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Trial Time

Filed under: General — dpex @ 6:35 pm Sun 14th May 2006

This week is ‘the’ week folks.

If the CYFSterhood keep pushing for the ex-parte, and get it, then we’ll kick it up to the High Court and get it turned. Same-day service. :–))

Either way, this week if the CYFSterhood want their way heard, then heard it will be. But this time at a full, substantive hearing, whereupon their collective hallucinations will be aired and treated with the derision they deserve.

It’s either that or they go no further.

But these venal women are now so worked up at the fact that a mere male has had the timerity to attempt contradiction that they are now frothing at the mouth….A little like King John must have done when the locals told him they withdraw their collective support until he signed the Magna Carter.

‘Mere Knights telling ME what to do?’…….said John.

‘Mere males contradicting our imperialism?’… say the CYFSterhood.

Oh yes. But we’re all up for a good stouche, or up for the CYFSterhood recognising they are actually little more than pimples on the arse of society, and simply go away.

But this week is when it should all happen.

And when it’s happened? Then I go to work with all the plans I have made to make their collective lives as miserable as possible.

The role-call for potential visitations are, Judith Surgenor, The Loon (again) Lizzie Curtis, Anna Palmer, Betty Whakatau.

BTW: Bit of humour. Whakatau means (come here). But it’s okay Betty, you don’t need to come to us. We’ll come to you; all in good time.

BTW2: When I rang Betty Come Here on Feb 10th, her 13 year-old daughter answered the phone and told me mother was out for the night.

Isn’t it illegal to leave a 13 year-old at home in charge of the baby I could hear crying in the background?

Maybe someone should call CYFS!

I’ll let you know folks.



  1. Dear David,

    Judith Surgenor seems to have upset rather a lot of men in the way she operates within her briefings.
    She was briefly acting for CYFS helping the Sisterhood remove my niece from her loving Father.
    That niece was then placed in a dysfunctional household and ended up as a teenage mother subsequently abandoning her child.
    Brother isn’t to happy with Surgenor.
    Another grizzle from a doting Dad had Surgenor acting as CFC and failing both Daughter and Dad by her inactions and a total disinterest to the concept of ensuring that Daughters need to see Dads and vice versa.
    Surgenor has lied to Judge David Mather regarding my own case and has conspired to provide false information in affidavit form with my ex wifes extended family.

    Judith you are on notice.

    You have the audacity to say that these proceedings are consuming me.
    Presumably being a Feminazi Miss you have never had children.
    My two youngest children are extremely dear to me even though they are clearly suffering PAS.
    You have actively encouraged psychotic behaviour by my ex wife to further litigation and fill your purse.
    This has been further promoted by the car bonnet copulator with whom you conspired.
    You have further been assisted by CFC Ransfield who shares chambers with you and who is subject to an evaluation for torsion practices.
    What really tops it off was your arrogance in bringing my current partner into the proceedings and demanding an affidavit from her.
    Perhaps Rod Hooker was right, that you are not a very good lawyer, perhaps all lawyers that resort to the same skullduggery are of the same ilk as yourself.

    Reflect upon the damage you have done to Fathers and Children.

    Kind Regards
    Paul Catton

    Comment by Paul Catton — Sun 14th May 2006 @ 10:10 pm

  2. Go hard David. Take it to them big time. I will be keenly waiting for the negative publicity to hit them where it hurts.

    Comment by Mark Lloyd — Mon 15th May 2006 @ 8:27 am

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