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“The Devils” & “The Police”

Filed under: General — triassic @ 8:03 pm Tue 25th April 2006

Juxtapose if you will the actions of dealing with the domestic violence industry by the police and courts today and in the movie “The Devils”, directed by Ken Russell in 1971. It is set in the Middle Ages when the church and state were one. The movie had a tremendous impact on me because of its ability to expose the abuse of power.

Cardinal Richelieu and his power-hungry entourage seek to take control of pre-renaissance France, but need to destroy Father Grandier – the priest who runs the fortified town that prevents them from exerting total control. So they seek to destroy him by setting him up as a warlock in control of a devil-possessed nunnery, the mother superior of which is sexually obsessed by him. A mad witch-hunter is brought in to gather evidence against the priest, ready for the big trial.

The ignorance of the general public and the shrewd conniving cunning of those up the chain of command were evil personified. Owing to the churches control over the general public, (all media) what ever the Cardinal deemed as evil was evil. Demons were to be found everywhere, particularly if they could be utilised to cover truth so the Cardinal could pervert justice. (sound familiar?) Sometimes, as a temporary measure, they would tie rocks to the suspects take them out onto a lake and ask God to not let them sink if they were innocent. (ever had an Exparte order slapped on you and been thrown out of your home, then, when you react to injustice have the state tell you that indeed you do have an anger problem?) The state employees of this evil regime acted as they were told. It was a good thing they did, they thought. The devil was being dealt to and they were eradicating evil. (Don’t expect Police in NZ to see your point of view because they must carry out their duties. They are just ignorant foot soldiers who see themselves as doing a good thing)

The sexual orgy that eventuates amongst the Nuns at the climax of the movie reminds me of how it must be at a ‘Woman’s Affairs’ end of year party when they count up the number of men’s lives they have fucked up. “Sure a few kids have been stung but at least we fucked those men over.”

The answer then was to not let religion and the state be as one. The answer now is to not let feminism and the state be as one.

In 1973 when I saw this movie I felt so bloody lucky not to have lived in those times…….. Down stream in generations to come men will look back at this time and say… Why in Gods name did men have children, were they all masochists?

5 Responses to ““The Devils” & “The Police””

  1. Mark Lloyd says:

    check this crap out:

  2. Bevan Berg says:

    Once again, not wishing to be pedantic, but feminism is not a religion is a philosophy, but the point is valid, make either of these one with the state and you have a big problem, and we do. If we gave our history a little more dignity we wouldn’t be in this position now. Do you think the future generations will have any more humility.

  3. Mark Lloyd says:

    and check it out being cut to shreds here:


  4. Bevan berg says:

    Oh dear, the fire breathing dragons are on the loose again.

  5. julie says:

    Thanx for giving those websites. That’s university for you but it is great they are discussing these issues in depth. They will come away with lots to think about and their decisions will not be based on their upbringing.
    Great stuff.

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