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The Mike Paterson Case.

Filed under: General,Law & Courts,Men's Health — Downunder @ 1:13 pm Mon 8th May 2006

We raised issues around this case under the posting unprofessionalism. It is not unusual for men in New Zealand who speak out about Family Court Injustice to suffer some form of reprisal from government agencies, and not unusual for the child support agency to be the weapon. Not surprising that the CSA has launched an investigation into not only his affairs, but also those of his partner. This is not the first time Mike has suffered intimidation from individuals abusing their positions of authority. It is something like many other men, I am familiar with, and something that must be endured, and risen above if we are to create any change.

Referring to my comments about Mike’s case (unprofessionalism). At that time I considered the nature of the behaviour to be in the realms of criminal offending, and I advised the office of the Police Commissioner. There was no investigation; however I would not have expected one because I had been previously advised by the officer in charge of the Auckland CIB, that the Police would not undertake investigations into the Family Court.

This raises an interesting situation here. Mike is banned from the family court, and this is not because of his behaviour, but because a Judge and a barrister could not live with their own behaviour. This situation is creating for him child support arrears, and the undue attention of the CSA. Is the CSA going to use the same court to extract that money from Mike — That would be one for the media to watch wouldn’t it. Perhaps they will wait for changes in the child support legislation, allowing the Commissioner of the IRD to act on his own initiative instead of going to court. There’s regime building legislation for you.

While Officers of the New Zealand Family Court have immunity from criminal prosecution, and the Commissioner of the IRD can recover money carte blanch then men in this country need to fear for their wellbeing. Like many other men Mike has to consider his options here. Pay up and shut up, speak up about the injustice, or just pack his bags, forget this place exists, and find a country with a little more sanity.

And some people say protesting outside private residences is going too far. That sounds a bit touchy feely to me. I know, you would rather lie down roll over and die like a dog.

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  1. I would like to comment here but with IRD child support giving me a 7 day countdown as of now I am reluctant to say anything.
    But they say suicide is painless!!

    Comment by Mike Paterson — Tue 9th May 2006 @ 3:57 pm

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