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Ruling Men From the Bench In Canada Too

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 12:51 pm Tue 11th July 2006

Dateline: Canada
Author : Timocrat
From: BC Fathers (Part of the Priority Men’s New Exchange Program)
Via: The Honor Network

Ruling From the Bench Takes on Whole New Meaning

Canada’s Supreme Court, who have been unelected by the average man at all levels of their advancement, have taken it upon themselves to govern Canada. Twenty-one years ago, Canada adopted the “no-fault” divorce principle, the purpose of which was to not allow the misconduct of one of the spouses in a marriage to be taken into account when establishing spousal support payments.

The idea was to prevent the aggrieved party, almost always the wife, from collecting money forever because her husband wronged her. Now that’s to be changed for good, or until men finally get organized. With money running out for lawyers, and fathers seeing the writing on the wall (and thus not spending their last dime on fighting for the access that is unlikely to come) the state is going to have to be even more aggressive in supporting its feminist dictated system. This has been covered before here with ex-wives in Canada dipping into their husband’s pension plans for 50%, even when married over 30 years ago for only a year. Additionally making fathers finance their now adult children (into their late 20s early 30s) in say their feminist studies master degrees.

Now, in the latest Leskun vs. Leskun decision, a wife pleaded that her husband left her 10 years ago for a younger woman, and that she is now so distressed that she is unable to work (10 years on). Wow, talk about, “Get over it honey, or move on to a new life!” Yet, there are just too many of the establisment that must fund their lifestyles and expensive educational backgrounds on the backs of working blue collar men (even with one the highest tax rates in the world already taking most of Canadian men’s money). Therefore Mr. Leskun must be ordered by the court to pay his ex $2,250 a month indefinitely, for Mrs. Leskun is now, this minute, the old fashion woman that needs protecting indefinitely (instead of the modern women, who was last minute, able to work equal to men if only given a boost with affirmative action).

Such rulings invites thousands of women and their lawyers back onto the gravy train once again. Men must now ask the effeminate supreme court to make up its mind too, for the court seems to want it both ways like the feminists Susie-homemaker union have distortedly constructed. How long will men tolerate it??? We must work together or expect more of the same.

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