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Wayne’s walk, continued

Filed under: General — PaulM @ 10:35 pm Mon 17th July 2006

Without any permission whatsoever, I am going to cut and paste Wayne’s recent commentary on his walk and post it here. Because it should be widely read. Wayne posted this under Wayne’s walk to Wellington tonight.

My apologies Wayne if I’ve stepped on your toes ..

Hi all,
I am now at Wayne Furguson’s house in Sanson. I have tears welling in my eyes as your read your comments.
I cannot beleive the support I have recieved. I have been given fruit, water, beds for the night, sums of money, and even a large bible.
My 44 year old engine is running sweetly. My chassis and body work is also fine, but my running gear needs an overhaul. Basically, my feet are killing me. The first 3-4 ks in the morning and the last 5 or so ks at the end of the day are excruciating. Uphill walking is great becuase I can put some weight on the pushchair, but the downhill sections are very painful. It’s a good thing I am alone; my groans of pain remain private.

The pushchair is going well, although the tread would not pass a WOF inspection.
If all those passing motorists that have tooted or waved at me had stopped to sign the petition, I would have a staggering number of signatures now. It is acts like this which enable me to overcome the pain and keep up my 5km per hour pace, which seems faster uphill than down. The toots and waves are the best encouragement I could hope for.
Desert road; well I guess you all know how that was. From Turangi to Waiouru there is nowhere to sit, nowhere to rest and certainly nowhere to shelter. For this reason, I had no option but to walk continuously for 6 hours, two days in a row.
I pitched my tent on the side of the road at a point I figured was half way. I had awsome views of the mountain ranges, particularly as the sun went down. I climbed out of my sleeping bag several times to make sure I didn’t miss these spectacular views. For a time, it all seemed so sureal. Why was I here? Why would anyone be here? Then as I flipped my phone open to check the time and saw the wall paper image of my son, it all came clear again.
The next morning the landscape was white with frost, and I had to quickly shake off the ice and pack up before my fingers froze. It began to rain within half an hour of setting out, and continued to rain all day. This was leg of the journey I wanted to do alone, and even if noone else knew what I had done, it didn’t seem to matter. The way I see it, the Family Court is far colder and a far more inhospitable place. With the desert road challenge behind me, I can now focus more on gathering signatures, and listening to those that are brave enough to share thier stories.
Bless you all. Keep up the bothering. Keep up the pressure and keep up the letter writing. And please for those who have petition forms, keep up the good work.
Wayne Pruden


  1. We are all with you in spirit,mate.Safe journey.

    Comment by Mike — Mon 17th July 2006 @ 11:29 pm

  2. Collecting signatures for Waynes petition, of the 30 or so people I’ve approached so far, only one has turned me down. They said they wanted to think about it.

    Everyone else knew exactly why they wanted to sign, right away. Some say “print me a form – I know people who will want to sign.”

    I sent the form to family members in the South Island – it has been forwarded from parents to brothers, sisters, uncles, and possibly further.

    Just about everyone knows why the family court has to change, except seemingly the court itself. It’s clear that with a bit more time and organisation, a campaign like Wayne’s could easily gather many thousands of signatures.

    Comment by PaulM — Tue 18th July 2006 @ 11:59 am

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