crushed if speak about injustice . Enjoy the “All MEN ARE BASTARDS KNIFE BLOCK” on TV One tonight !!! I might buy one for me – self for Christmas !!! Maybe the family court might send me one ??? I am ashamed to be the FATHER of 4 kiwi born children !!!What a gender prejudice country as you can imagine the huge out cry if I produced a “All Women Are Sluts Knife Block “

    Comment by dad4justice — Wed 29th November 2006 @ 10:15 pm

  11. Still Collins with Welfare (ho hum on that one)

    Simon Power with Justice (could be interesting)

    Lockwood Smith with Revenue (could be interesting)

    Jacquie Blue with Wimmins Affairs but no Mens Affairs???

    December 2006
    John Key
    Bill English
    Deputy Leader
    Gerry Brownlee
    Shadow Leader of the House
    State Owned Enterprises
    State Services
    Chair of Strategy Committee
    Simon Power
    Nick Smith
    Climate Change
    Building & Construction
    Caucus representative on Party’s Board
    Tony Ryall
    Judith Collins
    Veterans’ Affairs
    Family Affairs
    Katherine Rich
    Maurice Williamson
    Communications/Information Technology
    David Carter
    Murray McCully
    Foreign Affairs
    Sport & Recreation
    Associate Defence
    Lockwood Smith
    Associate Finance
    Wayne Mapp
    Auckland Issues
    Associate Labour & Industrial Relations
    Chair of Caucus Policy Committee
    Chris Finlayson
    Attorney General
    Treaty Negotiations
    Arts, Culture & Heritage
    Tim Groser
    Associate Finance
    Anne Tolley
    Chief Whip
    Associate Welfare (CYFS)
    Lindsay Tisch
    Small Business
    Pansy Wong
    Ethnic Affairs
    Associate Education (International Education)
    Associate Immigration
    John Carter
    Local Government
    Civil Defence
    Phil Heatley
    Fisheries Associate Energy
    te Heuheu
    Maori Affairs (Culture & Development)
    Associate Defence
    Paul Hutchison
    Tertiary Education
    Associate ACC
    Research, Science & Technology/CRIs
    Policy on Children
    Disability Issues
    Shane Ardern
    Richard Worth
    Economic Development
    Associate Justice
    Associate Ethnic Affairs
    Tau Henare
    Maori Affairs (Education & TPK)
    Jonathan Coleman
    Associate Health
    Clem Simich
    Deputy Speaker
    Associate Foreign Affairs
    Kate Wilkinson
    Labour & Industrial Relations
    Consumer Affairs
    Associate Justice
    Eric Roy
    Outdoor Recreation
    Associate Conservation
    Sandra Goudie
    Senior Citizens
    Internal Affairs
    Associate Local Government
    Chris Auchinvole
    Associate Energy (Mining)
    Associate Tourism
    David Bennett
    Associate Transport
    Paula Bennett
    Associate Education (Early Childhood)
    Associate Labour & Industrial Relations
    Jackie Blue
    Associate Health
    Women’s Affairs
    Mark Blumsky
    Associate Local Government
    Associate Economic Development
    Chester Borrows
    Associate Welfare
    Bob Clarkson
    Associate Building & Construction
    Associate Housing
    Jacqui Dean
    Associate Environment/RMA
    Craig Foss
    Associate Finance
    Associate Agriculture (Horticulture)
    Jo Goodhew
    Associate Health
    Nathan Guy
    Junior Whip
    Associate Agriculture
    John Hayes
    Associate Foreign Affairs & Trade
    (Pacific Affairs and ODA)
    Colin King
    Associate Education (Trade Training)
    Allan Peachey
    Associate Education
    Katrina Shanks
    Associate Commerce
    Associate Economic Development
    Chris Tremain
    Associate Economic Development
    Associate Small Business
    Nicky Wagner
    Youth Affairs
    Associate Environment/RMA
    Associate Arts, Culture & Heritage

    Comment by Mark Lloyd — Fri 1st December 2006 @ 1:25 pm

  12. Thank-you Mark for that information.

    But do we not need to question politics?

    I am starting to wonder whether they just hand these port folios out to who ever they THINK might have the slightest understanding. That is not the way to run 4+ million people, with their future in your hands. Is it true that this whole system is screwed up?

    Is this not just a group of people that rely on research from Universities that tax payers pay around $400 an hour for (with most being irrelavent for not fitting in with the politions own personal agenda)

    Is this not ‘Way out of touch with the PEOPLE.’

    Hmmm. Let’s see. Research is made from an hypotheses. An hypotheses is, “is something greater or less.” It is not fact. Here’s one Aucklanders are pissed off with. the Rugby stadium. We are given a choice, “Do we want Eden Park or do we want a brand new underpriced (as we know they are way off with their estimates) stadium on the waterfront? No-one asks us if we even what the damn thing. Most Aucklanders would rather it go elsewhere. Our council rates are already around the $100 mark a week. We can’t afford more than that.

    Doesn’t anyone knock on doors anymore and ask the people what they want? Don’t we find out from businesses what they want? No. We just manipulate them.

    And while we are busy with the rugby stadium our lovely councellors are pushing through a law to make us one council. S**t. We, the people are so busy just trying to get by with work, kids and more that we don’t even have time to say, “What the hell is going on.”

    Judge Boshier is in churches promoting women’s rights. He is not just a judge, he is the head of judges. But what would be his benefit, you ask??? Well, maybe it is because the politions are making law so that he can retire earlier than other New Zealanders right now. (Go father’s coalition for being on to this and protesting outside churches he preaches)

    How can any one force be able to keep up with this. Oh, that’s right the feminists can because they have funding coming out of their ears. They are just manipulating the whole picture.

    I don’t want to be an Amorzonian woman. And I don’t want it for our younger females for they don’t want it either.

    Comment by julie — Fri 1st December 2006 @ 3:14 pm

  13. Won’t matter much soon, because there will likely be so few men left in the Shaky Isles. Personally, I am off to Thailand asap. See the below article from The Times in the UK…

    Women left with thick end of the wedge
    By Bernard Lagan
    Well-educated men taking jobs overseas has left Kiwi singletons with limited romantic options

    TWO years ago Simon Chapple, a government economist in New Zealand, noticed that he and his wife had an increasing number of well-educated and attractive women friends, none of whom seemed able to find a male partner.

    “There were a lot of women who would like to have a child, but they could not find a partner,” Dr Chapple recalls. He suspected that his women friends were victims of an emerging “man drought” – a dearth of well-qualified men of marriageable age.

    Dr Chapple’s observations have now led to a government-funded study that has confirmed a widening gap in New Zealand between the numbers of well-qualified younger men and women. The study found that women graduates aged 25-30 outnumber by a third the number of similarly qualified men in New Zealand. Twenty years ago, 61 per cent of female graduates had partners with similar qualifications – a figure that has now fallen to about 50 per cent.

    The report says that the man shortage is forcing women to “marry down”, become solo mothers or remain single. It even raises the possibility that more New Zealand women will enter lesbian relationships, and that rugged Kiwi males will have to do more childcare because their better-qualified female partners will be the primary breadwinners.

    One 39-year-old senior policy analyst in Wellington – who did not wish to be named – told The Times that most of her female friends were well-connected, professional women but, like her, single. “They wonder how they are not in a relationship where children are possible,” she said. Formal dates were a thing of the past: “You just happen to be at the right place at the right time, you snog somebody and then you are in the sack – it’s not exactly a dating culture.”

    The report – a joint study by academic and government experts – suggests that the dominant cause of the “man drought” is probably that well-qualified men are leaving New Zealand for higher salaries overseas. There is strong evidence, it says, that the men stay away while women in well-paid jobs overseas often return home because they miss family. The problem for single women is exacerbated by a surplus of females among migrants to New Zealand from Australia, the US and Europe.

    The study says that New Zealand, which already has a female Prime Minister, Chief Justice and Governor-General, will in the future have more women in senior positions. It adds: “It is also possible, given an apparent excess of women, that more female same-sex couples will form.”

    Melissa King, a women’s magazine editor in Auckland, tried to counter the despondency of New Zealand’s women by publishing a list of towns where men outnumber women.

    Ms King said, however, that she had women friends in London who had reconsidered their intention to return to New Zealand because they feared that they would not find a partner. She also said that some New Zealand men were becoming arrogant.

    “They think, ‘Wow, there are hundreds of available women. I don’t have to treat them that well’,” she said.

    The Wellington policy analyst said that there were other options for single women. “All I can say is get a cat and a vibrator – it worked for me.”

    Comment by Freethinker — Fri 1st December 2006 @ 10:23 pm

  14. Thanks Freethinker,
    An interesting article.

    I wish you well in Thailand.

    Word travels fast amongst the small populace of nz men connected electronically globally. I don’t blame educated Kiwi men for moving away from nz.

    That’s too bad.
    Whether you like it or not you ARE an Amazonian – as women in nz have lots more going for them than men there.
    How does it feel to be scaring men off under feminzt laws?

    It will now take an aweful lot for John Keys, Bill English and Co to intice those of us who’ve tasted freedom back to the femiNZt apparition that we left/are leaving.
    For many nz men there’s better income/standard of living, more equal rights and much more respect to be had in other lands right now.

    I recently showed some female Korean colleagues some of the things being said in public by Kiwi women about Kiwi men and they were shocked and saddened. They reckon Kiwi women are spoilt rotten and Kiwi men are horrible unappreciated. Amazing how much they truly empathise.

    Comment by Stephen — Fri 1st December 2006 @ 11:52 pm

  15. Not convinced of what Freethinker, Julie and I are raving on about ……?
    Try this out……
    Carey Roberts
    spells out how he sees things in the USA and in doing so opens a gaping wound of the Western world.

    Comment by Stephen — Sat 2nd December 2006 @ 12:00 am

  16. Sorry folks.
    I tried to create a link to Carey Roberts but somethings amiss.
    You can catch his article as

    Comment by Stephen — Sat 2nd December 2006 @ 12:02 am

  17. Stephen,

    How does it feel to be scaring men off under feminzt laws?

    I feel very sad and very bad.

    Are you enjoying this?

    I think, politicians need to start challenging some of the research that is ‘making this possible.’ The research is WRONG and I have been told this from a good source. (Feminist Researcher, who even says the death numbers are wrong for they are way above the truth) 14 deaths a year we hear of women dying from the hands of a man because of domestic violence. She says it is more like 2 and that it is hard for the public to know because the police are not allowed to gender deaths. Something the radical feminists did to cover their tracks. They are using outrageous hypothesis and questions to gain some of this information. Their research is more based on options for answers that make the research and the stats give false truths.

    And they have lots of research reports to choose from so they use the ones that suit their agenda.

    Comment by julie — Sat 2nd December 2006 @ 10:09 am

  18. Julie,

    You’re expressing a pain westernised women have brought on themselves.
    It’s going to increase until there are radical changes in the way they relate to men, especially in view of male consciousness raising, the new male birth control technologies and the electronic outing of female abuse being rolled out as we speak.

    I’m merely enjoying the fact that FINALLY after 30 years of suffering nz women’s indifference, misplaced feminist browbeating, callous vindictiveness, overwrought victim bleatings and narcicism there’s ONE WOMAN in the whole of nz I know of going on line expressing pain about what’s happening to men in nz – BECAUSE IT’S IMPACTING HER.

    That many men are smartening up and backing away from women is undeniable and entirely predictable. I can give you a dozen well researched sources to show this, and I suppose you’ve seen and experienced it firsthand by now yourself. There’s a well pubicised example of this doing the rounds of men’s websites globally whereby a Scottish club advertised for a single’s Valentines night. I have it on good authority that 500 women showed up and TWO men. TWO!

    This phenomenon was entirely predictable as if you administer pain to anyone repeatedly eventually they’ll smarten up and back away from from noxious stimuli.

    So now you have to hold your own pain at male rejection and the pain of empathizing with western men.
    That’s quite a load.
    Take care Sister.

    Comment by Stephen — Sat 2nd December 2006 @ 4:25 pm

  19. Maybe I can put it a way the socialist center elite can understand, like Lenin said, “People vote with their feet.”
    Western men are leaving by voting with their feet. Such movements could never be organized by us, simply encouraged. Men are built to find freedom with all the risks that come with it, and the safe sex is going to have to get used to looking in the mirror as they face lots of other women around. They wanted men to be more like women and they are kinda getting what they wanted. Gay marriages have a much less success rate than our breeder ones, so I guess this won’t solve things either. Many women will go from bragging about wanting a perfect man to getting a sperm bank one. How the mighty have fallen. Feminism has liberated women by giving them the sperm bank! Bravo. I wonder how those in power will try using political speak to say, “Please men come back so we can …… fill in here.” Any ideas blokes?

    Comment by Intrepid — Sat 2nd December 2006 @ 5:58 pm

  20. Julie,

    Having seen the last week do you now understand why Lational and Nabour are ideologically the same?



    Comment by Scrap_The_CSA — Mon 4th December 2006 @ 9:55 am

  21. Labour / National …. it does not matter Jim…..Clark or Key = men get shafted either way. Look at the unfair DV Act, and look at the recent prejudice from the inept families commission .Both sides guilty .Hardly in the child’s best interests !!! Don’t forget the suicide rate eh mate !!!

    What caused this ?

    The iron fisted velvet glove strategy from the cunning feminist underground, who have been assisted by well dressed male eunuch’s from both red and blue political camps. They have eradicated any chance of real men having any say in the running of this pc country .

    Welcome to the feminazi -pc soft cock machine .

    Comment by dad4justice — Mon 4th December 2006 @ 10:03 am

  22. D4J
    “Labour / National …. it does not matter Jim”

    I can understand where you are comming from but what does matter is how men cast their vote.

    Law change is the only option for achieveing equal parental rights and responsibilities and removing the damage done by short sighted breaucrats.

    In that respect it is important that men realise that the mainstream political parties are no different and that they will not deliver the reforms required.




    Comment by Scrap_The_CSA — Mon 4th December 2006 @ 1:21 pm

  23. Right we both understand each other, that is , WE NEED LAW CHANGE.

    My two issues are;
    1. The digusting failure of the judicial system to acknowledge the existence of the vile parental alienation syndrome.

    2. The Domestic Violence Act and the Care of Children Act are not fair, because when allegations of domestic rear their ugly heads for example;
    Section 54 of Care of Children Bill — “Nothing requires the Court to make any inquiries on its own initiative in order to make a determination on the allegation.”

    I have overwhelming evidence the experts were wrong and overwhelming evidence there was criminality.

    I understand all the bias legislation and the non-existence of common sense and balanced legislation that causes so many problems for good non- —custodial parents.

    The system cannot defend the indefensible and the longer they do, simply underlines the need for a full public inquiry.

    I know you are the IRD Child Support expert and I can’t comment really other than to say, it’s my two daughter’s birthdays in a couple weeks, and I have paid child support since they were abducted from my life 3 —July 2001. I have no access to them because of the corrupt Kangaroo De — Family Court.

    I will give each of the judges in the Christchurch Courthouse a Christmas Card while dressed as Batman soon, and a visit to Parliament shortly is on the cards?

    Cheers mate —d4j

    Comment by dad4justice — Mon 4th December 2006 @ 2:04 pm

  24. So how’s this guys,

    After talking to a feminist (Wow, I had no idea how well connected I am until today) there is 2 solutions to DV.

    One is that the Government turns to ‘We are for the people” and regards DV as one for all.


    We go for a male’s commission.

    What other choice do we have? Shared Parenting. Well, I wish that was law when I seperated. That sound so cool to me and from what

    Comment by julie — Mon 4th December 2006 @ 5:27 pm

  25. Dear Julie
    Male’s Commission asap and watch dv rates come down ,. simple as balance needed to fix problem.It will be good for the kids as we can then go for shared parental responsibility.

    Comment by dad4justice — Mon 4th December 2006 @ 5:36 pm

  26. …continue… I am discovering is that the ones that share the parenting are the better off. But how is anyone (male or female) mean’t to know what to do unless it comes from above (being law or the standard of living)

    By the way, Man Alive has a new CEO, “Chris” who is a neat guy. Smart and onto it. But he has already had his ‘radical days’ and now works slowly but surely.

    We can’t expect organisations like this to back us up because they have to care for the Government relationships they have for if the Government was to turn on them then the people will suffer and the good that they can do (they have long term plans and are mean’t to be where they are) will not exist. But they are with us just not as radicals/moderators. That’s cool for we are mean’t to be where we are.

    Life is such a funny thing.

    Comment by julie — Mon 4th December 2006 @ 5:38 pm

  27. DaD4justice,

    You beat me before I finished my comment. I accidently submitted my comment before I was finished.

    This is the other thing.

    The (decent feminists) need to break down “The glass ceiling” in the corporate/business world. Yes, I understand that for that is almost completely controlled by men. Something IMO a male’s commission could solve as then we will understand why the ceiling is in existance. Sex (like sexual harrasment cases) will have a part to play with it but at least we could debate the obstacles and hear from both sides. And have some sort of rules (accountability).

    Maybe then men might have to ‘give and take’also but at least they and us women can compromise. Women will know and understand how they should behave. All these sexual moves women make to get to the top (although the men see through it) won’t have to exist. And then we will know the way to play. once again, ‘What do men want for us to be equal’
    It is that simple. For we have control and we will take over the world to get what we want.

    But then it is finished. Then females have all their equality. But in the meantime a male’s commission could give balance to the other ‘women’s rights.’ And then we will have a females side and a males side. Oh, how much I wish I was one of the women to live in the future.

    Comment by julie — Mon 4th December 2006 @ 5:58 pm

  28. Here’s another bit of information. I am sure you here about NZ being the country where women were first to ‘vote’

    Well it happened by accident.

    So if that happened by accident then what we want may happen by accident. And we have to stay strong for we may just do something that causes another accident.

    Comment by julie — Mon 4th December 2006 @ 6:02 pm

  29. Julie,
    I hope that dad4Justice’s suggestion that

    We go for a male’s commission.

    doesn’t turn into

    Sheeeeeeeet, we’ve got another feminist controlled poodle like the families ‘commission’.

    I’m not surprised your femmie connection can advocate seemingly egalitarian treatment for men…..

    it’s all words, words, words….sophistry

    when what men need is action, action, action.

    Like where is the massive protest from nz women at the terrible treatment doled out to their menfolk daily?
    Buried under years of Oprah Winfrey “I am woman hear me cry victim’ no doubt.

    As for –

    After talking to a feminist (Wow, I had no idea how well connected I am until today)

    Holly shit Sister that’s just plain naive and ridiculous!
    You’re surrounded by feminists 24/7/365.
    Jeese Wayne…..I’d be surprised if you weren’t connected to feminist women every day. Multiple times.
    You’re in nz remember?

    Your femmie aquaintance is talking arrogant garbage too.
    It shouldn’t be a question of

    One is that the Government turns to ‘We are for the people” and regards DV as one for all.


    We go for a male’s commission.

    And since when did a feminist advocate for women ever qualify to speak of what men should have?
    Like we need more matronising.

    Instead of preaching condecending crap she should shut up and listen to men……………….if she can.

    Comment by Stephen — Tue 5th December 2006 @ 2:09 am

  30. Hi Stephen
    I can assure you that these feminazi’s bitches are going to listen, as I hear through the bush telegraph our twisted/turn coat prime minister is steering clear of them ( WHY no more Helengrad- yeah right ) . As she is the ultimate survivor and manipulator, she has enough common sense to distant herself from the evils of the feminazi man hating whores that have caused so much damage to kiwi society .She knows big change is coming as she can’t stop it -haha !! I can’t wait to hit them respectfully hard where it hurts , I will shove the truth down their insidious lying throats if that is what is needed as this unbalanced country must be pulled back into line , even if a pc limp geek like Key doesn’t do it then a growing majority of pissed off parents will !!! Just had a couple All Blacks(No 7 hard man & give it a boot Robbie ) contact me this week concerned about a good sad shafted dad who represented this country in rugger, only to get f..ked over by the corrupt feminazi influenced family court .The numbers of people affected by this prejudice/bias is growing at a alarming rate and I going to Wellington this week to tell the bastards this unnecessary persecution must stop NOW . Stuff the silent nanny controlled gutless media !!!!Maybe when you return to our tiny wee Nation downunder one day, you might be surprised – eh – bring in it on – let the good fight commence .
    Regards -d4j

    Comment by dad4justice — Tue 5th December 2006 @ 8:05 am

  31. Hi d4j,
    re your comment –

    As she is the ultimate survivor and manipulator, she has enough common sense to distant herself from the evils of the feminazi man hating whores that have caused so much damage to kiwi society

    Oh that there were someone to dish the dirt on Hellen the way Brash has been dealt to in print recently.

    I’ll have a great knees up if that comes to pass.

    Be scared Helen.
    You’re down in the polls, your fragmenting as Maori go one way, mad fem-dykes another, pissed-off- can’t-get-ahead-for-huge-taxes- professionals go yet another way (many overseas, some give up and downshift).
    You’ve recently been caught with your hand in the till and the Nats have just put their dreamteam of young guns together.
    Oh, I know you’ll struggle to hang on, and all the bloodier the mess will be I suspect.
    Strength be with you d4j I’m sick of these socialist-liberal-feminists and their screwed up corrupt social engineering too.
    I want the NZ I knew, loved and admired back, not the nz of late.

    Comment by Stephen — Tue 5th December 2006 @ 8:22 am

  32. Stephen,

    Yes, you are right. It will all just turn to shite. Females will take the men’s commission over too. But at least it will exist and if lots and lots of people complain about the same things it will have to listen and will have to act. One little action will turn into another and so on. You have to believe that what you do is worth something and that it will make a difference of some kind.

    And I am not to know all these feminists as I was not raised in this country. Give me a break here for I am constantly learning about both sides and history. There is alot more to this than, ‘In today’s society men are treated less in Western Countries’ My mother worked a day job and a night job to raise her kids with one hour a day to spend with them. Women had it tough and now you have it tough. Women were having kids popping out of them like rabbits until the pill came into existance. It was tough, they owned nothing for everything they owned went straight to the man. Once were warriors was real. They had it tough.
    And this is only 30 years ago. I know your brothers are having it tough now and I am interested in helping to balance the gender issues.

    Stephen, I am not as on to it as you. And I can see, I am pissing you off. Well you are pissing me of too. Action, action, action you want yet you don’t work and have 2 teenage boys and a third has just arrived on your doorstep with his father drinking meths and killing himself. You don’t run a social group full of over 100 men and women who are both getting shafted.

    No, you are judging me and putting me down while selling your nice male friendly country from a computer.

    Did you know that ‘Man Alive’ encouraged “White Ribbon day” and men were dogging them for it. Now they hear and now the families Commission is starting to hear.

    There is so much action going on in NZ by so many people who have to think of others, work, kids etc. Something is being done.

    Comment by julie — Tue 5th December 2006 @ 8:43 am

  33. Stephen,
    I can remember the happy times of growing up in kiwiland in the 60’s and 70’s , however not one of my kiwi born kids, nor their kids will ever experience living in a society where Government cared about children ( unless we hit hard NOW ) . New Zealand is a very dangerous place for children and that must CHANGE.Fact =Gold Medalists in CHILD ABUSE !!!!!
    In solidarity brothers and sisters as we march forward to a society that cares about kids .The All Blacks did not know that it was this bad for men that are falsely accused , so we can expect their support . Big plus with World Cup coming up .

    Comment by dad4justice — Tue 5th December 2006 @ 9:26 am

  34. FYI – If Government does not ACT NOW I will pesonally hand deliver heart wrenching family court affidavits written by All Black Captain and Coach to Helen Clark and John Key .Winston Peters will not be happy, as it’s her lying cuzy that has done wrong in this CASE .I have had a gutsfull of this bias crap !!!Come on feminazi restricted media – want a story -yeah right !!!!

    Comment by dad4justice — Tue 5th December 2006 @ 9:40 am

  35. Oh nearly forgot Stephen,
    Helping in another case involving a mad women who abducted a young girl from England via Germany to here ( soft spot on world stage!!!) . The NZ Family Court was presented ( last week) with a letter from the POPE -assisting the distraught DAD . I will personally hand this to Clark and Key as well .Dam the lies and stuff the media!!!

    Comment by dad4justice — Tue 5th December 2006 @ 9:52 am

  36. Julie you say –
    “Yes, you are right. It will all just turn to shite. Females will take the men’s commission over too.”

    Men’s Commission Rule Book .

    Rule Number One – NO FEMINAZI’S ALLOWED.

    Rule Number Two – Only REAL WOMEN allowed .

    Keep it simple eh ?

    Comment by dad4justice — Tue 5th December 2006 @ 10:03 am

  37. Given the ideology of the Breaucrats is a Ministry of Mens Affairs going to deliver the required change?

    Julie you seek an answer but turn to the feminists (I include Man Alive in this group) for your solution.

    The big Risk here is that an industry is mens rights industry is created that keeps a whole lot of tossers comfortably paid to maintain the status quo.Like the Men Alive industry that funds the CEOs life style while nothing changes for the better. Excatly the same as Brain Gardener and his Stopping Violenece Network, money and lifestyle for the boys.

    The solution that is needed is (for Family law Matrix) at a political level with enshrined legislation that protects parents and childrens rights and responsibilities not jobs for the tossers and bitches who are no different from the armaments industry as there sole focus is their personal balance sheet.

    You are smart enough to figure out the solution Julie, dont let others sidetrack you.



    Comment by Scrap_The_CSA — Tue 5th December 2006 @ 10:57 am

  38. Scrap,

    I am not turning to Man Alive for answers. I contacted them about TV doco and told them I don’t want them to go against me. I guess that may have shocked them but relationship is all good for this will help them help our youth. I told them stories of my own friends and how my girfriend almost took a knife to her partner on Thursday. They are doing neither sex a favor at the moment. Then I discussed how men have to admit to DV just to get the courts to pay for the programs they hold. And then
    I told them of ‘What radical feminism
    is up to even with the UN’

    I didn’t realise women I have been discussing things with over the past 6 months were radical feminists. They like and respect me so they were open to listening. They challenge me and from what I learn from here I have been a worthwhile challenge to them (with my personal touch). They love it.

    But, don’t worry I am focused.

    The only condition I have on me to get their support is to not let this interfere with my boys or my own life.

    Feminism in NZ is divided and it comes down to the boys. Some (radical radicals
    want the boys raised effeminate while others adore their boys and want to raise them as ‘All Blacks” Either way the women have learn’t that at the end of the day the boys decide and the women have lost their boys to dad. It is life.

    Comment by julie — Tue 5th December 2006 @ 2:46 pm

  39. I have to add something funny. Even the older generation enjoy sharing their side and today we were laughing at how these radical feminists must have alot of testoterone. And what does that produce. Yes, you guessed it … boys.

    That really is ironic.

    Comment by julie — Tue 5th December 2006 @ 2:57 pm

  40. Julie,

    you wrote –

    Stephen, I can see I am pissing you off. Well you are pissing me of too. Action, action, action you want yet you don’t work and have 2 teenage boys and a third has just arrived on your doorstep with his father drinking meths and killing himself. You don’t run a social group full of over 100 men and women who are both getting shafted.

    NOBODY said you weren’t taking action Julie.
    The opposite in fact.

    Stop playing paranoid victim and get a grip Sis.

    Comment by Stephen — Tue 5th December 2006 @ 4:01 pm

  41. We are in this good fight together , whether we are scrapping a fathers head from the wall of a garage, or trying to explain to a frail and confused grand mother why she cannot see her grand children .We must stay strong and focused for the children eh ?

    Comment by dad4justice — Tue 5th December 2006 @ 4:09 pm

  42. Guys,

    I think my e-mails are now tapped. I opened an e-mail that said ‘cabinet’ which showed a number. Then my phone rang with no-one on the other end.

    Stephen says,

    Stop playing paranoid

    Sorry brother but I can’t help it. If Australia is a small country then NZ is definately a small country. I don’t trust these feminists and why should I. This is huge. And when it comes to billions and billions of dollars the last thing something like this needs is an unpredicatable women in NZ.

    They are worried. I love it.

    Comment by julie — Tue 5th December 2006 @ 5:53 pm

  43. Hey brothers and sisters,

    Did anyone watch the news about the National Party’s security at the moment. They know their e-mails and phones are tapped and they have made measures so that no-one gets to them. Infact, no-one can get to their floor through elevators or stairs without their permission.

    We are all unpredicatable and we are all targets. Please be careful e-mailing polititions as they are targets.

    Let’s bring this mother to her knees. No wonder Helen Clark is backing off. She is with it and just incase we get them she will pretend she had nothing to do with it. We are onto you Helen and you will fall with her. Thanx for the tip dads4justice.

    Don’t be afraid to e-mail me because my e-mail is already set up to go to another address. I won’t be opening any on my address.

    I know males are more onto computers and the intermet than women but just in case you don’t know what to do here are a few tips. (maybe someone knows a better solution and will share)

    1. Do not open your messages
    2. Open another account with hotmail or…. your choice
    3. Forward your messages to your new account
    4. If you don’t know who they are from then reply back explaining that you don’t know who they are. Usually spam or such won’t e-mail you back.

    Comment by julie — Tue 5th December 2006 @ 7:29 pm

  44. Oh my Gosh,

    I have just been asked to be a part of a documentary in JAPAN. Of course I will not refuse. How does our Government care for Single Parents.
    Hmmmm. Let’s see………..

    Comment by julie — Tue 5th December 2006 @ 7:50 pm

  45. Julie,
    you say re being paranoid –

    Sorry brother but I can’t help it.

    I was merely trying to point out to you that you were coming over as all paranoid complaining that your not acknowleedged as taking action for Men’s rights.
    But you appear to have twisted the meaning of that to refer to some supposed virtual surveillance.
    Wriggling to get off the hook by the looks.
    Many of us can lay claim to exacting workloads in taking the fight to the fems so there’s no need to bleat on with the stuff about having 2 sons, running a single’s organization, having a drunk re-entering your life etc.

    Having said that I still hope that on your trip to Japan you’ll get a sense of other more sensible ways than nz’s.

    I wouldn’t be too surprised if many of us associated with this site are being electronically watched from afar at least occasionally. The Prime Minister is after all the head of nz intelligence service and no doubt has her spies scattered all over the nz diaspora.
    That’s not paranoid Julie, that’s just how politics works.

    Enjoy the sushi, sake, sumo, and hopefully shafting western femdom in a place I’m sure you’ll find much freer than the incestuous little viper’s nest of nz politics.

    Comment by Stephen — Wed 6th December 2006 @ 12:58 am

  46. Stephen,

    You haven’t heard me.

    Holly shit Sister that’s just plain naive and ridiculous!

    This is what I don’t like. You have written I am naive abit to me and it is starting to get to me.

    I know that I am not special for the work I do as I know others have just as much going on in their lives also including yourself. And I know I am appreciated by others.

    having a drunk re-entering your life etc.

    What’s that about? How can I have someone in my life who drinks meths? I am sure you know what that does to people. I just have 3 teenage boys now instead of 2.

    I wrote something about Japan but I don’t want to ruin it so I deleted it. If you are curious I will send corespondence.

    Comment by julie — Wed 6th December 2006 @ 8:25 am

  47. it is rather interesting what helen clarks definition of having a deluded mind is “Prime Minister Helen Clark said Commodore Bainimarama had ripped up his country’s constitution.
    She could only conclude he was “severely deluded”.
    for a prime minister to exclude the rights of one gender … isn’t that in itself being deluded?.. a classic case of beware who you point your finger at cos three points right back at you?…

    Comment by stryder — Wed 6th December 2006 @ 1:26 pm

  48. Christchurch Press –

    Published 6 /12/06

    Letter to editor;

    From both sexes

    I am writing in response to the letter to editor (Dec 4) that strongly objects to the article written by Martin Van Beynen relating to White Ribbon Day, which highlighted domestic violence.

    In his letter, Paul Shamy assumes the exercise was productive and ” if it has a positive effect on even one person then it was a worthwhile”. The day failed to acknowledge the recent medical studies that clearly show Kiwi domestic violence is an unfortunate problem attributable to both genders in equal numbers.

    The failure of the Government to recognise this has more potential to damage society. The lack of balance and failure to understand that the problem swings both ways has the capacity to damage to an increasingly number of young men who are experiencing problems with low self esteem.

    P J Burns

    In the same paper – ” A women who smashed a glass over her partner’s head during a drunken domestic dispute has avoided jail on charge of wounding with with reckless disregard for safety .Christine Ann Allan, 41 , a rest home employee, was sentenced to 300 hours community work . The male victim suffered a cut to his neck that needed 12 stitches ”

    This is bias PC madness, I feel sorry for the elderly men at the rest home, as this bitch should be in prison – double standard stinks !!!

    If that was a man involved in such a incident he would have been charged with male assaults female and grievous bodily harm . He could expect 5 years jail !!!!

    Whats the point of being a men’s rights’s activist as the unbalanced judges are just well paid feminazi eunuchs, and we will never change that .What Helen Clark says goes

    I am going to Fiji to live, as it is safer for a real man than this cess- pit Nation.
    I hope to catch a free lift from a ice berg cruising past .

    Comment by dad4justice — Wed 6th December 2006 @ 2:00 pm

  49. Julie,
    I stand by everything I said previously.

    Comment by Stephen — Wed 6th December 2006 @ 2:19 pm

  50. Stephen,

    I stand by everything I said previously

    Good on ya! I can’t change your stand
    nor would I want to.

    Comment by julie — Wed 6th December 2006 @ 11:41 pm

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