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State Plays Rough With Father’s Rights Hunger Striker

Filed under: General — Intrepid @ 6:50 pm Thu 10th August 2006

Dateline: USA
Author: Teri Stoddard
From : Alliance for Non-Custodial Parents Rights
Via: The Honor Network

Update on John Murtari:

New York State: John is suffering from eight days of dehydration and starvation. He calls it being “uncomfortable,” but his voice sounds weak, and he said
the feeding tube he once feared was, “now the best thing I can
John was taken to a local hospital emergency room Friday when his
heartbeat became rapid and irregular. Plans to give him fluids by IV
were halted for reasons unknown, and he was returned to the Onondaga
County Justice Center medical unit. At the insistence of the Justice
Center doctor he drank 3 small cups of water, the amount of fluids he
was told he would have gotten from the IV. John hadn’t had any food
or liquid since July 31, except for small amounts of water that get
swallowed when he brushes his teeth. He was told he’d get a feeding
tube Monday.
On Monday a Senior Medical Administrator at the Justice Center told
John they would not be putting in an IV or feeding tube, as he’d
originally been told. She said there were ethical considerations
Fearing permanent kidney failure, the doctor again asked John to drink
but he refused. She said if the condition progressed to an emergency
situation they would take action and send him to an emergency room for
Saying, “It’s not easy,” John had been praying for guidance. Tuesday
morning John had uncontrollable shakes, and later was told since it is
his choice to starve, medical personnel at the Justice Center
will not intervene. Mr. Keller, John’s criminal attorney, is
currently checking on their official stance, and will do what he can
to bring a third-party doctor onto the case.
When John learned of the planned rally in his honor (see below), he
celebrated by drinking 6 more ounces of water, which was good news
to many people who fear for his health. He said he also did it
because didn’t want to have “the shakes” if he was going to be
interviewed. He asked that his sincere thanks are conveyed to
everyone concerned about his situation.
Offers of donations for press releases have exceeded our initial
request, so with their permission we will use some of the money
donated by generous friends to pay for John’s next set of paperwork to
be filed with the courts. With luck, and a stay, he could get out of
jail, at least for a few months.

John loves reading your letters. Please send them to:
John Murtari
POD 2A-5
555 South State Street
Syracuse, NY 13202
2. Rally in Syracuse
A rally in support of John and all families torn apart by the family
court system, is being held in front of the Onondaga County Courthouse
Wednesday, August 9, 2006. It starts between 10:00 and 11:00, and
should end around 2:00.

Check the following link for further details:
Please tie a purple ribbon on a statue or tree, take a photo and email
it to me with the location ([email protected]).
Even better,
demonstrate on Wednesday, like supporters of John plan to do in Los
Angeles, London, Virginia, New Zealand and other locations. Make sure
John’s suffering isn’t in vain.


  1. Please tie a purple ribbon on a statue or tree, take a photo and email
    it to me with the location ([email protected])

    Comment by Intrepid — Thu 10th August 2006 @ 6:52 pm

  2. Yes, I got this sent to me also but the truth is he needs to die during this stand to make a statement.

    Has anyone asked how many other so called criminals are in the same hospital. That’s right. What about all the addicts for they too are being put in a death position. And I bet many of them have died at least twice.
    He is going to be ignored. Did anyone think about that? And not because he is a man who spent time as a soldier and hero but because if they care for him, they have to for care for all the people in prison. But at least he got attention for many have to live through this without help. I was one of them but I stood, risked my life by refusing to go to hospital and yes they changed things. He should refuse their help and refuse the hospital treatment.

    Comment by julie — Thu 10th August 2006 @ 7:30 pm

  3. Sorry Intrepid,

    That was a friend’s comment from my computer. Yes it is good and sad that John is sticking to his guns.

    And yes, addicts do have it worse than that. But never-the-less lets hope to see purple ribbons.

    Comment by julie — Thu 10th August 2006 @ 7:52 pm

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