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UNICEF Now Feminist Agenda Pushing Instrument

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Dateline: World
By: Carey Roberts
Via: The Honor Network

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As early as 1980, UNICEF director Jim Grant championed simple yet effective programs to promote child welfare. These strategies included immunizations, promotion of breastfeeding, and training birth attendants. Grant’s initiative has been credited with saving the lives of over 25 million children.
But in 1995, Grant tragically died, and radical feminist Carol Bellamy took over. UNICEF was due for an ideological overhaul.

According to a recent report from the International Organizations Research Group, radical feminists began to argue that female autonomy and empowerment is what really matters. As Mary Racelis, former UNICEF senior policy advisor put it, these activists believed that the organization needed “to focus on a woman’s own priorities…rather than decide for her that her children must come first.”
Note the false dichotomy in that statement. Apparently, feminists believed that parenthood was incompatible with personal fulfillment.

Some UNICEF officials resisted this reconfiguration of family roles. But feminists countered with a blitzkrieg of sexist allegations, calling UNICEF a “male-dominated organization” that perpetuated “male-defined stereotypes.”

Once the new gender ideology became entrenched, Bellamy made Girls’ Education her number one priority. The 1998 UNICEF report Progress of Nations gives this flimsy ideological justification: “Education can also provide vocational skills, potentially increasing her economic power, thus freeing her from dependence on her husband, father, or brother.”

Now, UNICEF officials talk about the global “crisis” facing girls’ education. But throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, boys lag behind girls in school enrollments. Apparently this gender gap has escaped the attention of UNICEF officials.

While boys are merely neglected by current UNICEF programs, girls are being subjected to an aggressive campaign to inculcate them with radical feminist ideology.
So Carol Bellamy has not merely reshuffled UNICEF’s priorities. Rather, Bellamy has put in place an anti-child agenda that:

1. Promotes a redefinition of the family that is no longer child-centered,
2. Advocates the neglect of the educational needs of boys, and
3. Indoctrinates girls into radical feminist ideology.

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