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Past to present

Filed under: General — Julie @ 11:25 pm Thu 18th May 2006

Researching through this site I have come across open for change bill with petition forms.
I had heard that much of what people are suggensting today (well, I) has already been done 2 years ago. Maybe it is time to do exactly the same again. Especially with the limelight.

I also found pictures of Jim and Bevan protesting outside the court. Gee, Jim, the years haven’t aged you at all.

4 Responses to “Past to present”

  1. Jim Bailey says:


    You are to kind


  2. julie says:

    Kind means considerate and generous.
    If you like I will be less complementory.

  3. Jim Bailey says:

    Go for **NZ-FATHERS-Coalition** DEMANDS document Debate

    Onward in the Lime-Light – Jim

  4. DJ Ward says:

    Strange how things work.
    The past repeating itself.
    The transformation of that past.
    Into the future, as a new version of itself.
    Kinda like photons do.

    So I have a conclusion about humans.
    That culture, events are evolutionary.
    Nature throws itself at us.
    Humans adapt to nature.
    But separated by the conscious mind, and knowledge.

    It can be allowed to be perverted.
    For human things like greed.
    Inevitable due to narcissistic tendencies.
    Even with knowledge, greed overpowers nature.
    Hence things like the family court, and global warming.

    In the past Jesus had the same past.
    A court, culture, judging petty things, biased.
    Judgement, by who you are, not what was done.
    It is up to humans, if human nature wins again.
    Shall humans have to do it again, the same arguments.

    Nature will do its own thing.
    Humans are no more different to it.
    Than large volcanic events.
    Or a new virus, that wipes out nearly everything.
    Human nature, must then be at a pinnacle.

    Sadly since humans once never existed.
    They also, must, not exist again.
    To be compliant with nature.
    Should it be from extinction.
    Or from evolution.

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