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Nobody’s Child.

Filed under: General — Downunder @ 2:04 am Wed 25th October 2006

The commission’s founding father, Mr Dunne, admits he had hoped the commission would be more vocal on family issues. Stuff Article.

But he does not agree it has been given too wide-a-brief, or is replicating work. “We worked very hard on the definition . . . It’s important — it seems to me — for a body like this, it cannot be too exclusive.”

He said goodbye to the commission on the day it was launched, but “like any parent whose kids were leaving home, you hope that they did the right thing”. That includes making more of an impact on the public. “I think that it’s proved its worth . . . It now needs to be prepared to move forward — there will be a lot of issues coming up over the next few years that they need to be critically involved in and taking a stand on.”

I think that it’s proved its worth . . . That was an expensive thought, wasn’t it.

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  1. Oh look Mr Dunny’s finally broken wind!

    26 months after being set up( – probably literally by Ms Clarkinski and her comrades LOL!) Dunny’s ‘family’ Commission wants us to understand it.

    Reading Dunny’s comments to Stuff news sure is enlightening too.

    Now we can see that anyone living with anyone and claiming to be family / whanau is deemed to be so.
    Wow! How warm and fuzzy (logic) is that!

    Social/ist engineering supercedes fuddy duddy old biology.
    Never mind thousands of years of thinking family is a biological unit.
    Oh, no, no, no! That won’t do at all.
    Old Stalin will be turning in his grave if we (Gasp!) succumb to the idea that family is actually biological.

    As if that’s not enough there’s further irony.

    If your actually a biological Dad you’re likely going to get shafted in that secretive state defathering unit – the ‘family court.
    However if you’re shacked up for 2 weeks with your latest ‘partner’ you can legitimately call yourself family according to this model.

    Orwellian doublespeak only begins to describe this.

    It takes my breath away to think someone as supposedly intelligent and educated as Dunne would be trying to sell themselves as sensible and pro-family whilst actually trying to feed people this shit.

    I’ll be even more blown away if the majority of nzers suck this up.

    Comment by Stephen — Wed 25th October 2006 @ 2:59 am

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