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Reply To Mooses Comments

Filed under: General — dpex @ 4:52 pm Sat 13th May 2006

You’re absolutely right on the nail, Moose.

When my girl asked who would pay for all of the extra-curricular activities my girls does, who would pay for her school, who would take her bush-trekking, rock-climbing, flying, swimming, surfing, her pet dog, her piano, her art, If I wasn’t allowed?

What about her own room and bed and all the paraphenalia little girls collect, etc?

Her own so-called lawyer, The Loon, stated, ‘You’ll just have to get used to not having all those things.’!!!!

And there you have it Moose. These vile women were quite prepared (still are trying to get their way) to entirely destroy the child’s life, just to protect her from some hallucination that I ‘may’ pose some unkown threat at some unkown time in the future…. maybe, ya’never know, could be, in fact we’re sure of it, we think, maybe, ya’never know.

It is my opinion that these vile women, and all of their ilk, do not have the right to breathe the same air we breathe.


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